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Democrats Compromise on Background Checks

Delaware Liberal reports on this great victory for the citizens and common sense. Of course they are in shock that instead of blindly grabbing power, that some in the Majority would actually listen to the legitimate complaints and concerns of citizens. I still am sadden that military people do not have the same status as concealed carry and law enforcement even though they may go through a more thorough background check for clearances. This is a huge stride in the right direction. Yesterday afternoon, I get this press release from them: DOVER – After months of meetings and hours of public testimony, House Democratic leaders announced several amendments Tuesday that they will add to legislation requiring background checks for virtually all gun sales. The amendments to House Bill 35 are a direct result of lead sponsor House Majority Leader Rep. Valerie Longhurst meeting with officials Read more

Democrats in House Vote For Permanent Tax Hike

With the exception of Representative John Atkins, State House Democrats voted for HB 50 and passed a 6.6% tax rate for taxable incomes over $60,000 annually. The rate is a slight drop from the current temporary rate of 6.75% due to sunset this July. Instead of going back to the 5.9% rate as scheduled or even extending the higher rate another couple of years, they made it permanent and turned down amendments to sunset the bill.

Is It Inevitable that the Temporary State Tax Hikes Become Permanent?

Almost no one talked about it during the election, but it became on the top 3 topics immediately afterward. The budget revenue forecast was weak. The temporary tax hikes expire next fiscal year unless the DE General Assembly extends them. Will Democrats be willing to let any of it go? There is nothing so permanent as a temporary tax hike when Democrats are in charge.

Who Says Democrats Look Out for the Little Guy?

It seems the unions are upset that there are no raises for rank and file employees, but the administration is advocating raises for a half a dozen cabinet posts. Story here. Frankly most of the raises are 2% a year if viewed over 4 years or less so the amount is not outrageous, and federal mandates and other changes have increased the job responsibilities of a couple of the posts. The unions though are upset over givebacks forced on them and only 1% raise over the last 4 years and that was fought by the administration. There is no fairness being applied they argue. What is your view?

Pistol Pete the Speaker

Ready, aim, fire or is it ready, fire, aim?. Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf makes waves by firing someone who dared criticize him before he was speaker. It is a case of I want those loyal to me not the institution or party. Senator Karen Peterson called it," "This is a classic case of ready-fire-aim." "It was not a very hard decision," Schwartzkopf said. "Do I bring somebody back who vocally and vehemently disagreed with leadership or somebody who will just do the job? It is his right, but the criticism was not public. It was an opinion given to friends. If someone publicly opposed the leadership or worked to undermine it, I would agree. You need unity in your midst. Someone merely expressing a private opinion that gets back is a little heavy handed. Welcome to one party rule. It looks like we will have a lot of fodder this coming year. Read more

Are Democrats Crazy or Just Stupid?

When people tell liberals and Democrats that they are essentially Socialists and/or communists, the liberals and Democrats get all huffy and complain that they in fact just want to smooth over some of the inequalities of capitalism. The fact is that, the Liberal Democrat ideology is radical in the extreme. There is no government intrusion that they will not back. Radio host Peter Schiff proves this at the Democrat National Convention. Posing as a liberal, and saying all the stupid things liberal Democrats actually believe, Schiff questions delegates and alternates at the Democrat National Convention. Schiff's question to the Democrat delegates is this: "Would you support a ban on corporate profits?" Yes, Schiff, with a straight face, seriously asks these leaders of the Democrat Party if they wanted to end profits for corporations. About half of the respondents Read more

PDRD: The Rise of Socialism in Delaware

The People's Democratic Republic of Delaware is not here yet, but it seems to be coming soon. Patrick Henry stated in his famous Give me Liberty speech, "There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston!" Bill after bill is proposed which taken together will radically reshape how we interact with government, each other, and our own businesses. The army in the field threatening our liberty is not armed with rifles, but red tape. The threat today is less from soldiers and more from regulators. I believe the chains are being forged for a new generation and the clanking can be heard in Dover and D. C. The wretched chains of slavery are being forged by those siblings of big government liberalism and progressivism. The hard left in Delaware wants to control your property rights, your energy usage, impose rent Read more

A Defining Moment: HB 392

Representative John Kolwalko AKA Job Killier is trying to take away your right to choose with a single player health system along with colleagues Senator Bruce Ennis, Rep. Jaques, and Rep. Osienski . §1622. Insurance Reforms. Insurers regulated by the Delaware Insurance Department are prohibited from charging premiums to eligible participants for coverage of services already covered by the Health Security Authority. The State Insurance Commissioner shall adopt, amend, alter, repeal and enforce all such rules and regulations and orders as may be necessary to implement this section I call it single player not payer because the bill makes government the only real player in health care. The power is not really with consumers and medical professionals. You would be stuck in a system where your only real choice is to pack up and leave the state or abide by the health board's decisions. Read more

Senate Dems take two

Senate Democrats passed two competing bills to add protection against home invasions on the same day. The Lawson supported bill was passed unanimously due to its widespread public support fueled by 50 home invasions. The Heffernan bill supported by Governor Markell and House Majority leader Schwartzkopf would increase penalties as well. It is sort of the less filling version. The Heffernan bill had in addition to the lower penalties, had another flaw that required prosecutors prove they knew the home was occupied and not just the actions afterward. At least the senate removed that provision and sent both bills to the House. Currently, home invasions are treated like a burglary with a two year sentence. Senate Democrats admitted in effect the Lawson bill was superior. They should have stuck to their guns and passed only it. It had unanimous support. If the House did not go along, Read more

Attack on the Constitution– Free Political Speech

Delaware Democrats are using campaign finance reform to attack freedom of speech by independent groups. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that anonymous flyers are a core form of freedom of speech in the 1995 McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission. The Supreme Court also ruled in the Citizens United Case that you cannot prevent movies, TV, or other free speech just because the individuals pull their resources together under a corporate umbrella. Delaware Democrats are deciding to wage a war on those who dare challenge them. They were burned up that they never really knew who ran the When pigs fly campaign for instance or who the voices 4 Delaware are. They have decided to exercise "the tyranny of the majority" as former Justice John Paul Stevens put it and use campaign finance laws to compel it through the backdoor. We have seen in California that such laws were Read more

It Is Better to Win

I read with intrigue the post Who Can Beat Pete?, which is aimed at getting everyone to look at the entire field of opportunity and not just part of it.   I like the spunk behind it and the wisdom of remembering that our struggle for the hearts and minds of this state is has to be taken to every district.  I disagree with the notion that getting our strongest candidates to pass up an open district which they have a very good chance of winning is a good use of talent.  I think the best way to defeat Pete is to take out his allies thereby diminishing his power.  If we can find a candidate to challenge him as well, all the better.  Just remember that it will be tougher now that he has redistricted himself.  Our best chance was 2010.  Politics is a game of strategy.  I remember a story of two men who had a bet that he had the three fastest horses in the county.  They decided Read more

Senator Peterson Responds

I recently received a copy of a blog that you wrote entitled "Peterson Has Troubling Bill." I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the bill, since it has nothing to do with "not properly providing notice in land use cases," as stated in your blog. Section 8126 of Title 10 of the Delaware Code specifies a statute of limitations in zoning and planning actions. Part (a) of Section 8126 states that when a county or municipality passes aland-use law or regulation, anyone wishing to challenge the law must do so within sixty (60) days of the public notice of the adoption of the law or regulation. After the expiration of sixty days, the legality of the law or regulation can no longer be invalidated by a court of law -- even if it violates a state law. My legislation seeks tostrike this section of the law, so that citizens can challenge the legality of a law or regulation Read more

Open Government–Ha

Would you like to know if your state legislator actually worked at his/her other state job? HB 176 by House Minority Leader Greg Lavelle would make public documents the timecards of state legislators. Yesterday, Democrats in the House Administrative committee defeated the measure on a party line vote. It was feared too many Democrats would be embarrassed. It is against state law to be paid twice for the same time by the state government therefore the bill is relevant. In the past, members of both parties have been accused of such behavior. This bill has bipartisan support including Senator Katz --Lavelle's likely election opponent. That did not impress the leadership of the house which runs the House Administration Committee. It was DOA. The Governor spoke of open government and transparency in his State of the State address last week. If he wants to make a bold move, he could Read more

Open to some

Rep. Job Killer aka Kowalko has decided that a Delawarean sharing her concerns about local issues is spam. He asked Teresa Garcia of the 9/12 Delaware Patriots to take him off her "list". What list was it? Was it advertisement? Was it an organizational news letter? No it was an issue letter expressing her concern about the special treatment Occupy Delaware got that her much larger group did not get. The Representative did not just disagree, he asked that they not email him any more about anything. The list was the list of people who are privledged to represent the people in the house and senate. I say if the open government advocate wants to be off that list, he should retire. Otherwise, he needs to realize that an open and accessible government is one where not only people who agree with you can redress their concerns, but those with whom you disagree. This is as outrageous Read more

GOP Chair Blasts Decision to Base Occupy Delaware in Brandywine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                               Contact:           302-668-1954   November 4, 2011     GOP Chair Calls on Administration to Explain Special Treatment for Occupy DE   WILMINGTON --      Delaware Republican Party Chairman John Sigler called on the Markell Administration to explain the special and preferential treatment that the administration is giving to the Occupy Delaware protestors.   "Today's revelation that the Governor is allowing the Occupy Delaware protestors to camp out in Brandywine Park is a slap in the face to all those Delawareans who play by the rules and who go to the trouble and expense to obtain state park permits.  The laws apply uniformly to all, and the Governor has no business waiving the rules for some, favored group, but not other groups.  Why should some get special treatment simply because Read more

Why do Some Delaware Democrats Neglect Civil Rights?

There are many fine Democrats in Delaware, this post is not attempting to claim that anyone is opposed to civil rights.  It is questioning whether the majority party is neglecting legitimate concerns.  In an effort to carve out a job for then Senate Majority Whip and now President Pro Tem Tony DeLuca, the enforcement of civil rights complaints in state government was carved out of new charge because federal funds were used to fund that portion of the office and would be subject to the Hatch Act, which as I side note I believe is unconstitutional when applied to state agencies even when federal funds are present.  The problem with these gymnastics is that the now orphaned agency was starved of money and nearly 500 complaints were backlogged.  That is two years worth of work.  That is two years of justice delayed on either the side of the person aggrievedor the person who should be Read more

Is the Demacratic Caucus’ Statewide Redistricting Plan Racially Discriminitory.

Black Elected Leaders are asking Delaware lawmakers to reconsider the current restricting plan set forth in the General Assembly by the Democratic Caucus. Delaware's Black Caucus has accused the General Assembly's Democratic leaders of "racial Gerrymandering," and are asking that lawmakers, reconfigure the more heavily populated minority Senate and Representative Districts in Bear, Dover, New Castle and Wilmington to make the populations more dominated by racial minorities, according to NewsJournal Reporter, Chad Livengood. "It is our view that the proposed redistricting plans violate the spirit and the intention of the federal Voting Rights Act. We cannot and will not accept the status quo," Delaware Black Caucus Chairman Jea Street wrote in a letter to House Speaker Robert Gilligan and Senate President Pro Tem, Anthony DeLucca, according to the NewsJournal' article. "From this, one Read more

Beau covers for DeLuca

Senator Anthony DeLuca must really be able to pull some strings. Attorney General Beau Biden knuckled under to pressure from the DeLuca clan and decided that when he works on his state job and when he works at the Legislature is none of the public's business.   It seems that revealing this bit of information could expose Delaware to a terrorist attack.  According to the News Journal. Disclosing when state Sen. Anthony DeLuca arrives to work at his two state jobs could endanger his life, the Delaware Attorney General's Office has determined, citing a law intended to prevent terrorist attacks against state-owned buildings. So there!!! Some of you guys thought DeLuca was just some Union thug Democrat Machine Politician, it turns out he is important enough to be a terrorist target.  I guess we really did get a wealth of information from those hard drives we captured when we cappped Osama Read more

April Fools

Traditionally, I like to do an April Fools' day post.   This year, I cannot think of anything crazier than real life.   It seems like the leaders of the Democrat party have gotten crazier after the election.  In Delaware, the Democrats have been caught covering up widespread discrimination in their government.   They got rid of the people who enforce the law and have nearly 500 complaints waiting for up to 2 years.  The Democrats are trying to redefine the family in a so called civil union bill.  They say they are not redefining marriage, but if you look at the laws being amended they are redefining the family.   They have stuck us an energy rationing scheme which will result in fewer jobs and higher energy bills.  Even worse, they recently past a bill upping the so called renewable goal to 25% of our electricity which is leading to a new rationing bill.  They want to pass Read more

Power Grab by State Department of Education?

Centralized planning has been the bane of modern education in my opinion.  While the 21st century is becoming a century of individual sovergnity and localism through global networking, American education has been moving toward early 20th century central planning and stagnet bureaucracy.   Despite the smart and honorable people in Delaware's Department of Education (here after DoE), our state has been no exception to that unfortunate trend.  Local school officials spend a significant portion of their week going to meetings to get the lastest and greatest mandate or recommendation from DoE.  Now a new report seeks to make the DoE the policy making board as well as the administrative compliance and goal setting agency. A recent self serving study by fellow state bureaucrats in the DSCYF, Justice, Public Defender's office, Family Court, Justice of the peace court, and statisical Read more

Delaware Democrats Fail In the Civil Rights Department

If the choice is between justice for people who have been discriminated against and plumb positions for the politically connected, it is an easy choice for Delaware Democrats. Get rid of civil rights enforcement and give the job to a top Democrat. If anyone has doubts that the Democrats’ care for minorities is an election year project, read this saga. Nearly 500 people have been cheated of timely justice so Senator DeLuca could get a plumb job in the Executive branch.  I guess Governor Markell is too busy trying to redefine the family to worry about civil rights.

Democrats Clearing the Deck

Clear the Deck Friday saw New Castle County Executive Paul Clark's wife, Pam Scott leave her law firm.  It also saw Del DOT chief Carolann Wicks leave her post.   Secretary Wicks announcement was a surprise late Friday afternoon to even Del DOT insiders and may have been more personally motivated, but the political implications are clear.  Governor Markell can now distance himself from corrupt land deal allegations which started with the Minner Administration.  The fact the deals continued will now be laid at the feet of Ms. Wicks unless the FBI produces something. Democrats have attempted to take two issues off the table which had the potential to derail them in New Castle County and statewide.  What I find interesting is that neither move seemed to be the choice of the elected officials, but loyalty of those around them. Read more

Katz v. DeLuca : Should Republicans Care?

When Thurmond Adams was being threatened from the hard left, it made sense for Republicans to be a fire wall.  I am not seeing the benefit of getting involved with the Katz v. DeLuca war.  If I were a Republican Senator, I would take the best deal.  The best deal would be the same  consideration for minority legislation that the House gives and fair reapportionment.  Favorable reapportionment will not happen, but why not ask for a fair shake?  On the issues, Dr. Katz seems a little more fiscally conservative.  Mr. DeLuca seems a little more culturally conservative.  Long term:  Republicans can take back the Katz seat if they don't empower him.  The crowd backing him is from the far left.  Establishing a grand coalition with the far left seems antithetical to our long term interests unless we get a fair shake.  Mr. DeLuca seems a better foil if we desire to try to pick up Read more

Democrat Norman Oliver Taking Out Republicans?–From the email bag

Why did Coons and Carney sit silently after the rant by former Wilmington Councilman Norman Oliver on Channel 28, September 26? He stated that Republicans O’Donnell and Urquhart should be taken out. Mr. Oliver is the substitute host of Crossfire with Representative Hazel Plant. Tom from Wilmington Please complain don’t about the “Nazi quote” while you sit silent on this. Can Democrats spell H-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y?