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Wade Within Striking Distance of Coons

Critics will say Wade may be with in striking distance, but it is a lightning strike. Still, the latest public poll with Rasmussen shows that Wade can indeed win the Senate race if some significant though less than likely things come together. Chris Coons is polling under 50% and Kevin Wade is 15 points down. Wade got a boost off his big primary win. In another year, national money would flow to Delaware where a million dollars could mail, blanket with local radio, target phone call, and flood with internet ads as an insurance policy in case some of the tight races don't pan out or add padding if they do. Calling the Koch brothers, this could be our Scott Brown shocker. It won't happen naturally though. Senator Coons is the favorite and can count on a strong union base in New Castle County. Kevin Wade currently does not have the resources to get his message out to close the deal and the GOP Read more

Kevin Wade Update

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Post by Kevin Wade. Unique among the legislative bodies in America, the U. S. Senate shares foreign affairs responsibilities with the executive. It alone can ratify treaties and confirm nominations of civilian and military personnel who are leaders in foreign policy. Interestingly enough, the Constitution doesn't just give a role of consent but advise and consent. A great quote featured in Congress link says it well. It is something that Kevin Wade understands. Along with the very important role of being in touch locally, a Senator should be willing to gain a global understanding. Senators Roth and Biden both Read more

Wade On Site In Israel

BEN GURION AIRPORT, ISRAEL (July 29, 2014) -- Kevin Wade, Republican US Senate candidate from Delaware, has just arrived on a week-long fact-finding mission in Israel, on the ground right now (July 29). Wade is researching the situation on the ground and interviewing many. Kevin Wade is also a co-host with the Conservative Commandos Radio Show. Wade will be posting interviews on YouTube from the war zone in Israel. Kevin Wade is a Republican who is running against Chris Coons, who was elected in 2010 when Coons won over Republican Christine O'Donnell. Kevin Wade will be available for radio interviews from Israel, but is sending updates versus TWITTER from @kevinwade2014 You may contact Duke Brooks (302) 245-0719 for assistance setting up interviews by phone or email to Kevin Wade at: Kevin Wade's website is: BACKGROUND: Businessman Read more

Guest Post On the DE GOP Death Spiral

The Death Spiral of the Delaware GOP Decline is not a condition, it is a choice. The 2012 election has come and gone and at this point it has become clear the there are only a few things necessary to be elected to statewide office or County wide in New Castle County-be able to hear thunder and see lightning plus the most important thing you must be a Democrat. Yes, I poke a little fun at the Democrats but my point it is worthwhile to exam the demise of the Republican Party in Delaware and what to do about it. I bring a perspective which is varied as I have been on the outside looking in as a primary challenger and this year as the endorsed candidate for County Council President. Let me lay out the 2012 numbers first. I have all of the state wide candidates and my race (County Wide) as a comparison. Candidate Wilmington% NCC Rural% All NCC Romney Read more

Wade Snags National Endorsement

HUGE NEWS! Today I received the endorsement of Congressman Ron Paul! Congressman Paul's support for the U.S. Constitution and a sound economy has been unimpeachable for decades. It would be hard to imagine an American whose service to his country, not only as a U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon but as a Congressman, has been more steadfast and consistent than Dr. Paul's. Dr. Paul wrote in a letter received today, "I endorse Kevin Wade for Senator from Delaware. He has shown that he will stand up for individual liberties and will be an asset in the US Senate." Congressman Paul's supporters, who are among the most dedicated on the American political scene, have shown their ability to mobilize like-minded Americans in the cause of liberty and freedom. I am pleased to invite them to join the Wade campaign, and I'm honored to receive Dr. Paul's endorsement. And Read more

Delaware’s Odd Couple?

For Immediate Release Valenzuela and Pires Set Aside Partisan Politics to Help Change the Status Quo Sher Valenzuela, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Alex Pires, the Independent candidate for U.S. Senator, are at the center of two of the most energetic races in Delaware. Coming on the heels of Valenzuela's August appearance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and Pires' aggressive campaign against incumbent Democratic Senator Thomas Carper, the two races have garnered considerable attention in recent months. Despite their positions on different sides of the ticket, not to mention differences in personal and political beliefs, the two candidates have come together over their shared belief that the status quo in Delaware is unacceptable. The pair will appear at a joint event on the Green at the University of Delaware this Saturday from noon to 1 Read more

Search for Relavance, IZZO Makes Big Splash

Republican Rose Izzo Endorses Alex Pires for Delaware's US Senate Seat United States House of Representatives candidate from Delaware and Republican Rose Izzo endorsed United States Senate candidate Alex Pires today, telling voters that the most important thing right now is fixing things in Washington.  Izzo states, "I am a Republican who cares about the long-term future of Delaware more than how this election affects my party.  I am endorsing Alex Pires for the office of US Senate from Delaware because this state needs to rid itself of these professional politicians once and for all.  I am voting for Alex because he will be more than just a breath of fresh air in Washington- he will be a lightning rod for change.  As an Independent, he shares many of the same values that I and my supporters share, such as a no nonsense approach to fiscal responsibility and to Make America strong again.  Read more

Looking to the General

I am happy the primaries are over. Now it the time for us to focus on the prize. First let me get out of the way the endorsements to candidates that I did not endorse before the primary. Let's all rally together and put the primaries behind us. I believe that Republicans all across the state need to rally behind Dr. Ernie Lopez. He is a conservative (at least somewhat) who gains respect from across the political spectrum. He is bright, solutions oriented, and will help this party expand its base. I will be disappointed if we do not see him statewide in time. I give him an enthusiastic endorsement. I was never against him, I was for an even better candidate! As I am endorsing him with enthusiasm, I expect my moderate friends to do the same with Joe Miro or Don Ayotte. Let's be one party.  The people have spoken. Speaking of being one party, I also endorse Eric Bodenwiser. He Read more

Chairman’s Corner–May 30 with Kevin Wade Interview

Fellow Delaware Republicans, The Memorial Day Weekend marked the start of a busy campaign season for Republicans across Delaware. If we are to be successful, we need to intensify our efforts to strengthening our Party’s base and today, I am calling for all “hands on deck” as we marshal our resources in the march to the November election. Together, we will focus our energy on voter registration, voter identification and volunteer recruitment so we can help ensure Republican victories across the First State. We are going to remind the citizens of Delaware of the Democrats' efforts to stifle new jobs and economic growth in our State. More importantly, we are going to offer bold solutions that strengthen our State’s economy and provide a clear difference between Republican leadership versus the dangers of continuing the same tax, borrow and spend policies of the Democrats. Delaware Read more

Wade’s Star Rising

The Daily Borg had an insightful observation that you should all read in its entirety.  The DB is one of my favorite reads but it does not currently have easy article archives so for future readers, I will reprint a large portion here. And just where was the point of ignition? The tall engineer with the booming voice gained statewide attention and admiration among Republicans two years ago with his first attempt at public office. Back then, his common sense message drew attention from many longing for real change, especially those in the Tea Party movement. Here was a candidate who just got it. He understood that government must live like the rest of us do. He understood that a new generation of citizen leaders had to supplant the professional politicians if our nation was to have a chance to turn things in time to assure a better life for the next generation. Kevin Wade understood that Read more

Let’s Get To Work With FairTax: Guest Post

FairTax  is a fundamentally different way for the Federal government to raise its revenue. FairTax is revenue neutral. It is neither a tax increase nor a tax decrease on the American nation. It is just a very simple and fair way for the Federal government to collect its needed revenue. It is also sweeping in its impact on America; her jobs, her prosperity and her future. FairTax is not a fringe idea. It is presently before Congress as House Bill HR 25 and Senate Bill S 1025. There are over 50 cosponsors today in the House and Senate. Hearings are scheduled this week in the House Ways and Means Committee. Representative John Linder was for a longtime a lone voice in support of FairTax. He is no longer alone. In detail, FairTax replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax with a monthly cash prebate Read more

Kevin Wade Withdraws From Congressional Race

Kevin Wade withdraws from Congressional race. The official press release is below: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sunday, June 13, 2010 Wade Withdraws from Congressional Race At a Staff Appreciation buffet reception dinner at Old New Castle's, Arsenal on the Green, Conservative Republican Congressional Candidate, Kevin Wade, from Delaware’s 17th District, officially withdrew from the state's congressional race, Saturday evening. "You have to judge a candidacy by its results.  We are withdrawing from this race not retreating from our conservative values," said Wade, addressing a group of friends, volunteers and supporters.  Wade asked his supporters to carry on the fight by supporting conservative candidates running for seats in the State Senate and House of Representatives throughout Delaware.  Wade praised his volunteers for the hard work and loyalty and vowed that the fight to Read more

Future Republican Stars, GOP Women

For those who trash the Convention System let me point out to all that the best speeches/performances of the Republican State Convention were delivered by relative newcomers . All of these performances were delivered by Republican Women under the age of 30. It bodes well for the party that we continually attract the best and most gracious young women to our party. They were on dislplay this weekend. First up is Heather Lehman of Kent County.  Heather was an alternate at this convention. Heather Lehman is also the current Miss Delaware. Heather's stirring rendition of "God Bless America" in a beautiful Soprano voice was awesome. We all know how Democrats hate beauty queens.  Democrats get over it. Heather is the real deal. Heather is beauty and brains combined. The Urquhart Campaign made a good decision in picking Katelynn Dunlap to deliver a seconding speech. This young lady is Read more

My Word on the Congressional Race

I am delighted with the quality of the 4 candidates running for lone Delaware House Seat on the Republican side and Mr. Spencer on the Democrat side. I could support anyone of them, but elections are about choices. We get to choose between the better of goods instead of the lesser of evils. I respect all six of the people individually so this is not personal. This is purely a professional consideration. Who can represent us the best in Congress? Who can build the coalition to get elected? Who has the best solutions?  Let me get the Democrat endorsement out of the way because only 10 people will listen to that one who can vote in the primary. I like Mr. Spencer. How many Democrats these days run around with the constitution in his pocket or car close by? How many support family values and have worked in the trenches for the disaffected? He has been about changing the system for others, Read more

An election series about right – Kevin Wade for Congress

~Notice~ With the Republican Convention slightly more than 48 hours away this comparison of some of the candidates may prove useful to some delegates unsure of whom they will vote for.  I would like everyone to know that all four of the candidates up for the Republican nomination were sent these questions.  Michele Rollins and Rose Izzo seem to have chosen not to answer them.  I can no longer hold off waiting for answers in an effort to be fair.  It seems that although Michele Rollins and Rose Izzo wish to be the people’s choice, they don’t respond to their would-be constituents in a timely manner. Kevin Wade is a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives.  His many videos and press releases may be read here along with his pact with the people of Delaware.  This covenant includes self-imposed term limits, never giving himself a raise, transparency, and an adherence to Read more

Lawson Announces for 15th Senate

Small Business Owner and and retired State Trooper Dave Lawson announced that he is running for the 15th State Senate Seat. This seat is currently held by Sen. Nancy Cook.  Sen. Cook has held this seat since 1974. Lawson Owns the Business, Shooters Choice. Shooter's Choice is an indoor shooting range that also offers firearms safety training, marksman training, and concealed carry training. The business also has a retail side that sells firearms and accessories.  Lawson established the business 16 years ago.  Lawson made the announcement on Tuesday May 4th at the Cheswold Fire Hall at 6:30.  About 100 friends and supporters were in attendance.  Included in the attendees were State Senators Joe Booth, Liane Sorensen, Gary Simpson and Colin Bonini who is also running for State Treasurer.  State Auditor Tom Wagner was there as was Congressional Candidate Kevin Wade.  Members Read more

Wade has successful Fundraiser–Release

Wade Steamroller Powers Ahead Toward Republican Convention Friday night's campaign dinner at the Manor House, located at Sussex East on Rt. 9 in Lewes, catered to a packed room of Wade supporters and citizens looking for real representation in Washington in November's election.  Mr. Wade roamed through the room answering a wide range of concerns that plague our nation. Excited volunteers attired in royal blue T-shirts proclaiming, "Kevin Wade For Congress" on the front and "We Only Send One, Let's Send One of Us," on the back, were ever present.  Great food and unity of purpose ruled the event as Kevin Wade spoke of the issues that confront the nation.   Mr. Wade's powerful speech was followed by a standing ovation from the entire crowd, including the catering staff. The challenges and intensity of the four way race for Delaware's lone congressional seat has further Read more

Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a race

The Newark Region had a debate and straw poll on the preference for House.  The result is Urquhart 63, Rollins 40, Wade 39, and Izzo 3.   Urquhart wins outside of his region.  That is significant. UPDATE: Official Reaction from the Urquhart Campaign Urquhart Wins Newark Straw Poll It was Glen Urquhart sweeping the overall vote with 44-percent of the vote at the Newark debate and straw poll Monday, May 3. “It shows we have a campaign that resonates throughout the state,” said Urquhart after the results were announced amidst the standing room only crowd at the Newark Region meeting. More than 150 people, the majority from the Newark Region, came to hear Glen speak along with other Republican candidates for Delaware’s lone Congressional seat. Questions were asked about the candidates’ positions on foreign and domestic policy as well as what they would do to make Read more

Wade Updates

Wade Announces Campaign Dinner The Wade Campaign has announced that a campaign dinner will be held on Friday April 30th at the Manor House at Sussex East, located on Rt. 9, between Dairy Farm Rd. and Five Points. The dinner will be catered by Calypso Caterers and there will be plenty of food for the hearty appetite.  The Dinner will take place between 5:30 and 8:00pm. This is an opportunity to speak one on one with Kevin before the Republican Convention on May 14th at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center and learn where he stands on the issues. Congressional Candidate Kevin Wade will be present to speak with Delawareans concerning the issues that face our nation. The event is casual attire and there will be a donation of $25.00. Tickets can be purchased at the door or paid for in advance. Entrees will include a choice of a full hot meal, rolls and butter, romaine salad with Calypso's Read more