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Comment Rescue: Chairman of Sussex GOP

I really did not think that anyone would care about a post for the race for Vice Chairman of the Sussex County Republican Committee.  So far no one has announced themselves as running for Vice President of the United States other than Joe Biden.  Usually the race for the second spot only gets interest after the top slot gets a candidate.  Some have asked about the race for Chairman.  This is fair as the power and authority rests in the top spot and not in the 2nd spot.  So I am willing to discuss the information that has been shared with me.  Let me be the first to say that much of what I am reporting is based on conversations.  Some of this may be speculation by those talking with me.   However, I trust that those who shared this information were honest in their belief that what they had to say was accurate.   The rumor mill says that both Vance Phillips and Glen Urquhart Read more


I loved it.  The Delaware Conservative Coalition worked.  Between 1200 and 1500  people showed up to the middle of where?  Outside of Houston, Delaware in the middle of July to an event with little advertisement.  Fliers, the guide, coalition emails to members, the blogs, Facebook, and WGMD.  It was big.    It was great political theater.  Over 1200 people representing all ages, ethnically diverse, and economical circumstances (we have sign in sheets and counted cars) showed up from across the state  to a barn in the middle of nowhere from all across the state.  Colin Bonini rocked the house with his fiscal conservatism.  George Allen fired them up and Glen Urquhart really owned the crowd with repeated applause and a rousing ovation when he signed his pledge.  Governor Allen said Glen Urquhart has what it takes, the right values, principles, and ideas to be a Congressman. The Read more