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Imagine a Rubio/Jindal Ticket

If we had such a ticket, is there any doubt looking over the exit polls that we would win?  A Huckabee/Martinez ticket would be equally viable.  One of the problems that I saw is that Mitt Romney did not expand his base when he choose his VP.  Imagine him picking Senator Portman if he wanted to choose a white male.  He picks up Ohio and Florida is not scared off by the campaign against the Ryan budget which Romney hardly defended.  All they would then need would be Virgina which was on the cusp and once again a state concerned about federal budget issues and the fiscal "cliff".  If Romney had the same percentage of  Latino voters that McCain or Bush had, he would have Colorado and Florida and had a great chance at Nevada.  His ads attacking Perry may have cost him big time.  Perry was right on immigration and the GOP may have a hard time winning until it reconciles with a Huckabee, Read more

673 Economists Signed on to Endorsement of Romney Economic Plan

Almost 700 ecomomists have publicly endorsed the Romney plan, the question is will you? The Obama propaganda machine tells you that the choice is going back to the Bush Policies or forward with Obama Policies. They say nonsense. In response, former President Bill Clinton said at the Democratic National Convention that Mr. Romney would return to “the same old policies that got us in trouble in the first place.” No, the Romney plan rejects such policies, including perpetual support of poorly regulated housing-finance agencies, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which got us into the mess. Mr. Romney also argues against the easy-money policy by the Federal Reserve that helped lead to the crisis. Critics complain that Mr. Romney’s tax proposals favor the rich. Actually, he wants to eliminate or limit deductions from special provisions in the tax code for high-income Americans Read more

If President Obama Loses, It will be for 4 Reasons

President Obama is running a masterful campaign. It is raising and spending about a billion dollars. They have contacted 23% of all voters in America directly through voter canvasing. They have an unprecedented 10 million donors. He is an attractive candidate, personally liked by the majority of the people, and seen as a strong leader who cares about the average person. He supervised the end of the Iraqi war without the crisis that neo-conservatives predicted would result if we pulled out. He followed the Bush plan and fulfilled the promise of getting us out as carefully as we carelessly got in. He kept a major campaign promise and pushed through the Affordable Healthcare Act. He is viewed an icon in the 24% of America that is minority with polls showing him with 82% minority support. He has his place in history being the first minority President and the son of immigrant. His personal Read more

Net Right Daily Gives Debate Reaction

Read the entire article here. By Rick Manning CNN's Candy Crowley moderated the Romney v. Obama 2 debate like she was trained by Vince McMahon of the WWE. Her third man in the ring to try to save Obama was truly embarrassing and calls into question the entire moderator selection process. In terms of the debate itself, the one thing that stood out was that Mitt Romney was, once again, the alpha male on the stage. He did not back down when confronted by outright falsehoods by Obama and challenged him mano y mano on the president's lie that energy production was increasing due to his policies. On matters of substance, Romney continually hammered Obama's failed record including his broken promise to introduce and pass comprehensive immigration reform in his first year as president, along with the tragic increase in the number of people on food stamps, America's dramatic drop in Read more

The Electoral College Standoff

Not only have the national polls turned around, but as we get state by state polling this race is too close to call. Real Clear Politics has an interesting picture of the race. Here is the USA Today take. The race between President Obama and Mitt Romney is closer than ever, including the measure that will decide it: The Electoral College. Obama leads in states with 201 electoral votes, according to state polling averages compiled by the RealClearPolitics website. Romney leads in states with 191 electoral votes. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. Two-and-half weeks ago, RealClearPolitics gave Obama a lead of 265-191 in the Electoral College, in part because Ohio was considered a "likely Obama" state. Now Ohio is again a tossup. The reason: The debate. Read more

Universally Acclaimed : Romney Wins Debate Obama Camp Concedes

Obviously if Mitt Romney would have lost,  the press would declare it over.  That did not happen so now the attention is on the counter attacks by the President who is taking the role up personally as attacker in chief.  It is interesting that he no longer leaves it up to surrogates.  What was in the White House internal polling? It is not over. Reagan lost the first debate in 1984 according to the press, but not by as much of a margin. Polling showed a 12 point Mondale win, by the time the press hyped it 3 days it was a 69 to 17 percent margin thinking Mondale won. Reagan still wasn't in danger and won the next debate. Still President Reagan was in a strong position. President Obama is in a very weak position. His core support is solid, but the undecideds who lean lightly told pollsters that he was likely to win. If that perception changes in the next couple of days, they will Read more

Presidential Debate Open Thread October 3

Updated update: Some people asked me which debate did I watch, I actually was driving during the first half and listened to it on the radio.  Apparently, on TV, it was a rout. Update: I think both candidates did well.  Mitt Romney had the best performance but not by far.  The President seemed confident but at times unfocused.  The President though succeeded in one of his main objectives, he kept the discussion off of the economy.  I think Romney flubbed that.  As a result, I think it was just a narrow Romney victory because ties go to the challenger.  I doubt the debate significantly changed the race. The candidates have been prepping and the organizations spinning expectations.  Now it is your turn to give your pre and post debate thoughts. Here is a snapshot today  The Gallup 7 day tracking poll of registered voters has the President up by 6 but his approval numbers sliding Read more

The Obama War on Children

The Obama Administration is stealing food out of the mouths of kids in a war on obesity, stealing the future earning capacity of kids with debt, stealing the opportunity to grow up with a work ethic by undermining welfare reform, and stealing the strength of family with its anti-marriage and anti-family policies. As for preborn children, it is down right dangerous for your life to be conceived during this administration with its policies to backdoor more abortion funding, embryonic experimentation, and support of Planned Barrenhood. Worse for most children is that America seems to be heading for a lost decade and falling behind the East. The heritage of our precious Constitutional system seems undermined with laws that undermine our bill of rights. If there is somehow a Republican war on women, a much stronger case can be made of an Obama War of Children. Read more

A Tale of Two Conventions-2012

Let's get it out of the way that the most stunning event during this past Democratic convention in the year of our Lord 2012 was the removal of the word "God" and the status of Jerusalem as capital to Israel from that party's platform. The video clip of the LA Mayor ruling that the YAY's were 2/3's of the delegates against the NAY's will go down in history to be viewed by young children in history class for illustration of how NOT to be fair or decent. Anyone with ears could hear the declarations of both sides were about of even volume. The bigger puzzle is just how it got taken out, who let the cat out of the bag, and, well how it got back into the party platform is hardly any secret. But of course it was taken out at the direction of President Obama, probably via co-President Valerie Jarrett. I watched an interview of Jesse Jackson when he was asked about the elimination of Read more

Democrats Look to Extreme Positions as Political Salvation

Republicans are remarkably united on issues like abortion and traditional marriage so the Democrats have decided to divide their side  and use the social issues as a wedge to distract from the economy.  The problem is that most Americans are pro-life.  Every state voting on marriage sides with traditonal marriage.   The new Obama position costs him swing voters and loses him more voters than it gains him.  The American people think the nation is on the wrong track and post convention, there is a boost for the grassroots GOP with more people identifying themselves as Republicans than anytime since Reagan.  Why the Democrats would want to highlight their positions as rumored is puzzling.  I guess that is why the new emerging tactic will be to run against GWB.  The problem is they lost twice to him and he hasn't been on the ballot in 8 years.  It worked 4 years ago when he was Read more

Here Come the Purists

Paul Ryan is just another big government type say his Libertarian critics. He just makes the welfare state more efficient instead of reducing it. Those critics ignore that the American people like Medicare. They don't want their fellow citizens going hungry so they support EBT. They want the security of knowing that if they lose their job through no fault of their own that they won't lose everything they worked for so they willing pay to support unemployment insurance. We have a the welfare state because the people want it. They are not getting rid of it except under the most dire of crises. They are willing to look at limiting and reforming it. The truth is Paul Ryan introducing market forces and limiting the expansion of the welfare state is conservative. Those who claim it is not are just plain disconnected from the real world. It is legitimate to ask if it is enough. It Read more

Ryan is the Man!

Governor Mitt Romney took the intellectual leader of the party as his running mate. I guess now it is official that Bill Crystal still runs the party as much as in the Bush days. His man Paul Ryan may become the next VP. The Ryan move makes a lot of sense and adds gravity to the ticket. The election will now be about competing visions for the future not silly stuff like Obama's college records from 25 and 30 years ago or Romney's tax records from the 1990's. It will be about debt, growth, culture, health care, and competence. In other words, the things that really matter. Ryan will also make Wisconsin a lean Republican state. His Midwest common sense will help make Indiana secure and his style matches Portman and Kasich which will play well in Ohio. McDonnell would have helped him more in the upper south and southern Ohio, and his picking someone with a Washington record as long Read more

Cutest Election Video

Our friends at Delaware Kook aka Liberal, are having their typical kooky knee jerk fit over this video of a 6 year old giving "the top ten reasons not to vote for Obama".  Now I admit in my house we always refer to the President as President x, never as Bush, Obama, or whomever out of respect for the office.  I also think we know the President was born in Hawaii by preponderance of evidence as opposed to the Donald Trump claim that no one knows where he is from that the kid repeated.  Still we can debate the points and recognize the wonderful civic engagement it represents.  I give it an A plus and praise to all involved.  We all need to engage our children in the serious discussions related to their future and share our values with them.  Not to do so is the height of irresponsibility. I think they are mad because the kid is so good at articulating many of the failures of the administration. Read more


It is hard to believe that after criticism for months about Mao and Lenin using the theme forward that our President is now using it at the end of his TV ads. One has to ask with minority unemployment soaring, with home sales falling, with corporate earnings sinking, and the debt climbing what are we going forward toward? A cliff? Just asking.

Michelle Obama –Victim of an Internet Smear?

There is a video going around claiming that Mrs. Obama said at a 9/11 ceremony, "All of this for a flag" or some variation. It may or may not be true. The conclusion is based upon reading her lips in a private statement that she made to her husband. Other people have other interpretations, but in today's highly charged political environment only the worst light is to be considered. Is it unfair? Yes. Does the administration do it? Yes. At least the Michelle Obama clip is by some people motivated by what they see and is totally independent of any campaign. The Obama campaign smear on Mitt Romney for his alleged time at Bain after 1999 is shameless. Now that Bain has confirmed that Governor Romney truly left in early 1999 to work on the Olympics and had nothing to do with the firm afterword, the administration should drop the attack. Instead the President himself said they were legitimate. Read more

Will Mexican Elections Foreshadow Ours?

A popular governor who had a successful economic reputation leads the return of a party formerly blamed for past economic doldrums. Governor Enrique Peña Nieto focused on the future and rebuilding the economy as the centerpiece of his campaign. His party raised and spent a great deal of money driving the theme home in a first class marketing campaign. If exit polls are correct, he will be the first candidate of his party to win the Presidency after 12 years out of power. Will Governor Romney be able to pull off the same feat? The narratives are uncanny. We shall see. It has only been 4 years here.

The Crush Is Over

Obama Girl not excited about the President. Unemployment stuck so high they have to stop counting people to claim it is falling. High energy prices. Education stuck in neutral. Debt soaring. Special interest health care legislation that does not solve anything. I wonder why the enthusiasm is down. I think a lot of first time voters in 2008 will stay home. The excitement is gone. We made history. Now let’s get results.