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Alex Pires Gives Endorsement List

At Dover's Historic Union Missionary Baptist Church, Independent Senate Candidate made an interesting play. He endorsed two Democrats, two Republicans, and himself. The candidate's forum hosted by a group of churches that have majority black congregations, was attended by every state wide candidate except Tom Carper and Jack Markell and most of the local ones. Matt Denn had a prior engagement and showed up at the end. The big winner was Ben Mobley who wowed the crowd. He also picked up a surprise endorsement of Alex Pires who endorsed Sher Valenzuela, Jack Markell, and John Carney. It became quite clear what his strategy is. One, he wants the demographic of Sher and Ben. Two, he wants to tie himself to the popular Governor and Congressman. He is aligning himself with the winners. Three, it is interesting that the only way someone can support diversity in public office statewide Read more

Delaware’s Odd Couple?

For Immediate Release Valenzuela and Pires Set Aside Partisan Politics to Help Change the Status Quo Sher Valenzuela, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Alex Pires, the Independent candidate for U.S. Senator, are at the center of two of the most energetic races in Delaware. Coming on the heels of Valenzuela's August appearance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and Pires' aggressive campaign against incumbent Democratic Senator Thomas Carper, the two races have garnered considerable attention in recent months. Despite their positions on different sides of the ticket, not to mention differences in personal and political beliefs, the two candidates have come together over their shared belief that the status quo in Delaware is unacceptable. The pair will appear at a joint event on the Green at the University of Delaware this Saturday from noon to 1 Read more