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I was listening to WDEL today. I was smiling after hearing Michelle Rollins

Glen Urquhart’s primary competitor has gone public as an ally.  Declaring definitively at the end of the half hour that she will vote for Glen Urquhart and Christine O'Donnell, Rollins clarified once and for all for those with any questions about her intentions.  During the 3:00 pm hour of the Rick Jensen Show on WDEL, she declared her plans to vote for Urquhart and the Republican agenda because the pendulum has swung too far left.  “Do I want bigger government or… private sector jobs’… queried Rollins?  At the end of the segment she declared definitively that she will vote for Glen Urquhart. This good news for those of us who want to see a united party Tuesday.  There is rumor that she will be a signator to a unity letter urging people to support the entire Republican ticket.  We shall see if that rumored letter comes about, but her statement today publicly showed Read more

The Pre-Morning After

Twenty-four hours from now we should all know the winners in these hard-fought races for US Senate & US Congress for the GOP. I have had this thought rattling around in my head for months now, and this has been posed in so many words on already. The GOP leadership has supported the candidates endorsed at the convention, but they went too far by attacking the other candidates in the race. What will happen with the Delaware GOP leadership if the party-endorsed candidates fail to get a victory in the primary election today? What if they find themselves with the candidate they attacked as the GOP-endorsed candidate for the general election?

Waxman Supports Carney–Powell supports Rollins

A radical California Democrat Congressman, Henry Waxman, has found a soul mate in John Carney.  He donated $2000 from his campaign committee.  Waxman is the prime author of job killing cap and trade and a key player in the  house version of Obama care.  Lt. Governor Carney supports both job killing programs. Fellow Biden supporter and pro-choice Republican, former Secretary of State and General Colin Powell donated $2000 to the Michele Rollins campaign. Secretary Powell is a great American. His recent political endorsements have been a little suspect to conservatives including his Obama-Biden endorsement.

ABC 6 in Philadelphia to Air Only Televised Debate of Delaware Primary Season

Channel 6, WPVI which is Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate will be airing the only televised debate in the Delaware Republican Primary Season. It will feature Glen Urquhart and Michele Rollins who are running for Delaware’s only seat in the House of Representatives. The spirited exchange will air Sunday, September 5th at 11:30 am and ends at noon. The forum is cosponsored by the League of Women Voters of Northern Delaware and Philly ABC 6.

Rosanne Cash endorses Michelle Rollins

In the spirit of celebrity endorsements, Rosanne Cash has endorsed Michelle Rollins.   Unlike Pat Boone who hasn't had a hit in over 50 years, Cash is an accomplished singer AND Songwriter who is still performing today.  "She won a Grammy in 1985 for "I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me," and has received nine other Grammy nominations. She has had 11 #1 country hit singles, 21 Top 40 country singles and two gold records." Rosanne Cash's critically acclaimed albums for the last 30 years include: 1978: Rosanne Cash 1979: Right or Wrong 1981: Seven Year Ache 1982: Somewhere in the Stars 1985: Rhythm & Romance 1987: King's Record Shop 1990: Interiors 1993: The Wheel 1996: 10 Song Demo 2003: Rules of Travel 2006: Black Cadillac 2009: The List Cash is also an accomplished writer and has written several critically acclaimed books including her most recent Read more

Ron Williams has a point?

News Journal Columnist Ron Williams had an interesting take today. For the first time in a long time, I actually agreed with most of what he said minus a couple of shots he takes on Urquhart (glossed over all Glen Urquhart said about rape victims), Castle (Mike Castle is not on the ballot vs. Urquhart and voting for one does not affect the other), and O'Donnell (Christine is a serious thinker and candidate). One area that I disagree with him on is the idea that a successful conservative insurgency in the Delaware GOP means others must leave. We need new ideas in Washington. That does not mean we are after anyone. There is no purge or any other silliness. It is just people choosing which direction will better serve America. It means that we are for someone not excluding anyone. The rise of the conservative majority is the revival of Americanism. It is something that has an appeal to Read more

The Debate Season Begins

The first crunch time debate at the Hockessin Memorial Hall was a civil but enlightening affair.  The federal candidates all gave statements.  Congressman Castle gave a written statement which was read by one of his campaign aides.  He was attending a Sussex County Eastern Republican Woman’s event instead.  The idea that he couldn’t move a Republican party event to make room for two civic forums (the other one being the 9/12 Patriots the same night) received a great deal of groans from the audience.   Christine O’Donnell said that the Congressman is just keeping true to his statement that he will not appear on stage with her.  That assumption will be proven true or false with the Channel 6 ABC out of Philadelphia’s debate taping this week. I was of course interested in the Congressional Debate.  Unsurprisingly, I thought my guy won.  What a shock, right?  So I will not Read more

This is worth a laugh

Far be it from me not to get an occasional laugh at Ms. Michele Rollins expense, but it will be good natured.  The DNC has put out the fact that Michele Rollins dumped Venezuela Oil bonds just before she decided to run for Congress.  The story was picked up by Politico today which gave both sides. The disclosure, filed with the House clerk's office, does not include the dates Rollins sold the bond but a spokesman said she "first focused on the asset" as she was beginning to detail her financial holdings for her run for Republican Rep. Mike Castle's open seat. "Michele first focused on this asset in July 2010 while reviewing the Form B disclosure report draft prepared by her accounting firm," spokesman Matthew F. Hunter said. "At that point, she ordered the bonds sold immediately, and she no longer owns any PDVSA securities." PDVSA, which owns Citgo, is a major part of Chavez's Venezuelan Read more

Who is really winning the primary for Congress?

For Immediate Release                Urquhart Leads Rollins among Republicans - Statistical Dead-heat among All Voters - REHOBOTH BEACH, DE – Results of two critical polls released today gives Republican Glen Urquhart reason to celebrate.  The first poll commissioned by the Urquhart campaign and done by ccAdvertising shows Urquhart with a solid lead of 7 points over opponent Michele Rollins among likely Republican Primary voters set to vote in the September 14th election. The statewide survey of registered Delaware Republican voters assessed the views of Republicans planning to vote in the September 14th Primary Election and had 16,803 participants. Brian McAllister of ccAdvertising stated, “In the race for Congress in Delaware, among registered Republicans, Glen Urquhart polls at 38.96%, a 7.01% lead over establishment candidate Michele Rollins, who polls Read more

A Tale of Two Standards: O’Donnell v. Rollins

Personally, I do not even care about personal disclosure forms for Congress. They are the province of the nosy and serve no public good. Some people seem to place a good deal of store in them. Well I never heard them place any store in them until this year when even an attorney's heart attack did not stop them from harping for Christine O'Donnell's report. Why? Was it to find potential conflicts of interest regarding investments. No, just so they could trumpet the fact that she had to sell off assets in these troubled times. O'Donnell's report is in. Mike Castle's is in. Chris Coons is in. Glen Urquart's has been in. John Carney's is in. Who is missing? Michele Rollins' is not in. Does it really matter? No, apparently it doesn't matter even to the people who were outraged at the very thought Ms. O'Donnell was granted an extension pursuant to the law. Ms. Rollins also was granted a similar Read more

What Not to Say–Michele Rollins edition

The Washington Post has an audio of Heiress Michele Rollins explaining that unemployment shouldn't be extended because it makes people lazy. It is true that starvation and homelessness can focus minds, but there may be a better way. How about giving a six month suspension of the payroll tax for new hires who are on extended benefits? She is right that we can't foster dependency, but she seems to have no answer on how we encourage independence when the economy mathematically has about 9 people looking for every full time job available. A lot of people on extended benefits are working part time or go on and off with temporary jobs. They are not lazy just hurting. The answer is not to expand the debt and take tens of billions out of private investment and finance public debt. We need to unleash the private investment and let job creation begin. We can start by paying for new benefits Read more

House Campaign heating up.

A  some supporters of Mrs. Rollins have made negative comments regarding a voter ID and marketing survey by Mr. Urquhart's campaign.  The people's response has been positive overall.  If anyone is bothered, I encourage them to take the number provided during the survey and be removed from the call list.  Delaware Tomorrow called the survey a push poll.  A push poll is in the eye of the beholder.  In political speak, it usually refers to a poll where untrue statements are given when a person says they will vote for the opponent and they are badgered to change their vote.  Uncommonly, it also can be refered to as any survey where people are probed deeper to find their knowledge and attitude.  Knowing the former, political operatives like to toss around the term push poll for political purposes. All of this was unworthy of bringing to your attention because it was routine political Read more

Great Conservative Cook Out

I concur with everyone here that this was an excellent event. As I stated earlier who can quible with free food??? I was surprised that after having a successful event that those who were involved in the event decided to not celebrate the event but to attack a fellow Conservative and Republican. I saw a lot of vitriol aimed at Mrs. Rollins for having the temerity to show up.  Personally, I thought she showed class by showing up at an event that was not aimed at promoting her.  Make no mistake, this event was the Glen Urquhart show.  The guest speaker was secured by the Urquhart team.  George Allen has made other Delaware visits  such as at the Vance Phillips'  Crab Feast (Vance is The Urquhart Campaign Chairman) .     Glen Urquhart was given the prime time speaking slot of 6 pm and the honor of introducing a national figure who subsequently endorsed Glen.  As mentioned Read more

DCCC finds fault with Rollins Jamacian success  No comment from me, just an interesting pass along about what the Democrats are doing.  I don’t really see that particular item as winner. She received an award for bringing investment into Jamacia.  Living half the year elsewhere was different, but this seems like a dud?  How do you think it plays?

It is time to take sides: Michele Rollins for Congress–NOT

As you know, I had endorsed my good friend Kevin Wade for the Congressional seat. I waited a while to take sides after the convention to see what Mr. Wade would do. I have chosen sides. There are rumors of my joining the Urquhart team that I will confirm in my time with a proper announcement. I will continue to publish releases from all campaigns as long as they are newsworthy or even just interesting. I have watched the Rollins campaign with some interest. The candidate is an attractive one (politically speaking, I am not being sexist). She is intelligent, self funding, and well spoken. I found her to be friendly and a decent human being. She understands that America can not keep going down the wrong path. We are in a struggle as she said between free enterprise, and big government statism. If she is the party nominee in September, I will support her. I can not support her in the primary Read more

Goodbye General Assembly

There was a send off of our legislative leaders by the Patriot and Tea Party movement.  There was definitely some disappointment with the fact that Senator Bonini best highlighted, the state government increased spending by an amount equal to the "temporary" tax hikes.  The other star seemed to be Republican Glen Urquhart who was quoted in all of the papers.  He highlighted the concerns of expansive government as well as anyone at both the state and federal level.   He related well to the crowd with a personal rags to riches story and his dedication to resecuring the American Dream.  Not to be out done Michele Rollins told her own story of being the grandchildren of immigrants and blasted Obama Care in a well delivered speech.  Other candidates spokes as well. Rose Izzo spoke to the everyday citizen who is concerned about kitchen table issues. State Senate candidate Dave Read more

Future Republican Stars, GOP Women

For those who trash the Convention System let me point out to all that the best speeches/performances of the Republican State Convention were delivered by relative newcomers . All of these performances were delivered by Republican Women under the age of 30. It bodes well for the party that we continually attract the best and most gracious young women to our party. They were on dislplay this weekend. First up is Heather Lehman of Kent County.  Heather was an alternate at this convention. Heather Lehman is also the current Miss Delaware. Heather's stirring rendition of "God Bless America" in a beautiful Soprano voice was awesome. We all know how Democrats hate beauty queens.  Democrats get over it. Heather is the real deal. Heather is beauty and brains combined. The Urquhart Campaign made a good decision in picking Katelynn Dunlap to deliver a seconding speech. This young lady is Read more

Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a race

The Newark Region had a debate and straw poll on the preference for House.  The result is Urquhart 63, Rollins 40, Wade 39, and Izzo 3.   Urquhart wins outside of his region.  That is significant. UPDATE: Official Reaction from the Urquhart Campaign Urquhart Wins Newark Straw Poll It was Glen Urquhart sweeping the overall vote with 44-percent of the vote at the Newark debate and straw poll Monday, May 3. “It shows we have a campaign that resonates throughout the state,” said Urquhart after the results were announced amidst the standing room only crowd at the Newark Region meeting. More than 150 people, the majority from the Newark Region, came to hear Glen speak along with other Republican candidates for Delaware’s lone Congressional seat. Questions were asked about the candidates’ positions on foreign and domestic policy as well as what they would do to make Read more

A Good day for Michelle Rollins

Not only did she announce, but she picked up a couple of prominent endorsements.  Blogger and former Sussex Regional (County) GOP Chairman Dave Burris endorsed her with high praise.  The big news tomorrow will that her former opponent Fred Cullis endorsed her.  Nice words are good, but actually abandoning ones plans in deference is about as serious as one gets.  Praise from the NRCC is also a good start.  They did not do a release, just commented as they attempt to maneuver through the pre-convention landmines.  Tomorrow will be a big day in the paper and it will be followed up with one her first interviews on the issues.  Stay tuned to DP Friday. The other campaigns did not roll over and play dead.  I was on the phone with two of the other camps today.  Both the Wade and Urquhart people professed a great deal of  respect for Mr. Cullis.  Both want to be supportive of his new Read more


April 7, 2010 – Wilmington, DE: “I congratulate and welcome Michele Rollins into the race as a candidate for Delaware’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her life and business experiences as-well-as her love for Delaware and America will serve Michele well as a candidate and ultimately, as a member of congress. Michele and I are both fiscal conservatives and advocate common sense solutions to the problems facing our nation. While our positions on these important issues are similar, her personal relationships and resources far surpass mine. Since my goal has always been to insure that a common sense business person represents Delaware instead of a lifelong career politician, I am happy to support Michele and encourage those who supported me to enthusiastically support her.” said Cullis. “Therefore, as of April 7, 2010 I am ending my campaign for the Read more

Rollins Wish List Donor

It appears Michelle Rollins may have been more than personally pro-choice. She was a donor to Wish List (see the excerpt from the website below), which identifies those who disagree as extremists seems to only recognize one type of woman. It seems to be trying to remake the GOP. More than half of Republican women need not apply. It is everyone's right to support instituting policies they see as important. I begrudge no one that right. I also have a right to have a different point of view and exercise that right. I now want to know where Mrs. Rollins differs from WISH list. Are people who disagree with her on the extremes? Does she favor Stupack, Hyde, and bans of partial birth abortion and interstate trafficking of minors to avoid parental notification laws?   I hesitate to play guilty by association so I invite Mrs. Rollins to answer these important questions. The WISH List -- which Read more

The Long Knives

Michelle Rollins is not even in the race for Congress, but attacks have come from all sides.  It may be a testament to how serious other Republican and even Democrat opposition take her.   The truth is that I do not support Mrs. Rollins nor do I oppose her.   I am just looking at the facts. As a Delaware Republican, the Rollins are almost like patron saints.  When few others believed enough to keep the party financed, they did and by their leadership kept others on board.  The Rollins and DuPont's were leaders in keeping the GOP competitive.  If it were not for them this would not be a two party state.  It would be Rhode Island or Vermont.   When Michelle Rollins finally says it is my turn, I think every Republican leader has to pay attention.   Rollins is worthy of that respect.  As a delegate, I will listen to the case that she makes withattention and interest.  The Read more

Rollins Exploring a Run

UPDATE: Kevin Wade responds: I welcome Ms. Rollins to the race, she is well respected for her many good works, dignity and grace. As for me, my focus is with we the people. I am in this race because America losing American is not an option. Multi-millionaire Greenville resident Michelle Rollins is exploring a run for Delaware's lone congressional seat. She is an attorney and widow of businessman John Rollins. No one can say that she has not earned the right to be considered by the party. She has been active for many years in the party and has helped a variety of candidates. Her thought of entering the race has already awakened a split within the wings of the party. "I'm the conservative candidate," Urquhart said. "Michele represents liberal values. I welcome her into the race. I stand for the conservative traditional values that are sweeping this country like a tidal wave." It should Read more