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Ayotte Asks For Phillips’ Resignation At Sussex Council Meeting

As the Lawsuit against Vance Phillips rages in the newspapers, I decided to attend the Sussex County Council Meeting of May 22. I had been wondering why the members of the county council had not demanded the resignation of Councilman Vance Phillips. Upon entering the county administration office before the meeting began, I spotted Councilman Sam Wilson and asked him to demand Phillips' resignation from the County Council. His response, "That's not going to happen, He who has not sinned, let him cast the first stone. Do you have a stone Don?" I thanked him for his 'philosophical wit' and left the office. Wilson's reaction indicated to me that the council was "circling the wagons," around their favorite councilman, Vance Phillips. I decided to sign up to speak at the conclusion of the meeting, where citizen's comments are welcomed and afforded three minutes to voice their opinions. Read more