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Finnish Defense Ministry Pledges Sustainable Development Program

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer The Finnish Defense Ministry has pledged to implement a program of sustainable development in its planning and operations as part of a broader long term national program, documented in "The Finland We Want by 2050". “We have pledged to sustainable development with several measures and one is our aim at decreasing energy consumption in the premises by 20 per cent and greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent between 2010 and 2020”, said Planning Officer, Sami Heikkilä. The Defense Ministry program is aimed at reducing environmental damage resulting from training exercises and regular operations, facilities construction, as well as materials, energy and waste management (including increased utilization of renewable energy sources). Upon further inquiry, it was revealed that the plan currently did not mention hydrokinetics as a possible energy Read more

Back When…

…I worked for Judge Bill Lee’s gubernatorial campaign last summer, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to check out this company. I spoke about the company frequently when I was at because they invented a vending machine that makes hot, fresh, french fries, and they wanted to open up a manufacturing facility in Western Sussex. It was clear they had the support of the local politicians like Rep. Biff Lee, who gave us the “heads-up” about them, but they couldn’t get to square one with the Delaware Economic Development Office. Thankfully, it looks like that’s changed.

I’ve Got A Proposal For You, Governor

Three new casinos for Delaware? That's our new Governor's vision for our beloved state. Think about it...Delaware is 96 miles long...3 new casinos will give us a casino every 16 miles! Oh yeah, and apparently we might need sports betting (even though professional sports is opposed to it), and table games, too. Well, I have an idea for Governor Markell, put the first new casino in Greenville, where you live. Just take a look at Greenville, there's lots of space for a nice, big, full blown casino with table games and slot machines and sports betting.... View Larger Map Afterall, you did say this: ...we will spread our sacrifices so no one citizen or group bears a disproportionate burden of this challenge." That means you and your neighbors, too, right, Governor? Read more

NCCo Council Erodes UDC – Swings Door Wide Open To High-Density, Low/No Open Space

The small image below (click image to see enlarged copy) is a letter House Majority Leader Dick Cathcart mailed to his constituency in the 9th representative district more than a week ago.  This letter is in response to the burgeoning popularity among the New Castle County Government to erode the UDC and allow a destructive-land-use version of "workforce housing."  I called it "destructive" because, if approved, the plans will waive open space requirements and landscaping requirements.  Lot and building standards are reduced as well.  Representative Cathcart explains this in his letter far better than I certainly can, so please click and read (you may need to click the image a second time, after the ensuing page loads).  Please keep reading after the page-jump for additional comments. There is a public meeting taking place at Crossroads Presbyterian Church, located at 627 Vance Neck Read more

Ruth Ann Minner National Villain

The Liberty Matters News Service  reported in its July 17, 2008 Newsletter the following about Delaware.  Fortunately Delaware is a small state -meriting a short write up, and apparently we got a write up short enough for me to quote without sending money.  Go to for regular updates on important issues of freedom. Like Texas Governor Rick Perry, Delaware’s Governor Ruth Ann Minner doesn’t believe in the right of the people to keep their homes and businesses out of the clutches of special interest groups.  With one day remaining in the legislative session, Governor Minner vetoed S.B. 245, with the Senate unable to muster enough votes to override the veto.  The bill would have replaced an earlier eminent domain bill that had as many loopholes to appease developers as does the Texas so-called reform legislation.  It would have restricted the use of Read more

Reactions from the Campaign trail to SB 245’s Veto

Bill Lee rebuked the recent veto of SB245 and the refusal of the State Senate to override it, calling Governor Minner's decision "an abuse of her authority," and the Senate's decision to let it stand to be "an affront to Delaware's citizens." "The right to own property is one of the most basic civil rights in our nation.  This administration has usurped that right, and endorsed an atmosphere where anyone's property rights can effectively be sold to the highest bidder," said Lee.  "The rationale for her veto was flimsy, and the Senate acted in a cowardly fashion in not overturning this travesty." In an 11-9 vote with one abstention, the State Senate refused to overturn Governor Minner's veto.  The motion required 13 votes to pass. "Rectifiying this mistake will be among the highest priorities of my administration.  This should not have come to pass." Mike Protack even has a video response Read more

SB 245 Property Rights Protection Vote Held

Miracles can happen even if they are small ones.  SB 245 (described in a previous post) is a bill which gave protection against the government using its powers of eminent domain to take property for public use against some individuals to benefit other private individuals without there being a legitimate public use like a road or school. The Senate voted on the veto override (which required 13 votes, 3/5) 11 in favor and 9 opposed.  The vote failed. The bipartisan bill looks dead in its current form for this year.  The majority of Democrats flipped on this important issue.  They would rather stand with a lame duck governor than the public.  Unfortunately so did  three Republicans who would have been the difference.  I am not pleased with the result, but I do celebrate progress.  Most people didn't think we would even get a vote. I favor ensuring the law in Kent County protects Read more

Governor Minner vetoes SB 245 which limited government snatching of your property

Governor Minner vetoed the bipartisan SB 245. Delaware on line reported the following: Gov. Ruth Ann Minner announced today she is vetoing legislation that would have redefined “public use” in the eminent domain law and made it harder for government agencies to take private land. The Legislature passed Senate Bill 245 on June 12, after months of negotiations between parities involved in the issue. The legislation would have only allowed government agencies to take private land if it was intended for "public use" and added that economic development did not meet the definition of "public." It also would have tightened the definition of blighted, adding it must be a threat to public health and safety. I am so glad we have the Governor looking out for the interests of the powerful.  If we didn't have people like her, the average citizen might be able to sneak a break in once in a while.  Read more

A better approach to county planning

When I listen to the land management debate, I wonder why the real issues are often mentioned only in passing.  We are in danger of becoming a bedroom community not a vibrant self-sustaining one.   In Kent county, most people can no longer afford to live here on the wages paid.  According to the housing report, most people are being stretched by rent and mortgages beyond what they can comfortably afford.  High energy costs make commuting  to find a better job an unproductive option for many.  Stagnant wages, high energy costs, and a lack of affordable housing have created an iron triangle of despair for many people.  To answer this we need to begin with a smarter, fairer approach to land management.  It should meet these three objectives:  reviving our towns and cities, providing a diversity of housing stock, and promoting a vibrant business environment.  It needs to respect Read more