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UPDATE: Per Dave "Radio Mouth" Burris' decree that the open-threads are now on the DTR site (as they should be), please go there now to provide your feedback to your favorite talking heads. As a result of the DTR open threads, I will be closing down this comment-thread. The point is to centralize the feedback location. Multiple threads could cause a comment to be "lost" in the mix. BTW, my royalty check for the idea is on the way!!! I heard it's coming with my performance contract! WOOO!!! Thank goodness, too, because I've been waiting on that contract for several weeks now. ------------------------------------------------------- I went ahead and stepped all over their toes at the DTR station (and I love doing that - STOMP!).  I saw a need for live-feedback and it needs a dedicated place.  Go to the DTR-FEEDBACK tab and provide feedback to the staff.  I (we???) only hope they accept Read more