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Looking to the General

I am happy the primaries are over. Now it the time for us to focus on the prize. First let me get out of the way the endorsements to candidates that I did not endorse before the primary. Let's all rally together and put the primaries behind us. I believe that Republicans all across the state need to rally behind Dr. Ernie Lopez. He is a conservative (at least somewhat) who gains respect from across the political spectrum. He is bright, solutions oriented, and will help this party expand its base. I will be disappointed if we do not see him statewide in time. I give him an enthusiastic endorsement. I was never against him, I was for an even better candidate! As I am endorsing him with enthusiasm, I expect my moderate friends to do the same with Joe Miro or Don Ayotte. Let's be one party.  The people have spoken. Speaking of being one party, I also endorse Eric Bodenwiser. He Read more

A Word About Endorsements

Some of you may think it wild that these pages have competing endorsement. I think it is great. The vision for this blog is to spur thought and discussion not to be a monolithic echo chamber. I love the fact that we debate based upon the principles of liberty, conservatism, fitness for office, and electability. I would be disappointed if the day comes where we do not feel free to say what we believe and back who we want. Just remember the views of the contributors are their own and reflect their personal point of view. I am not bound by their endorsements though I at one point I likely agree with all of them. So two weeks out, I will end the speculation. My views are my personal views not that of Delaware Politics. Do I support dumping Gary Simpson? No. He isn't perfect, but I am not enamored with his opponent who seems to have gone from a thoughtful advocate to a bomb thrower. Read more