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New Energy in the Delaware Political System

Widespread Early Jockeying is a new trend in 1st State The political dynamic is going to shift some in Delaware next year. The Governor and Lt. Governor slots will both be open. Matt Denn vacated the Lt. Governor slot to be Attorney General, leaving it open for the next two years. There will be no incumbent in that slot to whom the Governor can transition or who will have the public eye this year. Governor Markell is term limited out of office. Republicans are fresh out off of their momentum gaining 2014 with people already stating their intentions for 2016. Former state trooper Lacey Lafferty is still running for governor, but she is joined by State Senator Colin Bonini. The only Democrat announcing is former Attorney General Beau Biden, but the New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon seems to be making moves and others are preparing the ground for Congressman John Carney just in Read more

A Good day for Michelle Rollins

Not only did she announce, but she picked up a couple of prominent endorsements.  Blogger and former Sussex Regional (County) GOP Chairman Dave Burris endorsed her with high praise.  The big news tomorrow will that her former opponent Fred Cullis endorsed her.  Nice words are good, but actually abandoning ones plans in deference is about as serious as one gets.  Praise from the NRCC is also a good start.  They did not do a release, just commented as they attempt to maneuver through the pre-convention landmines.  Tomorrow will be a big day in the paper and it will be followed up with one her first interviews on the issues.  Stay tuned to DP Friday. The other campaigns did not roll over and play dead.  I was on the phone with two of the other camps today.  Both the Wade and Urquhart people professed a great deal of  respect for Mr. Cullis.  Both want to be supportive of his new Read more


April 7, 2010 – Wilmington, DE: “I congratulate and welcome Michele Rollins into the race as a candidate for Delaware’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her life and business experiences as-well-as her love for Delaware and America will serve Michele well as a candidate and ultimately, as a member of congress. Michele and I are both fiscal conservatives and advocate common sense solutions to the problems facing our nation. While our positions on these important issues are similar, her personal relationships and resources far surpass mine. Since my goal has always been to insure that a common sense business person represents Delaware instead of a lifelong career politician, I am happy to support Michele and encourage those who supported me to enthusiastically support her.” said Cullis. “Therefore, as of April 7, 2010 I am ending my campaign for the Read more

Dissing the field

No wonder Republicans in Delaware have problems. Their own party leadership disrespects its candidates in the leading paper. I am not surprised that the party leadership is still trying to recruit a candidate for the Congressional race. I am not surprised that the party leadership wanted someone with more name recognition in the race. So did I. That is reasonable to say. What is not reasonable is not to tout the strengths of the people who have actually stepped up. They are infusing the party with new blood from the bottom up. That is exactly what the party needs. Our recruitment is lackluster and quite frankly has had little success in the past. If we recruit a candidate by late April, will they have any more of a chance than the 4 people already in the race? The time is quickly passing for that window of opportunity. I believe that it is time to evaluate the strengths of the people in Read more

Candidate’s Night

Founders Values is hosting a Candidate Introduction Night at the Newark Senior Center on Friday February 26, 2010. We will be introducing many of the candidates running for the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that does not specifically endorse any candidate or political party. For that reason, we have extended the invitation to all declared and filed candidates. We have confirmed candidates from the Democrat Party, Republican Party, Constitution Party and Libertarian Party as speakers at the event. The Newark Senior Center is located at 200 White Chapel Drive in Newark, DE (19713). The doors will open at 6:00PM and the event will begin at 6:30PM. At 7:00PM we will begin the candidate introductions and each candidate will be given a few minutes to discuss who they are and how their campaigns will reflect the values Read more

It’s All About TRUST

        Release from The Cullis for Congress Campaign: As the campaign season progresses and more candidates announce, Fred Cullis (R) of Hockessin recently urged all Delawareans to: “Carefully consider the records and campaign rhetoric of each candidate and ask yourself three simple questions:   Does their past record of accomplishments in business, government and other endeavors mesh with their stated goals?   Do their campaign platforms and promises mesh with your ideals? Can you trust them based on past performance and promises made? And, after considering these three simple questions: Can you trust each to keep their word if elected to office?” said Fred Cullis when discussing the 2010 congressional election campaigns taking shape across Delaware. “Delawareans and our country face challenging times. We need real leadership to make Read more