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Goodbye General Assembly

There was a send off of our legislative leaders by the Patriot and Tea Party movement.  There was definitely some disappointment with the fact that Senator Bonini best highlighted, the state government increased spending by an amount equal to the "temporary" tax hikes.  The other star seemed to be Republican Glen Urquhart who was quoted in all of the papers.  He highlighted the concerns of expansive government as well as anyone at both the state and federal level.   He related well to the crowd with a personal rags to riches story and his dedication to resecuring the American Dream.  Not to be out done Michele Rollins told her own story of being the grandchildren of immigrants and blasted Obama Care in a well delivered speech.  Other candidates spokes as well. Rose Izzo spoke to the everyday citizen who is concerned about kitchen table issues. State Senate candidate Dave Read more

Spencer Joins with Ex NASA Director

Spencer for the People P.O. Box 484 Wilmington, Delaware 19899 302-299-7210 Former NASA Director and a Delaware Congressional Candidate Urge President Obama to maintain US Space Shuttle and Moon Programs; Open Letter urges America to maintain Spaceflight Leadership April 28, 2010 Christopher Kraft, the former Director of NASA’s Manned Spaceflight Center in Houston and Delaware Democratic Congressional Candidate Scott R. Spencer have sent an open letter to President Obama requesting that America maintain a robust manned space program with specific missions, goals, objectives and deadlines. In the joint letter, Kraft and Spencer, point out that the President’s recent announcement to cut NASA’s Constellation Moon Program in favor of future Mars missions and development of commercial spacecraft “fails to consider the two principals Read more