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Lifeguard Times to be Reduced at Delaware State Park Beaches

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Seasonal cutbacks of weekday lifeguard hours will be in effect at two Delaware State Park beaches starting Monday, August 24.

The Tower Road area at Delaware Seashore State Park and the Fenwick Lot area at Fenwick Island State Park will be guarded only on weekends and unguarded on weekdays from Monday, Aug. 24 through Friday, Aug. 28, and Monday Aug. 31 through Friday, Sept. 4 according to the DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation.

The Cape Main and South Side Inlet state beaches will remain guarded from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day through Labor Day (Monday, September 7) with reduced swimming areas and fewer lifeguards on-duty.

For more information, call the Division of Parks and Recreation’s Operations Section at 302-739-9200.

Boaters Await Repairs to Rosedale Pier

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer DNREC Notice [photo: Wolf von Baumgart] According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Division of Fish and Wildlife, repairs to the floating dock at Rosedale Pier, near Millsboro and Long Neck are scheduled for June 15. The facility is a convenient boating access point to the Indian River Bay and upper tributaries. Addiional information is available at: WWW.FB.DELAWARE.GOV and WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DELAWAREFISHWILDLIFE DP will update mariners accordingly. Rosedale Pier F&W Access Area [photo: Wolf von Baumgart] Read more

Sea Rise Awareness Week

This annual event should be the last week of October because it is when they try to scare us for no good reason. At least this week, the theme is actually positive. They want to adapt to sea rise with green solutions. Reestablishing a natural and living shoreline to form barriers against ocean intrusion is something that we can all get behind. In the long run, the only way the successfully fight nature is with nature. The best way to beat it is to join it. Combining technology with natural science gives us the best chance to get flood protection whether or not there is sustained ocean rising. Over the last hundred years, we have tried to fight the oceans, but the oceans will always win. It is better to guide the oceans then at least we will win, at least longer than it matters to us or our grandchildren's children. If the Department of Natural Resources would abandon its scaremongering Read more

DENREC Release: Delmar’s new state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility unveiled

It is interesting to note that the MD side had grants to help the town build critical infrastructure. Delaware just had the federally funded revolving loan fund. Of course MD localites have other expenses that Delaware picks up which are more properly state functions. Still when some advocates claim that the state needs to push more mandates and spending to the localities, we are already unsupported in our expensive infrastructure. Release Plant provides significant clean water benefits, protecting public health and the Chesapeake Bay DELMAR, Del./Md. (Dec. 20, 2011) – Delmar’s new state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility was unveiled today at a ribbon-cutting ceremony that included dignitaries from Delaware, Maryland, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They were joined by representatives from local construction and engineering companies who worked for more Read more

Stimulus money flies out the Unweatherized Window. Obama's stimulus money has created a corrupt, incompetent, wasteful program that is supposed to help the poor weatherize their home.  Instead clients have had expensive hardware installed with taxpayers money, leaving basic repairs undone.  The prior Program Manager Ken Davis (Now retired from his $62,000 per year job)  also managed to find a contractor that employed his son for many of the jobs.  From the News Journal: "The cash grab that went on was just amazing," said Allen Luzak, a weatherization expert with the Delaware Energy Office. Auditors -- trained under Delaware's revamped Weatherization Assistance Program -- have begun revisiting more than 1,000 of those homes to check the quality of work, look for billing issues and decide what remediation needs to Read more

Beaches Red Flagged At Tower Road As “Hazardous Materials” Wash Ashore

These pictures were sent to me by a local surfer who was in the water at Tower Road today, the beach just south of Dewey, when medical waste washed up on shore. According to the surfer, the lifeguard who called him out of the water said that "hazardous material washed up on the beach." The surfer also said that DNREC officials on the scene said they were there "looking into it." Other surfers said they found syringes and jars in the line of debris that went up and down the beach. Read more

I’m Just Gonna Go Lay In A Pile Of Mercury And Get It Over With

Pennsylvania is going to start dredging the Delaware River in September: After assessing reams of environmental studies, the Philadelphia district of the Army Corps said Monday it is ready to begin scooping out muck at the bottom of the channel to increase the depth from 40 to 45 feet. Now, this is something I consider a HUGE environmental issue for Delaware, not only because of what may be contained in the muck, but where the Army Corps has previously suggested dumping the muck IF they dredge our stretch of the river: The Corps would dredge 33 million cubic yards of sediment – some containing high concentrations of mercury, lead and PCBs – and deposit the sediment at sites along the river, including Bombay Hook, a National Wildlife Refuge and a Wetland of International Importance. Plans to blast a granite portion of the riverbed pose risks to rare short-nosed sturgeon. Yep, Read more

Markell Announces DNREC Secretary

Governor Jack Markell has announced that a Californian named Collin O'Mara is his pick to head up the train wreck known as DNREC. O'Mara is described by the Markell Administration as a "climate prosperity leader" and a "climate prosperity expert." Well, I had no idea what the heck either of those things were, so I Googled both of those job titles and only came back with references to Markell picking this O'Mara guy as the new Secretary of DNREC. So not only will we have a "climate prosperity expert" heading up DNREC, but apparently we will have the world's only "climate prosperity expert" as the head of DNREC. Over at they had this to say about the Markell pick: Calls to Mr, O’Mara and to Gov. Markell’s office have not been immediately returned. Nobody in the newsroom of the San Jose Mercury that we talked to had heard of him. He appears to have no formal science Read more