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All Apologies…(Updated 02/17 9:55PM)

From the "When it rains..." file.  Today, just a smidgen under six-months-to-the-day of receiving settlement, we received a subrogation request from my wife's old health insurance to recover over $1200 worth of claims from the accident they paid for the first handful of hours...due to the settlement we know, the one that didn't cover total costs, after the fees, etc were worked in.  Oh yeah, this is good times here. ------(original post starts here - posted on 02/16/09 1:00AM)------ Most of you who know me are quite aware of circumstances my family has dealt with over the last three years. While nothing is concrete, the path seems quite certain. Let me add to that, given what I do, I have a deep, terrified concern over what this could lead to. While my latter concern is over something that legally can not happen, nothing is guaranteed. Of course, this is self-induced Read more

Levin Comeback

Alan Levin is a great business mind who will serve the state well as Economic Development Director. It looks as Levin's political instincts have paid off after all. It would have been a bad year to run and by not running he ends up serving the state. Mr. Levin brings a significant change in focus to the office. We will now pay as much attention to growing local businesses as trying to attract businesses here. That makes sense. All of Governor Minner's foreign trips gave us nothing but bills. Mr. Levin will bring a sharp, focused approach to moving us ahead. Congratulations are in order to Governor Markell. The man obviously cares more about getting the job done than the political registration of a qualified person. Previous Democrat administrations would rather get an out of stater with a D behind their name than chose a qualified republican. The Governor elect is beyond that and Read more

The Next Economic Crisis?

It is widely assumed that the consumer credit card industry will be the next economic shoe to fall.  In an attempt to avert another bailout, I was wondering what could be done by the affected companies, consumers, or both, to avoid, or at least significantly soften, this oncoming blow.  This is what I think could temporarily help the consumer and the industry enough in the short term until a more viable environement evolves. Allow consumers to enter into a short period of interest-only payments, with conditions, as follows: Consumer can agree to three-, six-, 12-month programs Terms of account are frozen in place for this period (company can not change rates, except in cases of normal terms of spread + prime (or LIBOR). Credit line remains in place (but suspended for use) for this period Is NOT reportable as negative to credit bureaus Failure to pay on time by consumer unfreezes Read more

Listen to the Magic Man–President Obama

Business man and Obama supporter Irving Magic  Johnson is a winner.  He knows what it takes to succeed in business.  He is advising the incoming administration not to raise taxes in this economy. Some of the nuggets in the video: “Get the economy going then I don’t mind if you raise taxes”. On the bailouts, “get a plan first don’t throw money at it (GM)”. “The 700 billion dollar bailout bothers me because it is business as usual”. “Healthcare and the other initiatives should come after putting people to work”. How about the Magic man for Treasury Secretary; I hear there is an opening.

Reality Check – We (GOP) Were For It, Before We Were…

...bought out by either eight nine moronic boobs or eight nine world-through-dollar-sign-glasses Senators. So...the GOP-then-controlled Senate actually wanted to regulate Fredde Mac until (excerpted from well within the linked article)... Eight of the targeted senators did sign it: Sens. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Mike Crapo of Idaho, Jim Bunning of Kentucky, Larry Craig of Idaho, John Ensign of Nevada, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, George Voinovich of Ohio and David Vitter of Louisiana. Santorum, Crapo and Bunning were on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee and had voted in favor of sending the bill to the full Senate. Nine of the 17 targeted Republican senators did not sign Hagel's letter: Sens. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Christopher "Kit" Bond and Jim Talent of Missouri, Conrad Burns of Montana, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Olympia Read more

Holy Crap! Ba-LING BLING (redux)!

UPDATE on Friday, Sept 19th... These are numbers I pulled around 2:45PM...looks like the rebound is on, but I'm concerned it's built upon a foundation of straw. US Treasury Bonds Rates Maturity Yield Yesterday Last Week Last Month 3 Month  0.82    0.05      1.39      1.63 6 Month  1.37    0.61      1.74      1.84 2 Year   2.09    1.64      2.20      2.24 3 Year   1.99    1.55      2.06      2.10 UPDATE on Thursday, Sept 18th... These are numbers I pulled around 1:30PM....  US Treasury Bonds Rates Maturity Yield Yesterday Last Week Last Month 3 Month  0.01    0.01      1.55      1.72 6 Month  0.52    0.69      1.80      1.90 2 Year   1.33    1.56      2.21      2.29 3 Year   1.23    1.41      2.07      2.15 Look at those rates in the change periods from last week to yesterday Read more