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Open Thread for Nelson Mandela, Half-Staff Flags in America or Not?

Half-staff flags were ordered for the passing of Nelson Mandela by the Obama Administration. Personally, I believe that the Nelson was and is a great man and will be written about in history books for centuries for his stand for South Africa and his people and for becoming the motivating factor that ended Apartheid in South Africa. President Mandela sought change in South Africa with non-violence and when he realized it was impossible, at times he chose the path of violence, but if given a choice, he would always negotiate. He was imprisoned for 27 years for the cause of a free democratic South Africa and never lost sight of his goal. I remember the world jubilation when he was released from prison. This man is one of the great men of the world that stood by his principles and prevailed. So, should America fly their flags at half-staff for this man's sacrifice and his gift of freedom Read more

Major Cracks In Obamacare and Harsh Critiques By Dems Running Rampant

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. announced Tuesday she will cosponsor a bill by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., that would force insurance companies to reinstate the canceled policies that Obama continually promised that people could keep. Feistein's revelation came after what can only be described as a tongue-lashing by former President Clinton of Obama's handling of the ACA's website debacle. The Clinton's have a horse in the race with Hilary Clinton's sights set on the 2014 presidential race, and she sent Bill to distance her from the Obamacare debacle, while hoping to become a more centrist candidate for America's top elected office. Bill Clinton stated that Obama should live up to his promise to Americans that if they like their health plans, they can keep them. "So I personally believe, even if it takes a change to the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government Read more

Tea-Party Candidate Ken Cuccinelli Deserted By National GOP

Democrat Terry McAuliffe squeaked by Tea-party Republican Candidate in Tuesday's Virginia gubernatorial race to become Virginia's next governor. Three weeks before the election, had McAuliffe seemingly winning by a landslide. What happened in those three weeks that made this race a dead-heat? Even though Cuccinelli was heavily outgunned financially, could it have been McAuliffe's heavy staunch support for Obamacare (ACA). Since the launch failure of Obamacare, McAuliffe's campaign had been steadily losing ground. If Cuccinelli had another week, another million dollars and solid support of the National GOP, he would have probably won the Virginia Governor's seat. Exit polls showed intense opposition to Obamacare, that had helped Cuccinelli, who had been written off by the National GOP as a Tea-Party Candidate. The National GOP probably wrote him off because of the scandal-plgued Read more

Just How Effective Are Political Blogs

I had never visited a blog before commenting on some years ago. I found that I enjoyed the free-style form of writing, instead of the strict newswriting style of hard news or feature writing. Along with the good side of blogging, I've also discovered the evil dark side of America's favorite side show of anonymous verbal banter. Anonymity gives rise to the dark side of many personalities, while others that avail themselves of anonymity seem to be able to discuss issues without getting personal. Most people don't deal with personal attacks well, but a certain few seem not to be bothered by it in the heat of a lively debate. I will be one to admit, it is sometimes difficult to restrain from becoming personal with someone you consider adversarial but the more mature and better person will take the "high road" and move on. It is crucial to enforce the "no personal Read more

The Declaration of Independence Is Not a Declaration of Socialism or Power|%20The%20Declaration%20of%20Independence%3A%20A%20Transcription Because of the intense discussion on the meaning and importance of The American Declaration of Independence, I've dedicated a post directly to its discussion. I have given a link for the Declaration of Independence in its entirety because it is too long to print here but have included the part that has generated the most discussion. IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle Read more

Mitch McConnell’s Thirty Pieces Of Silver

"Mitch Delivers the Goods," the headline reads. But at what cost to the American People? At a last minute deal in the U.S. Senate, Mitch put together a deal with Senate Democrats that would make Obama proud. Included in the deal is a $3 billion "Pork Barrel" dam project grant for McConnell's home state of Kentucky. Just how long did it take for Judas Iscariot McConnell to figure out how he could sell out the American People to the new Socialist Movement in America. I believe he had the idea in his back pocket during the whole negotiation. "This has been a long, challenging few weeks for Congress and the country," McConnell said after he closed the deal with Reid, under the guise of not defaulting on America's debt, which has been highly exaggerated. McConnell hashed out a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and by the way he is being hailed as a hero in Washington Read more

The Fallacy of Appointed Judges and Delaware’s Supreme Court Decision

The decision rendered October 7th by Delaware's Supreme Court in the case of Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher was a predetermined ruling which required twenty-six pages of irrelevant data to prove their case which affirmed the Superior Court Decision of T. Henley Graves, who ruled against the Sussex County Sheriff. I remember my days as an English Major at the University of Delaware, when required to write a "critical paper." It required me to make a thesis statement in the first paragraph, then write 1500 words or so, proving my statement. It didn't matter if the thesis statement was right or wrong, if the professor felt I was able to prove my point, no matter what references I used, then I usually received a good grade. The point I'm making in the above paragraph is, in my opinion, a predetermined decision was made that their decision would follow Superior Court Judge T. Read more

Obamacare’s Legality, SCOTUS, the Constitution and Congress

Cross-posted on The first paragraph of Article I Section 7 of the US Constitution explicitly states: All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. When the legality of Obamacare (ACA) was challenged by those who considered the bill unconstitutional, SCOTUS declared that Obamacare was a tax and indeed was constitutional. However, I never heard Article 7, Section 1 of the US Constitution mentioned, by any Democrats and Obamacare enthusiasts. The reason could be that the Affordable Care Act originated in the Senate instead of the House of Representatives, making it illegal. As soon as SCOTUS declared it a tax, it would have been necessary for the House Read more

Twenty-five Republican Turncoats In The Senate

After Ted Cruz' patriotic unofficial filibuster in the US Senate in support of a House Bill to defund Obamacare, these 25 Republican US Senators voted along with the Democrats to fund the atrocity of Obamacare (itself, having previously subverted the US Constitution) and dump the American Citizens they swore to represent: Alexander (R-TN) Ayotte (R-NH) Barrasso (R-WY) Blunt (R-MO) Boozman (R-AR Burr (R-NC) Chambliss (R-GA) Chiesa (R-NJ) Coats (R-IN) Coburn (R-OK) Cochran (R-MS) Collins (R-ME) Corker (R-TN) Cornyn (R-TX) Graham (R-SC) Hoeven (R-ND) Isakson (R-GA) Johanns (R-NE) Johnson (R-WI) Kirk (R-IL) McCain (R-AZ) McConnell (R-KY) Murkowski (R-AK) Thune (R-SD) Wicker (R-MS) They would defend themselves by protesting that the bill would pass the House anyway, but there is much to be said about holding the line on principle. They voted Read more

Will Democrats Cause A Government Shutdown, Then Blame Republicans

House Republicans passed a bill that would defund Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) but would allocate funds to keep government running. How then, if Senate Democrats defeat this bill could the House Republicans be blamed for the democratic negative vote that would cause a government shutdown. This is typical logic for the Obama Administration. He wants his cake and eat it too. What is so affordable about the Affordable Care act. Unions, Businesses, citizens, doctors and yes, even democrats are joining the fray against Obamacare. What does the Obama Administration not understand about an overwhelming vote in the House to defund Obamacare. When all is said and done, the question is: Will the House Republicans hold the line and force the Democrats to accept their mistake, or will they break ranks and fold like an old beach chair on a sandy beach? I applaud Sen. Cruz' unofficial Read more

Obama Takes Global Credibility Hit or Did He Do The Right Thing?

The American furor of a possible US military strike on Syria, for the slaughter of over 1,400 women, children and non-combatant men, using chemical weapons, by the Assad Regime, appears to have subsided. Tuesday's speech by President Barrack Obama, conceded, by an overwhelming majority, the American People rejected the idea of becoming militarily involved in Syria's civil war. Obama decided to accept the offer of Russia's President Vladimir Putin, to negotiate with Syria, an arrangement where Syria would relinquish its chemical weapons. It is considered a major coup by Putin, and a defeat for President Obama. As you listen to the speech contained in the link, I have provided, you will make your own decisions based on what you hear. Please express you opinions. Read more

Russia Seen Moving Warships From Black Sea To Mediterranean ‘To Evacuate Russians’

The Kremlin's chief of staff says Russia has been sending warships from its Black Sea Fleet, to the Mediterranean Sea for possible evacuation of Russian citizens from Syria, according to Associated Press reports. A larger Russian military presence in the Western Mediterranean stokes fears of an increasing chance of hostilities between the two superpowers. The US assets in the area already include an aircraft carrier task force and four other warships. Despite US Secretary of State John Kerry's insistence that American authorities know that Assad's regime in responsible for the release of chemical agents that killed over 1 ,400 Syrian men, women and children, Russian President Vladimir Putin disputed that fact. Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesman, told reporters at the G-20 summit that the US should wait for the report of U.N. inspectors who investigated the incident. Putin has Read more

What Became of ‘America the Beautiful’

The America I grew up in had value. It had emerged as a nation 150 years before, from the feudal oppression of England and Europe. People had fled , seeking freedom from religious, economic and physical slavery. They had come to the new America with vision to build communities where families were strong and values meant something. They came from every walk of life but each had the opportunity to succeed according to the vision they held within themselves. Although I was born in 1946, I grew up in the 1950's and 60's, in a nation that was strong, proud and united.. I grew up in an America that was known for the quality of its manufacturing. Blue collar workers looked forward into a future of a prospering nation where their children could have any future they envisioned. The America I grew up in, we camped out in state parks, having fun sitting around campfires trading humor and Read more

Charlie is the man

If I were former Senate Minority Leader Charlie Copeland’s political advisor, I would say run away from the Republican State Committee nomination. If I were around as a party delegate, I would fall all over myself to support his nomination. I have known Senator Copeland for years and I know that he is the best person in the state to guide the Delaware Republican party from the basement to leadership. I believe Mr. Copeland will be wise enough to utilize the very talented committee around him and respected enough to attract new talent. He understands that we must strengthen our connection with our base and make alliances and coalitions. It is not an either /or proposition. Charlie Copeland is my kind of conservative. He is strongly attuned to the need to have a fiscally strong state. He understands the government belongs to all of the people regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, Read more

The Preferred Privilege Of Corruption

What reason could a person have to become a career politician. That's a question that I've often asked myself, while observing the utter nastiness of political elections and serving in elected office where the half of the population that didn't vote for you, certainly doesn't like you. I was recently told by a close friend in politics, "most politicians won't consider running for office unless, when they are elected they can recoup the money at least one-thousand percent. If the pay they receive in office is not equal to that figure,(and its not) that only leaves one way of getting it and none of those is good for the citizens that voted for them. So, if a person theoretically spends a $100 million to become president, what would he or she have to recoup to believe they are even. Would a $1 billion do it. Well, it might if greed were not involved, $1 billion might be enough for anyone, Read more

State Of The Union Editorial

Although the president made broad promises in his State of the Union address, there was little substance to back up his claims. The speech had all the trappings of a motivational speech to the unknowledgeable masses, that might grab any morsel of hope that their situations would improve. His speech had all the effects of offering a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, without revealing where the gold might come from. Obama effectively used the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School to harp on gun control, while spouting rhetoric about the shooting of Gabby Giffords in Tucson. "Gabby Giffords deserves a vote. The families of Newtown deserve a vote. The families of Auroa deserve a vote, Obama said, leaning heavily on the rhetoric. The president heavily lobbied the Congress to bring gun-control legislation to a vote. While Obama challenged republicans to become part of the Read more