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Christine Gets Her Degree

It is reported today that Christine O'Donnell was awarded her College Degree in English Literature from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Evidently, O'Donnell had not completed her course requirements 17 years ago because her completion of a General Elective Course over the summer gave her the work necessary to complete her requirements.  From the Politico Article reporting this: "Scott Giglio, assistant director of public relations at the Madison, N.J., university, told POLITICO the Tea Party Express-backed Senate hopeful was officially awarded her bachelor of arts degree in English literature on Wednesday. Citing privacy reasons, Giglio could not explain the reasoning behind the timing, but O’Donnell’s campaign manager said Friday the candidate met a final course requirement this summer. “She’s gone through the process to receive her degree, that’s not the story. She Read more

Public Policy has Castle up by 6

I will publish an exclusive interview with the public policy polling team tonight. We go beyond the headlines and look at potential primary pitfalls for Mr. Castle including a third of Republicans who think that he is too liberal and a low 61% approval within his party. and weaknesses and strengths of both candidates. We will also have a preview of tomorrow's poll release on Carper, Markell, and Kaufman. It appears the Biden post Iraq bounce is gone. Speculation that opposition to health care deform contributed to a Castle plunge early in the month is unfounded. More Delawareans oppose it than favor it. Now his advantage is 45-39. Castle is benefiting from a 52-23 advantage with independents as well as the fact that he’s winning 20% of the Democratic vote while holding Biden to just 10% of the Republican vote. Castle is considerably more popular with the state’s voters, as Read more

Governor Markell Holds Roundtable With “Delaware Bloggers” Leaves Out A Few

chimp3 Governor Jack Markell held a “roundtable” in Newark this morning with “Delaware Bloggers.” Strangely missing from the “roundtable” were bloggers from Sussex County, the majority all of Kent County, and any blogger anywhere in Delaware that even slightly smacked of conservatism.

Fear Mongering And Loathing…

Fear Mongering And Loathing In Las Vegas Delaware Once upon a time, I worked for a wise candidate who told me that when budget cuts are on the horizon, an administration will threaten teachers' jobs or pay to scare and anger the masses. That way, when a teacher's 8% pay cut ends up being a 4% pay cut, the masses are relieved, the teachers end up being grateful that it was only a 4% pay cut, and the administration looks like the compassionate hero. Governor Jack Markell's new budget proposal with an 8% across the board cut in state employee's pay and a massive expansion of gambling in the state is a far cry from what we heard during the days of Candidate Jack Markell, a sure sign that at the end of this story, there will be a dearth of heroes... Candidate Markell, had a plan. It was over 70 pages long and he called it his "Blueprint for a Better Delaware" Maybe you heard about it Read more

Brud Lee’s closing argument

Both candidates in this year’s race have been cast as agents of change. Both candidates correctly agree that Delaware is at a crossroads. Both candidates correctly agree that a continuation of the policies of the past will create an inescapable decline for us all. However, each candidate offers a dramatically different course. Jack Markell has visionary goals for the state of Delaware. I took the time to read his book, and while I don’t agree with the implementation of every program stated within, they are laudable goals. They would also be extraordinarily costly projects for the State to incur during boom times – and Delaware is facing an historic decline. Estimates for enacting Markell’s “Blueprint for Delaware” approach a Billion dollars, which would require a thirty percent increase in the state’s budget – a budget that we are projected to fall $300 million short Read more

Markell taking an interesting approach

Jack Markell is behaving like an incumbent poised for reelection. Look at his Monday Schedule. He is going to heart of Lee Country and stumping for local candidates. Whether this is a smart approach or hubris will be determined tomorrow. Election Day is just around the corner. Jack will be downstate tomorrow with local candidates, talking about the challenges we face as a state, and the need to vote for the Democratic ticket on Tuesday. I hope you can get out and meet Jack and your local candidate tomorrow! 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM Delmar: Jack and Barb Hudson at Delmar Pizza, 38650 Sussex Hwy. 12:35 PM to 1:10 PM Seaford: Jack and Doc Semper at Peebles, 624 N. Dual Hwy. 3:00 PM to 5:10 PM Milford: Jack and Rep. Bob Walls at Superfresh, 609 N. DuPont Blvd. If you can't make it to see Jack with your local candidate, you'll have one more chance at the Milton Theatre, where Read more

A Significant Endorsement in a local race

Audio radio ad of Anderson endorsement-by Ray Clatworthy A prominent Republican, who I respect, requested that I post this. This may seem a little self serving, but since I would do it for any other Republican.... David, below is the letter that I sent to both the DSN and to the Dover Post. You are going to win! RC Dear editor: I enthusiastically endorse David Anderson to be the 3rd Levy Court district commissioner. I have known David Anderson for a many years and he has one of the sharpest public policy minds in our state . He has been featured as an analyst on local news. He was one of the advocates who helped keep the wind farm issue alive when it appeared dead in the Senate. He has been a leading voice for common sense values and taxpayer's rights. Just as importantly, David Anderson is a good person. He is a man of deep faith, patriotism, and love for his family. His qualifications Read more

My Case for Change

I believe that local government is a vital but often overlooked factor in our daily lives. It will be even more important in the troubled times we now face. I don’t believe our county government is serving our needs today. It has failed us in managing our money, emergency/disaster management, providing a positive business environment, and even failed in following its own procedures.   Unemployment has soared even faster than the national average, up by a third. We have lost 40% of our manufacturing jobs over the last decade. The banks are suffering, yet we have slashed the economic development outlays from $1.6 million to $73,000 in the last two years since Mr. Angel and company have taken over Levy Court.   I propose an entire agenda laid out on these websites, which include tax credits to new and expanding businesses. I want to use the unique position of the county to allow local businesses Read more

Wait a second Jack

This week the state GOP chairman Tom Ross brought up an old lawsuit by Nextel shareholders in which they successfully sued the company for puffing up the stock price. As an example, the public was told that Nextel was on the verge of obtaining 400,000 digital subscribers and got all of 15,000 that year ( wall-street-journal-nextel-article). Mr. Jack Markell and some insiders sold a lot of stock at its high, just before the real numbers came out and dropped the stock price by more than 70%. Interestingly, in both the News Journal and the State News Mr. Markell claimed the suit was dismissed and this was nothing but GOP dirty politics. Wait a second Jack, it appears only 4 of 201 paragraphs were dismissed and he remained a defendant. The company's insurance carrier ended up paying 27 million dollars. I don't know the entire story, but Jack Markell's over reaction and over reaching denials Read more

Jud Bennett and His Primary

Why GOOD people like Jud Bennett Won't Win Primaries He does not bend his principles.  Jud Bennett is indeed a Republican, despite the derogatory labels, such as RINO, that have been lobbed in his direction.  On a most-local issue, growth management in Sussex County, Jud stands, convicted in his belief, against a progressive growth strategy.  Unfortunately, the Republicans that are supportive of progressive growth strategies used their abilities to accuse Jud of being liberal or socialist.  Interestingly, many residents in Sussex County recognize Jud as a conservative, especially in growth strategies.  This flies in the face of what those supportive of progressive growth claimed about Jud. So, what went wrong?  Those that recognize Jud as a conservative growth strategist, unfortunately, don't vote in Republican Primaries.  For the most part, they aren't registered Republicans.  Read more

Copeland Details Plan to Assist Veterans Who Create Small Businesses

"Encouraging small business creation is the key to getting Delaware's economy back on track", said Copeland   Wilmington, DE – Candidate for lieutenant governor Charlie Copeland today released a plan to assist Veterans who create small businesses in Delaware.   "It is no secret that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and our main job creators. My plan to assist Vetrepreneurs will spark economic and job growth, and assist the many Veterans in Delaware in their business ventures."   Copeland's plan focuses on three key areas:   State grants to assist returning veterans in starting their own small businesses Funded through the state's Strategic Fund DEDO will allocate personnel to assist in challenges faced by veterans in becoming entrepreneurs Begin reporting of veteran-owned entities just as is done for woman-owned and minority-owned businesses Exempt veterans pensions Read more

Prediction Thread: Most Mud-Slinging of ’08

I was wondering this morning about which Delaware campaign will dig the deepest and sling the most mud.  Statewide or local, there will be at least one that will resort to bitter nastiness, there always is. For fun, I am curious about everyone elses’ take on this.  Which election do you think will take that turn downward and leave bruises upon each of the candidates’ faces? I will start the thread with comment #1.

It’s been a week.

How does the political landscape look a week after the primaries? On the Republican side, it is pretty straight forward. Republicans feel under siege and are anxious to break out. The primary showed it. The primaries brought to the fore people the party most trusted to move its standard forward. In Sussex, it was bold colors not pale pastels. In the 4th Senate in New Castle County, the party turned to a person most associated with reforming the image of the party. Statewide, it backed the convention and went with a trusted, proven vote getter. Rank and file Republicans are determined to put their best foot forward. They believe the state has been grossly mismanaged and want to be the ones to get it right. The Democrats are more complicated in some ways, yet one simple theme was clear. Democrats want to break from an establishment which failed them. Gordon represented the old ways Read more

Here is the official Protack statement. It’s a two man race.

... but today is also 9/11 and as a New York based airline Captain who flies over Ground Zero 20 times a month I will never forget 9/11. It is a day of reflection and remembrance. I have been doing a fair amount of reflection about this race. I have a deep respect for the political process and a love for this state and I do not think it would be appropriate for me to continue the race for Governor as a third party candidate. The Independent Party is indeed a party of great ideas and good people but at this point it is not the right vehicle to achieve victory this fall. I want to give Delawareans an opportunity to make a clear and well advised choice on the issues I have discussed. This is not a time to be selfish. For the complete statement continue on. Good evening and Thank you for attending this forum tonight. This event marks the start of the fall campaign to help decide the future Read more

He (Possibly) Blames IPoD

It's official.  It appears that no one will win Dave's contest of what or who will Protack blame for his loss on Tuesday. Even my guess of "The voting booths committed perjury" fails to capture a prize. Why? Because nobody picked IPoD as his excuse (thanks to Dana G for posting this and making it easy to find the reference in the WNJ): Protack said his nomination by the Independent Party probably hurt him in the GOP primary. He thought it would be a good thing, he said, but now believes voters saw him as trying to play both sides. Well, there you go.  IPoD probably hurt him.  Looks to me his ultimate payback is remaining on the ballot as their committee-head, non-member endorsed candidate for Governor. Waiting for Pol Pot Pilot to provide commentary... Read more

I hate to spoil the party

Delaware Liberal is a Democratic Fantasy world.  I don't pay too much attention to their ravings and left wing dogma.  Yet, I try to read a wide variety of sources, but sometimes they go off the deep end in their predictions.  They have a poll on their site which says the only elections which will matter in Delaware are Democratic Primaries.  Then the four responses reflected our supposed reaction to this proposition. The choices were work to help elect more and better Democrats; be an irrelevant Republican who whines about not being relevant; change to be a Democrat from being a Republican; or be a Democratic hack and vote for Democrats.   I guess ensuring this remains a vibrant two party state by or even become a three party state are not options.   Instead of complaining, I decided to play along for once just to show them how much they don't want all us to join the Democrats.  Read more

What Do Hooters, Wawa, and the NorthStar Grill Have In Common?

Who’s buying?  Bill Bell’s 8-Day Primary Report might be.  Look at the expenses page.  I can possibly understand some of the moderately-high dollar amounts might be a campaign function (MAYBE), but the smaller dollar amounts? Note: I have not contacted Mr. Bell. Like most people who will look at these reports, I simply view them and drop my jaw over some of them. This one was no exception.

4th Senate Race getting very interesting

Campaign finance reports showed a very close money race in the 4th district.  The 3 Republicans all had good cash on hand.  Mr. Abbott raised over 44K which is an impressive hall in a local primary and kept almost 30k.  Mr. Clatworthy raised over 88K and still had more than half.  Mr. Flemming raised 89K. What was interesting is that one of the Democrats came to play.  Mr. Katz only raised 15K but loaned himself  72K.  One candidate is also using the issues to raise his profile. Here is John Clatworthy's latest salvo in the 4th district Senate race.  I wonder what will be the response of his opponents.  John Clatworthy, Republican candidate for State Senate, introduced "The Delaware Taxpayer Bill of Rights", a bold set of commitments intended to bring an end to out-of-control state spending and focus the state's efforts on positive advancements in fiscal discipline, education, Read more

Generic Congressional Ballot in Single Digits

A once 19 point lead is down to 8, which means that GOP members wouldn't lose many (if any) House seats in November.  The most of the Republican incumbents are pulling out to comfortable leads and the open seat in Colorado is even. The big issue is energy.  What does an August poll prove since the numbers can change several times by November?  The great news for the GOP is that this is a consistent trend and the Republicans are trending up at the right time.  More importantly, it shows that the doom and gloom Republicans have been fed is junk.  The other side has been trying (somewhat successfully) to demoralize Republicans.  It is going to be a blow out, we here.  The Democrats are certain to widely increase their majority.  They are more motivated.  It is a Democratic year.  That is only true if you believe it.  Just like the French were suppose to smash the U. S. team Read more

IPoD Circus Coming To Town – Just Try to Find It First

The News Journal just posted to perhaps one of the most damning chapters in the latest of IPoD's saga of 2008.  Please, read the story, but quick highlights:  Convention is "CLOSED" (to the press) Published address of convention can't be found on maps The convention is scheduled for Wednesday, 6 to 9 p.m., at 32248 Bayshore Blvd. in Long Neck in Sussex County, party officials said. But no Bayshore Boulevard could be found on several Sussex County maps checked by The News Journal. (from above-linked delawareonline article) Protack wouldn't do it that way (see below)... but offers ZERO OBJECTION to the secrecy of the procedings (you are their top candidate, Mikey ARE their public face right now...heeelllooooo???).  He gives one of the most oh well-"What - me worry" responses since Alfred E Neuman. Protack said he wouldn’t choose to close such a meeting, but Read more

Bill Lee Blasts the Appearance of Minner-Carney Cronyism

 Candidate for Governor Bill Lee's statement on allegations of Minner/Carney Administration cronyism from today's News Journal: "Today's allegations of merit gifting in the News Journal raise many questions about not only the process of issuing a merit job to a political appointee during a hiring freeze, but also about the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control's priorities. Questions about issuing merit jobs have led to disciplinary action in other states, and even to the indictment of former Governor Fletcher in Kentucky. Four things must be considered when determining the correctness of this action:      1.     Was this position created through the normal state budgetary and personnel approval channels?      2.     Why was an exception made to the current hiring freeze -- who granted this exception?      3.     Was the position properly advertised?      Read more

The Copeland Announcement–Delaware’s restoring fiscal sanity tour

On Wednesday, August 13th, the Copeland for Lt. Governor campaign will undertake a statewide kickoff tour at four stops across our great state!  I hope that you, your family and your friends will be able to attend and become part of the growing excitement our campaign is seeing from North to South and East to West.  I look forward to seeing you as we start to put Delaware back on the right track! DATE: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Sussex County TIME: 9:00 a.m. WHERE: Seashore State Park, Bethany Beach (South Side of the Indian River Inlet) Kent County TIME: 12:00 p.m. WHERE: Eastern Steps of Legislative Hall, Dover New Castle County TIME: 1:45 p.m. WHERE: Hearth Restaurant, Odessa (Just south of Odessa, De. South Bound Side on Rt. 13) Wilmington TIME: 4:00 p.m. WHERE: Outside of the Challenge Program Headquarters, 1124 E 7th Street, Wilmington For more information please visit Read more

Carney v. Markell

5 weeks to go and the race is officially too close to call.  Any primary within 8 to 10 points depends upon turnout.  Every poll I hear about has the race that close.  The turnout model determines the victor.  Democrats will determine if they will turn the page on the Minner Administration or not September 9.  Are they happy with a government specializing in losing lawsuits, snatching property, and poor financial management?  Time will tell.  Markell got a break when not only did the Kent and Sussex Democrats remain neutral, but the most powerful statewide union, the DSEA also remained neutral.  Lt. Governor Carney has the turnout machine advantage, but the Markell voter tends be self turnout voters and will only need a reminder.  If Markell doesn't waste all of his money on Baltimore and Philadelphia voters, he can dominate the mail and local media.  I am beginning to think this Read more

I did it.

I officially filed for the 3rd district Levy Court seat in Kent County. I have a lot on my plate, but I am concerned enough about Kent county to invest my energies to making it better. We have some challenges ahead. Unemployment is up 25% (ours is the largest jump in the state) over last year, but just as important so is underemployment. I have been talking with people working 3 jobs and still not able to make ends meet because the 3 jobs don't pay as much as the one they lost. Others are paying 20 to 50 dollars a day to get to work. It is clear that we need a better business base here. We need to treat the businesses we have better and attract new ones. The lack of emergency preparedness concerns me. The Rico Chemical incident was a wake up call and our county leadership seems to have hit the snooze alarm. I testified before the state and city governments about our concerns, but I don't Read more