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Upset in the Making?

Democrats endorse Mitch Crane in Insurance Commissioner race. Stewart’s disenchanted former Lieutenant is reported to have received the endorsement of the Delaware Democratic state convention in Dover not long ago. Will the other challengers stay in the race and will KWS stay in the race? Stewart has never benefited from the party backing in the past and now she has the power of incumbency in split field primary. I bet she stays in the race though she has yet to file for reelection then again no one else has paid the filing fees either. UPDATE: Read Mitch Crane’s Reaction on Delaware Liberal.

I spoke with Mitch Crane

Mitch Crane and I have our differences politically, but I am truly impressed with his character and integrity.  I am also impressed with his knowledge of the issues.  You will be reading more about Mr. Crane here.  I know we have a number of Democrats who read this blog.  You often rib me that I need to give Democrats a break once in a while.  Well, here is one.   My point is that I am not against Democrats.  I just believe we need better management and direction than the majority of the party is offering.  I encourage my Democratic friends to support Mitch Crane in their primary.  I almost hate to do that.  I would rather keep KWS on the ballot and let a Republican defeat her, but this is about the honor of our state.  I would rather choose between the better of two goods than worry about having an unacceptable choice slip in.  Let the debate be on policy and who best can Read more

Is Stewart On The Ropes; faces Crane’s Challenge?

Persistent allegations of resume puffing and a lack of attention to consumer interests have hurt Karen Weldin Stewart's credibility within her own party.  Rumors have been flying that Mitch Crane would run for the seat even if that met challenging her.  Now that he filed paperwork with the elections commissioner and posted a website, that seems to be more of a fact than a rumor.  How will she respond? Mitch Crane's release MITCH CRANE FILED PAPERS WITH DEPARTMENT OF ELECTIONS AND FORMS FINANCE COMMITTEE IN PREPARATION FOR A RUN FOR DELAWARE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER Former Delaware  Insurance Department Regulatory Specialist and Acting Director of Consumer Services Mitch Crane has filed a Statement of Organization for the political committee “Mitch Crane for Delaware” together with paperwork forming a fundraising committee, with the Department of Elections on July 5th, for Read more