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A Word About Endorsements

Some of you may think it wild that these pages have competing endorsement. I think it is great. The vision for this blog is to spur thought and discussion not to be a monolithic echo chamber. I love the fact that we debate based upon the principles of liberty, conservatism, fitness for office, and electability. I would be disappointed if the day comes where we do not feel free to say what we believe and back who we want. Just remember the views of the contributors are their own and reflect their personal point of view. I am not bound by their endorsements though I at one point I likely agree with all of them. So two weeks out, I will end the speculation. My views are my personal views not that of Delaware Politics. Do I support dumping Gary Simpson? No. He isn't perfect, but I am not enamored with his opponent who seems to have gone from a thoughtful advocate to a bomb thrower. Read more

The Sixth

    Thanks to the 2010 census, Sussex County has gotten a new state senatorial district, the sixth. It will encompass Milton, Lewes, Rehoboth, and Dewey Beach.     Since this is a new district there will be no incumbent. The Democrats already have a candidate, Andrew "Andy" Staton, a Rehoboth real estate agent.    On the Republican side there is already two people who have announced their intentions to run for the seat. And possibly a third.   I think that most of the regular readers know how I feel about primaries. But for any new readers let me state my views again. Primaries are a good thing for the system. Primaries can flush the system of career politicians. A primary can send a message to leadership about the mood of the rank and file voters. The primary is the chance for the voters to decide between multiple candidates from the same party, a chance to decide the Read more

The Key to More and Better Jobs is to Fix What’s Wrong–Guest Post by Glen Urquhart

FIX WHAT'S WRONG: Restore CONFIDENCE Something's wrong.  We all feel the disappointment.  The needed confidence isn't there to spark job-creation by investors and employers.  Since more jobs are created by small business, we must restore small business confidence in particular.  Hopefully both liberals and conservatives would agree. But here's the key:  To restore small business confidence and hiring, you've got to understand what makes small business tick.  You must have lived it: done without to create savings, risked those savings to build a business, and faced the setbacks of confusing and costly new regulations and taxes that jeopardize your plans to grow, or even threaten your very survival.  Most in Washington lack this vital experience. Big business has vast compliance departments and lobbyists to get special benefits.  But our job-creating small businesses can't afford Read more

Adults: Glen Urquhart’s Guest Opinion on the Debt Ceiling

"ADULTS" Face Their SPENDING-ADDICTION, They Don't "COMPROMISE" With It   The President should be the "adult in the room, not just talk about. His government spends too much -- 25% more than Bush. Credit rating threats, and Debt Ceiling limits are the symptoms. The disease is overspending. He must face that hard fact. Politicians overspend to buy votes from those demanding re-distribution of money someone else earned. The demands come from crony-capitalists like GE, as well as the welfare industry. Politicians are addicted to spending. It gets them contributions and keeps them in power. So let's at least discus the real issue. This is not a financial crisis! It's a spending addiction crisis. And "responsible adults" don't supply addicts. Washington is addicted to spending taxpayer's money. The "adult" solution is to cut their addicting money supply. Increasing their supply with new Read more

Why Ban The Faith That Gave Us Freedom

Chairman Urquhart of the Sussex County GOP Committee released a statement today titled, "Why Ban The Faith That Gave Us Freedom?" The "radical transformers" seem bent on stamping out cherished and vital traditions. Having tried to expunge "Easter," they're now attacking prayer before Sussex County Council meetings. All that's left is attempting to force the majority to completely disavow the existence of a supreme Creator. The problem is that the secular humanism, they seem to prefer is a religious belief system. Its faith is that our problems cam be solved by radically transforming and perfecting people and societies. In short, it's a religion. So where's the much heralded separation of the state from their "church" which "worships" human theories, experts and programs? And what happened to tolerance? Why is a small minority intolerantly demanding that it rule over the majority? Read more

Du Pont Endorses Urquhart

Audio at the end For Immediate Release Governor Pete du Pont Endorses Glen Urquhart  for Congress   “Glen is a small business owner who knows what it takes to create good private sector jobs.  As governor, I reduced taxes and government spending to help our economy and attract new businesses here.  Glen Urquhart is committed to promoting those principles in Washington so please join me in voting for Glen Urquhart for Congress”, said former Delaware Governor  Pete du Pont. Governor Pete du Pont is a former Presidential Candidate, [ Chairman of the Board for the National Center for Policy Analysis, and he writes the monthly Outside the Box column for the Wall Street Journal. He is an icon both in Delaware and nationally for his visionary leadership which proved supply side economics worked 4 years before President Reagan implemented it nationally.  He took Delaware from Read more

AP story in today’s State News on the Carney Separation Ad

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) _ A Democratic congressional candidate's ad is reminding voters that Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell isn't the only Delaware Republican who has questioned the idea of separation of church and state.  Republican Glen Urquhart likened the concept to Nazism at a campaign event in April, and his remarks, captured on video, are being used by his opponent John Carney. The men are running for the state's lone House seat.  "The exact phrase 'separation of church and state' came out of Adolf Hitler's mouth," Urquhart told his audience. "That's where it comes from. So next time your liberal friends talk about the separation of church and state, ask them why they're Nazis."  At a Senate debate this week, O'Donnell created a stir by challenging opponent Chris Coons to show where the Constitution requires separation of church state, repeatedly questioning Coons' response Read more

Delaware Liberal Misses the Mark Again.

I almost hate to respond to the latest Delaware Liberal attack line, but the silliness and desparation mirrors that of the Democratic State Committee.  Now they are trying to spin 5 dismissed law suits into a political attack.  As usual Delaware Liberal's MJ is -- TAKING OUT SPECS  WITH LOGS IN HIS OWN EYE. Democrats have a Acorn lobbyist claiming to be a tea party auditor who went bankrupt (no issue except to point out bill paying concerns don't extend to Democrats), a treasurer candidate with multiple charges of abusing women (though he was acquitted in a court of law), and a Congressional candidate who tried to shake the public down for 1.45 million dollars when he lobbied his friends after leaving office. What is it that got the liberal community stirred up? My goodness.  They found him out that Mr. Urquhart is human.  Over the last 24 years he's occasionally been harassed Read more

Where does Natural Law, the 10 Commandments, our Republic, and Glen Urquhart

Where does Natural Law, the 10 Commandments, our Republic, and Glen Urquhart come together? Since man’s beginning we have had to deal with weakness and vulnerability. Moses and the 10 Commandments(1200 BC) helps, Natural Law helps, and Religion plays a key roll. One tends to overlook religion’s sustained importance in making our Republic work. The Founders knew children required a found- action in ethics & morals to rightly support our country throughout life. Our candidate for the U.S. Congress is in step with our Founders: parents lay the foundation for morals & ethics using religion as a key teaching tool. Ask adults where they learned morals and ethics growing up, the answer most often credits parents and religion. The “sub-prime” mortgage meltdown is a current example of man’s weakness and vulnerability where greed took over. We must not abandon the Read more

American Conservative Union PAC endorses Urquhart

Dear Mr. Urquhart: I am pleased to inform you that the American Conservative Union PAC has endorsed your candidacy for congress from Delaware. ACU PAC Chairman David A. Keene made the following statement: “Glen Urquhart is the clear choice to give principled conservative representation for Delaware. As a small business owner, Glen Urquhart understands how damaging the Obama/Pelosi economic policies have been to our country and that it is the private sector, not government, that creates jobs. He has pledged to help roll back Obamacare, help reduce runaway spending and support lower taxes. Glen Urquhart will fight for the rights of the unborn and support efforts to preserve and expand our Second Amendment rights. I urge conservatives to support Glen Urquhhart’s election to Congress from Delaware.” Please use the name ACU PAC when referring to this endorsement. If you have Read more

Urquhart Recognized by NRCC

For Immediate Release: Contact: Press Office October 14, 2010 (202) 479-7070 Glen Urquhart Advances to ‘On the Radar’ Delaware Candidate Takes Important First Step Toward ‘Young Gun’ Status Washington- The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has officially announced Glen Urquhart (DE-AL) as an ‘On the Radar’ candidate, an important first step in its Young Guns program. Founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Young Guns program is a member-driven organization dedicated to electing open-seat and challenger candidates nationwide. Urquhart Read more

Guest Poster finds the Key to Progress

“T-Party”/Mainstream lost confidence in Country’s direction!! One thing for sure the movement has conveyed the message-America is unhappy. As scientists and others have pointed out, finding, or identifying the primary obstacle to progress is the key. America faces a long to do list: jobs, education, defense, healthcare etc., and a host of others. But, what is the main obstacle wehave to overcome, to be really successful? A review of some of today’s symptoms helps identify perhaps the most significant obstacle we face, starting with the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. Here the cause is linked to greed and decline in morals. The latter, moral decline, also plays a roll in: media promotion of violence & sex(sponsored by Hollywood & Corporate advertising); companies knowingly hiring illegal immigrants; unwed mothers; drug trafficking; healthcare fraud & waste; abortion funded by Read more

On the campaign Trail: Debate tonight, Rail Splitters Thursday

Tonight is a nationally televised Congressional Debate between Glen Urquhart and John Carney sponsored by Delaware First Media at Univerisity of  Delaware's Mitchell Hall.  It will be broadcasted on CNN, CSPAN, WMDT, and sometime on WBOC.  The debate runs from 7:30pm to 9:00 pm.  For more informationn or to view on line go to Glen Urquhart and Christine O' Donnell will be speaking at the DE Rail Splitter Society meeting this Thursday, Oct. 7 at Timothy's on the Riverfront in Wilmington, DE. They will be speaking between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. Please arrive between 6:30 and 7 PM. To attend the entire meeting arrive between 5:30 and 6 PM (everyone is welcome). The main topic of the meeting is the Contract From America. The theme of the meeting is Unity and Victory in November. The event is free and you may order food and drink Read more

A Statement on Third Party Participation in Debates

The Glen Urquhart campaign respects everyone who is campaigning for public office, and Mr. Urquhart supports all candidates being invited to debate forums.  We believe private  organizations have the right to invite whomever they wish to a forum whether that is one, two, or all three candidates on the ballot.  We do not have the right to dictate to private organizations and will accept invitations as offered.  That does not mean that we will not ask privately for consideration of all candidates in a debate and have.  The public is well served by a variety of forums and some of them including "long shots" are vital to keeping the system open to new ideas. Mr. Brent Wangen has run a respectable campaign and we acknowlege that he is not just a ballot position.  Neither Mr. Urquhart nor his campaign are engaged in activities designed to bully organizations to exclude him from any forum. Mr. Read more

Washington Examiner’s take on Urquhart v. Carney

A conservative who can win in Delaware? By: David Freddoso Online Opinion Editor 09/30/10 2:30 PM EDT For obvious reasons, most media attention in Delaware has gone to the Senate race, in which Republican Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell faces Newcastle County Executive Chris Coons, D. Much less attention is going to the House race to replace Republican Rep. Mike Castle. In that race, Democrats have been favored all along. Conservative real estate investor Glen Urquhart is taking on Democratic former Lt. Gov. John Carney. Urquhart, who spent over half a million dollars to win his hotly contested primary, has released an internal poll that shows Carney enjoying only the narrowest of leads, 45 to 42 percent. Of course, such campaign polls are usually unreliable, and this one surveyed only 300 likely voters. But that’s not a prohibitively small sample for a House race. Read more

Urquhart praises Pledge to America

For Immediate Release Urquhart Praises GOP Pledge as Returning to Common Sense They finally realized debt destroys jobs, excessive regulation kills jobs, tax hikes in this economy kills jobs, raising energy costs kills jobs, and a tax bill masquerading as health care reform kills jobs. “This is what I have been saying all year”, said Urquhart. The House Republican Leadership issued a pledge which returns the party back to a common sense platform which led to prosperity in the 80’s and 90’s when Republicans cut taxes, balanced the budget, and participated in the creation of tens of millions of new jobs. The plan would restrain discretionary spending (non-entitlement and non defense) by returning to 2008 levels at a 100 billion dollar savings and cap future growth.  The plan would cut taxes, reform regulations, replace government dominated health care with a free market Read more

Governor Mike Huckabee And Huck PAC Endorse Glen Urquhart For Congress In Delaware

For Immediate Release Governor Mike Huckabee proclaimed on his Huck PAC blog his endorsement of former Reagan appointee and businessman Glen Urquhart, the Republican Candidate for Delaware’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. “Huck PAC and I are proud to support Glen Urquhart for Congress from Delaware. Glen shares our traditional conservative values like the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and the right to keep and bear arms. Glen has the right kind of experiences to make a positive difference in Congress. Glen served as Chair the National Capital Planning Commission first appointed by President Ronald Reagan and saw first hand the benefit of sound fiscal policy. Glen understands how to create jobs and spur on economic growth – and we need that kind of leadership now more than ever in Washington. Please join me in supporting Glen Urquhart for Congress from Read more

Look who is Supporting Glen Urquhart

The rumors of the demise of the Republican Party are false.  We are stronger than ever. Can Glen Urquhart unite his party? Endorsements Governor Mike Huckabee— Second in the 2010 Presidential Republican Primaries, former governor of Arkansas, and television and radio host. Congressman Tom Price Chairman of the Republican Study Group RNC Chairman Michael Steele New Castle County Republican Chairman Michael Fleming Kent Region Republican Chairman Hans Reigle Sussex Region Republican Chairman Ronald Sams It is not just the party. Delaware Tea Party Delaware Life PAC  AKA Delaware Right to Life PAC  endorsed before the Primary. WILMINGTON – Delaware State Republican Chairman Tom Ross released the following statement from GOP Headquarters this afternoon: “Tuesday night, Delaware Republicans came out in large numbers to nominate candidates across Read more

We did it! Locally

Glen Urquhart is the Republican nominee for Congress. He stood tall and won against the machine with no high profile endorsements. He is a true principled Conservative who will unite the non-left coalition. Sorry to inform Ms. Rollins that the absentees were counted already and there are only 1300 of them. It has to be a shock, but I am sure she will come around because she is a classy lady. She knows that only the Republican nominee will defend the free enterprise system. Rich Collins called Urquhart's speech the best he ever heard in Delaware. The crowd was engaged. I will post it later, but you can see it here. Now the next phase begins. It is time for us to win in November. Glen Urquhart had it right. It is time for us to unite both conservatives and moderates. Welcome to the people’s Republican Party! Some pundits will claim the party is divided. Nonsense, all are welcomed whether Read more

The Pre-Morning After

Twenty-four hours from now we should all know the winners in these hard-fought races for US Senate & US Congress for the GOP. I have had this thought rattling around in my head for months now, and this has been posed in so many words on already. The GOP leadership has supported the candidates endorsed at the convention, but they went too far by attacking the other candidates in the race. What will happen with the Delaware GOP leadership if the party-endorsed candidates fail to get a victory in the primary election today? What if they find themselves with the candidate they attacked as the GOP-endorsed candidate for the general election?

Delaware GOP Spreads Lies in a last minute waste of money

The candidates in the Congressional race have mixed it up.  That is what they are supposed to do.  It is interesting that the state party is not doing its traditional role of promoting the endorsed candidates.  Instead it is attacking by name calling the day before the election the likely winner according to every public and private poll known by this author.   It tosses out manifestly false accusations that a 61 year old man who spent 12 years in some government service spent "his entire adult life" .  That is just fantasy. At  the same time, the party touts Castle's 44 years of public service.  They try to claim that he got wealthy by his connections.  The fact is that he had already made it before his appointment and they have been unable to point to one incident of him acting for personal gain over the public good.  Three Presidents representing both parties trusted Read more

Glen Urquhart picks up Concerned Women for America PAC and other endorsements

Today seems to have been Christine's day due to Mama's endorsement, but the  Conservative candidate for the lone House seat picked up  this big one plus two important local ones, Delaware Conservative Coalition, and Delaware Right to Life PAC plus he received the favorable score from the Delaware Family Policy Council pro-family score. Concerned Women Political Action Committee Endorses Glen Urquhart for Congress in Delaware-AL Election Glen Urquhart will bring proven leadership to Delaware in Congress.  Washington, D.C. – Concerned Women Political Action Committee (CWPAC) has announced its endorsement of Glen Urquhart for Congress in Delaware. Concerned Women PAC, established in 2002 by Founder and Chairman Beverly LaHaye, is affiliated with Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with more Read more

Another Voice

Endorsement from Thomas A. Glessner, JD President National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) In 2010 America is at a crossroad. This midterm election will influence the direction of the nation for generations to come. There are many issues involved but most important is the issue of life. Glen Urquhart is a former Reagan appointee who has the experience, ability, conviction and courage to make the changes necessary to stop the current socially radical pro-abortion and anti – family agenda that now leads in Congress. During those Reagan years Glen was in a unique position to observe and learn how to return a nation back to financial prosperity and to help advance a culture that values and protects life in the womb. It is for these reasons I enthusiastically Glen Urquhart for Delaware’s only congressional seat in Congress. He will be a strong voice for the Read more

Primary thoughts

We lost 283,000 Jobs in V. P Biden’s Summer of Recovery. We cannot afford an autumn of recovery. What we need is a better approach. According to economists, national debt is not a crucial issue until it exceeds 90% of the value of goods and services produced in year (GDP) in the nation’s economy. We have reached that point. Some people blame President Bush and some blame President Obama. I care less about blame and more about who will fix it. The economic uncertainty is frightening investors. The first problem is that it is easier for banks and investors to buy all of this new government debt than take a risk with a business that is creating jobs. The second problem is that a trillion dollars of investment capital is setting in on the sidelines because of uncertainty about government policies. Neither is being invested to create jobs. The result is a stagnant economy. The official Read more