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Harry Reid’s Pet and Tom Too

Delaware's Two Senators helped block an Earmark ban yesterday.  Harry Reid pet Chris Coons spouted the party line, but Senator Tom Carper surprised observers because he had voiced support for the ban. Maybe the Language needed to be worked out.  Here is the Coburn amendment, you decide. SA 4697. Mr. COBURN (for himself, Mrs. McCaskill, and Mr. Udall of Colorado) submitted an amendment intended to be proposed by him to the bill S. 510, to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to the safety of the food supply; which was ordered to lie on the table; as follows: At the appropriate place, insert the following: SEC. __X. FISCAL YEARS 2011 THROUGH 2013 EARMARK MORATORIUM. (a) Bills and Joint Resolutions.-- (1) POINT OF ORDER.--It shall not be in order to-- (A) consider a bill or joint resolution reported by any committee or a bill or joint resolution Read more

Congress Out Of Control

...Congress warned AIG execs to return their millions in bonuses - or face a possible new law taxing those payouts at up to 100%. "They should voluntarily return them. If they don't, we plan to tax virtually all of it," New York Sen. Chuck Schumer declared on the Senate floor. The idea that our government may be passing "new laws" in a fit of rage that can wipe out "virtually all" of someone's paycheck scares me. We all need to hope that the Great Eye of Schumer doesn't turn on our source of income someday. Read more

VP Vetting–Oh Biden Doesn’t Count –It’s a Man’s World

If we want to talk about earmarks according to the Washington Post Hunter Biden' firm received 3.4 million in earmarks from Senator Obama.  Senators Obama and Biden have the earmark thing down.  It is even a family affair. There is nothing illegal or immoral about this.  It just stands in contrast to McCain who did no earmarks and fights for a better way. I also think it makes a joke out of stories critical of Palin for doing her job as mayor and getting aid for her town to build legitimate projects ($500,000 for a youth shelter, $1.9 million for a transportation hub, $900,000 for sewer repairs, and $15 million for a rail project).  How about the lawsuit on Hunter? This is likely sour grapes, but it does go to the campaign because the allegation is that the position was created for one reason, his father was running for President. "Hunter Biden was made president with an annual salary Read more

The Colburn 35

Senator Colburn is looking out for the interests of the taxpayers. Here is an interview of regarding the Colburn 35. Senator Colburn R-OK has placed 35 different holds on wasteful spending that Senator Reid has been trying to push through without a roll call vote. The 35 items have now added up to 11.3 billion dollars. Senator Reid D-NV in frustration has finally decided to bring them to a regular vote in a unique way. Instead of each of the 35 standing on its merit, he bundled them into one bill that he calls the Colburn Omnibus. Senator Colburn calls it the Reid’s “Grow the Government and Spend More of Your Kids’ Money” bill. Who says politics isn't intriguing? The show down is coming and the stakes are 11.3 billion of your money and 36 new federal special interest programs.  At least there is someone looking out for us. Read more