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Heavy Primary Schedule for DE Dems

There are a lot of primaries on tap this year for the Democratic Party of Delaware.  Take a look at the latest filed candidates list provided by the Office of the State Commisioner of Elections. The latest surprise, at least in my area, is that returning challenger to Richard Cathcart (R-RD9), Rebecca Walker of Townsend, DE, will now be challenged in a RD9-D primary by currently unknown challenger David C. Mullen of Somewhere-in-RD9, DE. It appears it’s going to be a busy, busy primary season for Democrats, indeed!

PRESS RELEASE — Copeland Comments on Denn Announcement

Copeland Comments on Denn Announcement "More of the Status Quo is Last Thing Taxpayers Need"   Wilmington, DE – Since beginning his campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, Charlie Copeland has repeated a simple message: "Delaware needs real change in its leadership if the problems and challenges faced by citizens are to be truly addressed."   Today's announcement by Matt Denn shows that the Democratic Party of Delaware is unwilling to put forth candidates who are serious about – or can deliver – that kind of change.   "For 16 years, the same politicians have had control of Delaware and the results have been disastrous for taxpayers and citizens: backroom governing, out-of-control spending, and an education system that continues to fail children," said Copeland. "More of the status quo is the last thing taxpayers need, but that is exactly what the Dover insiders Read more