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Rt. 1 PAC, Cartel Of Deception

A new Delaware Political Action Committee formed in October of 2012, and fronted by a blogsite called, "Delaware Right" is a deception created by Republican left-of-center moderates, posing as conservatives to eliminate the "Tea-Party Conservative Republicans from having a voice in party politics. Since Karl Rove, Reince Priebus and John Sigler have declared war on the conservative wing of the Republican Party, along with the death of Conservative Sussex County Chairman Jerry Wood in December 2012, this movement has been gaining speed in Delaware. The PAC had its beginnings in October of 2012, founded by moderate republicans posing as true conservatives. Funded by wealthy developer-entrepreneur Daniel Anderson of Rehoboth Beach, with a single donation of $100,000, the PAC's blogsite Delaware Right's writer is Frank Knotts, a devout left-of-center republican, who suddenly says he's "seen Read more

Guest Post On the DE GOP Death Spiral

The Death Spiral of the Delaware GOP Decline is not a condition, it is a choice. The 2012 election has come and gone and at this point it has become clear the there are only a few things necessary to be elected to statewide office or County wide in New Castle County-be able to hear thunder and see lightning plus the most important thing you must be a Democrat. Yes, I poke a little fun at the Democrats but my point it is worthwhile to exam the demise of the Republican Party in Delaware and what to do about it. I bring a perspective which is varied as I have been on the outside looking in as a primary challenger and this year as the endorsed candidate for County Council President. Let me lay out the 2012 numbers first. I have all of the state wide candidates and my race (County Wide) as a comparison. Candidate Wilmington% NCC Rural% All NCC Romney Read more