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The Long Knives

Sher Valenzuela ran against Lt. Governor Matt Denn who was riding the coattails of then popular Governor Jack Markell. She ended up being the top vote getter on the state ticket. She and her husband Eli were small business people of the year. He served his country in the Air Force for more than 20 years. They are both involved in the community and have been faithful church goers for more than two decades. They are family people raising great children, two of whom have special needs. They employ 75 people and helped make America secure by winning jobs from China and supplying American defense needs at home. They are the pure example of Americanism. People who start a business in their den and make it into muli-million dollar enterprise. They give back to their community in business training to help others get started and in local charities. Republicans say they need help with women and minorities, Read more

Sher unveils her plan for Treasurer’s office

Campaign statement follows: Sher Valenzuela Announces First 100 Days Pledge, Outlines Reforms for Economic Growth and Fiscal Discipline Sher Valenzuela, the Republican candidate for state Treasurer, has pledged to implement a wide- ranging set of reforms within her first 100 days in office. Valenzuela issued the following statement today: “As a statewide office holder and effectively the Chief Financial Officer for the state, the Treasurer should be an advocate on a broad range on issues that effect Delaware’s financial well being. These issues include economic growth, fiscal discipline and government reform. I will use my business experience to be a watchdog for taxpayers, fighting for more jobs and less government, not another do-nothing state Treasurer. First, I will fight to reform our broken Unclaimed Property Fund. On day one, we will get to work finding Delawareans Read more

Valenzuela Claims Victory in Debate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2014 WDEL’s Rick Jensen Rips Simpler Debate Performance: Weak, Awkward and Creepy WDEL political talk show host Rick Jensen has leveled devastating criticism toward Ken Simpler and his performance in the recent WDEL Treasurer debate. Jensen described the performance at times as “weak,” “awkward” and “creepy.” Speaking live last week on his daily radio show, Jensen said Simpler’s opponent, Sher Valenzuela, was “strong, tough and every time Simpler took a swing at her, she blocked it and hit him real hard in the face.” Jensen concluded that he “didn’t think [Simpler] is very good at this debate stuff.” Throughout the debate, Simpler continued his efforts to mislead the public about the role of the state Treasurer. Simpler claimed that the Treasurer handles the “collection, investment and disbursement” Read more

Sher Valenzuela says Flowers Announcement Good News for Delaware Taxpayers and Delaware Women

Valenzuela says Flowers announcement is "good news" for Delaware taxpayers, women Republican state Treasurer candidate Sher Valenzuela called current Treasurer Chip Flower's announcement that he would not seek reelection "good news for Delaware taxpayers and Delaware women." "As the only female candidate for state Treasurer, I was particularly outraged by Mr. Flowers' conduct. I was the first of these candidates to call on Mr. Flowers to resign, Flower's decision following my call for resignation shows that bold leadership counts. As Treasurer, I will continue this kind of leadership, working for lowers taxes, limited government and job growth," Valenzuela said. Valenzuela said she was pleased that her primary opponent, Ken Simpler, followed her lead in calling for the resignation and eventually issued a press release of his own. "There is great irony in Simpler's statement Read more

An Interview with Sher Valenzuela, Candidate for State Treasurer

Sher Valenzuela is a well known advocate for special needs children including her own two. She was the top vote getter on the state GOP slate in 2012. She and her husband Eli were 2012 Small Business people of the year according to the SBA. They took a $5000 investment and turned it into a $10,000,000 business. "When we started, I would have had a hard time finding two dimes to rub together, now we are going to hit ten million dollars this year", she said. That experience is why she believes unleashing the dreams in others like herself will unleash the economic engine of Delaware. Now she is taking that drive and attention to a new front, Delaware State Treasurer. She gave an exclusive interview to Delaware Politics where she explained why she filed, what she wants to accomplish, and why she is the best candidate. Regarding her surprising last minute filing for state treasurer, Sher Read more

The Official Statement from Treasurer Candidate Sher Valenzuela.

Sher Valenzuela Files for State Treasurer Post Platform Centered on ‘More Jobs, Less Government’ Delaware small businesswoman Sher Valenzuela today filed to run as a Republican candidate for the office of state Treasurer. “It’s obvious we need a change in the Treasurer’s office,” Valenzuela said. “I’m running to be a voice for economic growth and common sense in state government. My goals for Delaware are clear – more jobs, less government.” Named Delaware Small Businesswoman of the Year for 2012, Sher and her husband Eli started their business, First State Manufacturing, with a single swing machine in their garage. Today, they employ 75 people at their industrial upholstery factory in Milford. Their products range from protective gear for Major League umpires to items for our military like combat vests and materials for the C5A Galaxy airplanes flown Read more

2013 Delaware GOP Convention

Today is the 2013 Delaware Republican Party Convention at the Double Tree Hotel in Wilmington. It is an off year and the biggest battle for party officers appears to be for the Vice Chair Position. It could be a real snoozer of a convention. However, I have heard some whispers that there could be a few surprises in the works. Either way I'll update this post later this afternoon with a quick summary of what happens. UPDATE:  As has been mentioned in the comments Nelly Jordan is the new Vice Chair of the Delaware Republican Committee.  Chairman John Sigler and Treasurer Bill Smith retained their positions by acclamation, and they are joined by Carol Bodine as Secretary, also voted in by acclamation. The only minor dustup was partly due to the sound system, which ranged from on, to off, to muffled, to screeching throughout most of the convention.  Thankfully it was finally fixed for Read more

Rt. 1 PAC, Cartel Of Deception

A new Delaware Political Action Committee formed in October of 2012, and fronted by a blogsite called, "Delaware Right" is a deception created by Republican left-of-center moderates, posing as conservatives to eliminate the "Tea-Party Conservative Republicans from having a voice in party politics. Since Karl Rove, Reince Priebus and John Sigler have declared war on the conservative wing of the Republican Party, along with the death of Conservative Sussex County Chairman Jerry Wood in December 2012, this movement has been gaining speed in Delaware. The PAC had its beginnings in October of 2012, founded by moderate republicans posing as true conservatives. Funded by wealthy developer-entrepreneur Daniel Anderson of Rehoboth Beach, with a single donation of $100,000, the PAC's blogsite Delaware Right's writer is Frank Knotts, a devout left-of-center republican, who suddenly says he's "seen Read more

Guest Post On the DE GOP Death Spiral

The Death Spiral of the Delaware GOP Decline is not a condition, it is a choice. The 2012 election has come and gone and at this point it has become clear the there are only a few things necessary to be elected to statewide office or County wide in New Castle County-be able to hear thunder and see lightning plus the most important thing you must be a Democrat. Yes, I poke a little fun at the Democrats but my point it is worthwhile to exam the demise of the Republican Party in Delaware and what to do about it. I bring a perspective which is varied as I have been on the outside looking in as a primary challenger and this year as the endorsed candidate for County Council President. Let me lay out the 2012 numbers first. I have all of the state wide candidates and my race (County Wide) as a comparison. Candidate Wilmington% NCC Rural% All NCC Romney Read more

National Races to Watch

Republicans hold the House and Democrats hold the Senate.  Mia Love may well become the first black woman elected as a Republican to the House.  She is leading with almost all of the votes in, but barely.Mia Love may be the star this cycle birthed by the convention.   Allen West is locked in a tight battle 50/50.  Michelle Bachmann looks as if she returns with a 2k vote lead in her new district which is almost completely in. An interesting side note,  Alan Grayson-D of FL is back, but the man who defeated him Daniel Webster R-FL is also back.

Romney Loses?

Republicans needed a true conservative standard bearer to rally the country. Their best choices didn't run. Once again, Republicans picked the "moderate" and lost to the true believer. Mike Huckabee would have owned this election. Ron Paul polled stronger. A Mitch Daniels could have won. Then on the other side of the ditch, Republicans passed over Sarah Steelman, a true conservative who would have wiped the floor with Clarie McCaskill and picked a guy that was choosen by McCaskill. The actual votes are still being counted so we may wake up and find that the election is not over, but too many states look just slightly behind. It is okay, the people chose gridlock. When the health care taxes hit in 2014, we will see some real changes. It will be a good year for Republicans, even in Delaware. Speaking of Delaware, we lost the Lincoln Willis race and the Dori Conner race to skillful Read more

Know Where to Vote

If you lost your voting card and want to know where you are voting (especially after redistricting), it is easy to double check. Just put your name and zip code in here. Go vote your convictions whatever they are. Here is a useful scorecard on the races from the family perspective. Here is another one that is broad based. If you are undecided, let me make a last minute pitch to you. Vote for Ben Mobley insurance commissioner because he won't pay off his friends with 30k a month consultant contracts while they have full time law practices. You will at least get RFB's for the work that are meaningful. He is also opposed to the job killing 40% plus workmans' compensation hike. Give Sher a shot at Lt. Governor and add some balance to the system. She will be a voice for you. Vote for a Republican for state legislature because we need to restore a two party balance. They won't win Read more

Guest Post by Senator Dave Lawson to Clear the Air

An Open Letter to the Residents of Senate District 15 In the world of social media, the people have yet another vehicle by which to receive and disseminate information. It can be an excellent tool for spirited discussion of the issues and a way to reach more people, more quickly than ever before. It has also become, unfortunately, a forum that allows negativity and rumors to flourish and grow. The voting record of any legislator can be distorted and mischaracterized during campaign time to suit the mantra of a particular political campaign. Unfortunately, the voter cannot rely on what is promoted in campaign ads or literature or on Facebook to be an accurate portrayal of anyone’s voting record. My voting record has become the target of just such distortion and mischaracterization. I have learned much in my two years as State Senator for the 15th District. I have been fortunate Read more

Delaware Black Coaliton for Sher Supports Pro-education and Anti-Crime Platform

With a theme that Liberty for all cannot exist while some are victims of an broken education system and a building crime wave, Republican Lt. Gubenatorial candidate Cheryl "Sher" Valenzuela received the support of Dover City Councilman David Anderson who is launching a safe neighborhoods intiative for her announcement that Crime control, Education, and Economic vitality will be her focus the next four years. Valenzuela said the current approach to crime is not working, with home invasions from Greenville to Greenwood and Wilmington becoming a literal war zone, we need a better approach. "As women, we can't let our kids play in our front yards anymore without worrying what's going to happen, or walking to school. That's not right." She continued, "In his inauguration address, the current Lieutenant Governor said that he was going to deliver a public safety plan that would 'keep every street Read more

Valenzuela Questions Denn Claim

Shell Games Continue: Denn was paid thousands through Skadden Arps, one of world’s largest law firms, to do “free” work On the heels of last week’s revelation that Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn has shortchanged citizens by taking on a second job despite taking office in one of Delaware’s worst economic downturns, new information has emerged regarding claims Denn has made about “charity” legal work. Denn has bragged for years about his work as a young attorney providing “free” law work to people in a church basement legal clinic run by the Delaware Volunteer Legal Services. The story is a prominent part of Denn’s stump speech on the campaign trail. He’s often repeated it this year at candidate forums. But Denn always leaves out an important part of the story. Denn was actually on loan to the “volunteer” program from a multinational law firm. He Read more

Cruicial Races

I am concerned about the ramifications of this election. We as Delawareans need to look at the voting records of our elected officials and ask where do they stand on the big issues that affect our lives. I know that we will not agree with anyone on everything. As a tolerant people, we know that an elected official has to listen to many opinions and interests all with valid parts in their arguments. Still we have to ask, when it comes to the big issues, are we going in the right direction or the wrong direction? An easy example is looking at the contrast in local records. Representative Donald Blakey is voting for jobs, against tax hikes, for the family, and for common sense solutions. He works hard to serve the people. The same can be said of Representative Jack Peterman or Lincoln Willis (who is now being attacked for his votes for jobs, good government, and the family). The Read more


Today was a great day at the Delaware State University Homecoming Parade. The reception was great. So many people wanted to talk that I could not keep in line. Hundreds of people wanted cards and handshakes. My friends Ben Mobley, Don Blakey, and Sam Chick had even more fun campaigning with their teams touching the entire crowd. It was a good day for the team.
Sam Chick candidate for 31st Rep. District and Councilman David Anderson of Dover-4
Sam Chick candidate for 31st Rep. District and Councilman David Anderson of Dover-4

It is Time to get Serious

The GOP is in position to win three statewide offices, but it could throw them away for lack of unity. Why is there such neglect from the monied interests? How are statewide campaigns getting less money than State Senate campaigns? Come on, we can just walk into the Insurance Commissioner’s office. It is time we get serious. Let’s act like a political party that wants to win.

Go Brian Go

Today, I officially endorse Brian Pettyjohn for the 19th Senate district. Mayor Pettyjohn is not on the ballot and I have never endorsed a write-in campaign before, but the Republican candidate has effectively suspended his campaign without explanation and former Mayor Pettyjohn is campaigning his heart out. Brian Pettyjohn is a true conservative who is open to the rights of all. He has dedicated his career in local government to reducing the size and scope of government. He can unite people during this time of division in the body politic. I had an extensive conversation with Mayor Pettyjohn today. We discussed deregulation, free markets, the right to life, traditional marriage, education funding and crime. He was knowledgeable and thoughtful as well as conservative. I was comfortable with the notion of Senator Pettyjohn, but, as a write-in, he will have an uphill battle unless Read more

Wade Snags National Endorsement

HUGE NEWS! Today I received the endorsement of Congressman Ron Paul! Congressman Paul's support for the U.S. Constitution and a sound economy has been unimpeachable for decades. It would be hard to imagine an American whose service to his country, not only as a U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon but as a Congressman, has been more steadfast and consistent than Dr. Paul's. Dr. Paul wrote in a letter received today, "I endorse Kevin Wade for Senator from Delaware. He has shown that he will stand up for individual liberties and will be an asset in the US Senate." Congressman Paul's supporters, who are among the most dedicated on the American political scene, have shown their ability to mobilize like-minded Americans in the cause of liberty and freedom. I am pleased to invite them to join the Wade campaign, and I'm honored to receive Dr. Paul's endorsement. And Read more

The Way it Should be Done

“Democracy at its finest happened here in Sussex County, yesterday September 11th 2012. While it was a close race Don Ayotte prevailed as the Republican’s choice to represent the Republican Party on the ballot in November. Don has my full support and endorsement in the race for the 3rd District of the Sussex County Council. The defeat was in no way a mandate against the principles we stood for in the election and I expect that Don will carry our banner into the fight in November just as I would have. These principles of Low Taxes, Property Rights, and Traditional Values are at the core of the Conservative movement and Don Ayotte is a Conservative. It is now time for the party to come together under the GOP banner and carry this race to victory in November. Thank you for your support and God Bless Sussex County, Don Ayotte, and the United States of America.” Good luck to you sir and Read more