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As we have crossed the 5000 post mark, I wish to thank all of the contributors past and present, readers, commenters, Mr. Don Ayotte for keeping it going in my absence, moderator, Mr. Dave Burris who founded it, and everyone who made possible the success at Delaware Our posts have been read by more people than populate Delaware. Our loyalty rates are high. The percentage of people who spend more than 20 minutes at a time on the blog is 25 to 35% and 45% to 60% of the people who visit will return. Our reach is international. We have been featured on BBC World, WHYY, the News Journal, WGND, WDEL, WILM, and WDOV among others. Our Twitter followers have included celebrities and members of Par aliments. State laws and local elections have been impacted. It is only possible because you as informed citizens care enough to read and act. It is only possible because our writers Read more

Post 5000- A Vision for the Future

In our 5000th post, I wanted to look ahead and offer positive solutions for the problems facing Dover and the State of Delaware. In the City of Dover, we have made much progress that could be viewed as a model in the State of Delaware. We reduced the size of government and dealt with our structural deficit. We actually held spending to less than inflation. Without layoffs, we reorganized the government and cut the workforce by more than 10% including several expensive management positions. We went from 35 departments to 14. We have dealt with pension funding issues. We have a defined contribution plan instead of a defined benefit plan for future employees and the majority of city employees who choose to participate. We have added money to pay most of the unfunded liability for future benefits of those who did not and we are starting to fund the benefits starting with the electric Read more


UPDATE: Per Dave "Radio Mouth" Burris' decree that the open-threads are now on the DTR site (as they should be), please go there now to provide your feedback to your favorite talking heads. As a result of the DTR open threads, I will be closing down this comment-thread. The point is to centralize the feedback location. Multiple threads could cause a comment to be "lost" in the mix. BTW, my royalty check for the idea is on the way!!! I heard it's coming with my performance contract! WOOO!!! Thank goodness, too, because I've been waiting on that contract for several weeks now. ------------------------------------------------------- I went ahead and stepped all over their toes at the DTR station (and I love doing that - STOMP!).  I saw a need for live-feedback and it needs a dedicated place.  Go to the DTR-FEEDBACK tab and provide feedback to the staff.  I (we???) only hope they accept Read more

Garrett Reinstated

It is true that Dana Garrett was banned from commenting here since late winter.  We can banter back and forth about he-said, she-said...make that he-said, he-said all we want.  It won't matter, because it won't resolve, that much is guaranteed. While I find myself in rare agreement once every harvest moon or so with Dana, his comments certainly added some...uh...interesting twists and ensuing conversation. There is no mea culpa, nor do I think he'd expect one. One caveat before this is official, the ad hominem attacks that induced the ban in late winter will only bring it back.  They aren't welcomed here, his site, or many others we are familiar with.  Some chose to keep them posted with similar, ad hominem responses.  Some delete the comments.  Some delete with a terse warning response.  Some plug their ears and recite, "Nah nah nah nah naaaaah, I can't hear yooouuu."  Others, Read more