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Taking Back the House: the 14th–An Assist from Donald Ayotte with a Guest Post

By Donald Ayotte Conservative Crossroads Staff Writer One of the hottest and most important races in Delaware is in full gear, with Republican Candidate, Chris Weeks' ground troops campaigning door to door for Delaware's Fourteenth Representative District Seat. Weeks is challenging incumbent Peter Schwartzkopf, the House Majority Leader for the privilege of representing the people of the fourteenth district.  No matter where you live in Delaware, the results of this race will affect you. Chris has been married to his wife Lauri for 17 years and has three children.  "I've been an employee all my life and have been held accountable for my actions.  As an elected representative of the fourteenth district, I expect to be held accountable for my actions.  With me, it's all about serving my constituency," said Weeks. Weeks  stated that, much like retiring Representative Read more

Goodbye General Assembly

There was a send off of our legislative leaders by the Patriot and Tea Party movement.  There was definitely some disappointment with the fact that Senator Bonini best highlighted, the state government increased spending by an amount equal to the "temporary" tax hikes.  The other star seemed to be Republican Glen Urquhart who was quoted in all of the papers.  He highlighted the concerns of expansive government as well as anyone at both the state and federal level.   He related well to the crowd with a personal rags to riches story and his dedication to resecuring the American Dream.  Not to be out done Michele Rollins told her own story of being the grandchildren of immigrants and blasted Obama Care in a well delivered speech.  Other candidates spokes as well. Rose Izzo spoke to the everyday citizen who is concerned about kitchen table issues. State Senate candidate Dave Read more

Kovach, Lavelle, Hudson, Ramone and Briggs King Lead the Way on Helping Small Businesses and Consolidating Government

News Release  STATE LEGISLATORS PROPOSE EASING THE BURDEN FACED BY BUSINESSES FROM DELAWARE'S HIDDEN SALES TAX, FUNDED BY A SHRINKING OF STATE GOVERNMENT          State legislators today unveiled a plan to help companies doing business in Delaware by reducing the state's Gross Receipts Tax (GRT).  The move would be funded by savings from shrinking the state's workforce by approximately 500 jobs, or less than 1.7% of the total state workforce, through attrition, beginning July 2010.   State Representative Thomas H. Kovach (R-Southeast Brandywine) is introducing legislation to decrease the GRT - what was supposed to be a temporary tax imposed in 1975 on the gross receipt sales of Delaware's businesses - by 6.7% across the board.  The savings to companies doing business in Delaware would be $13 million, with this business relief plan funded by savings from the state not filling Read more

Taxpayers need attention

Taxpayers need to be viewed as important as any other constituents. Taxes have gone up in this state at all levels. The state raised taxes last year as the signature act of the one party Democrat led government and no relief is in site. The Republicans forced sunset clauses in 4 years. The only hope is for taxpayers to put Republican in the legislature and the right ones at that. Two of the three counties have done raised taxes. Our largest cities Wilmington and Dover have raised taxes. Unemployment is high. We are losing our home values. Income is falling. The economy is stagnant.  It is absurd that no one seems to have sympathy for the taxpayer.   The good news is that is just appearance.  There are people who are standing up for the forgotten person. It starts with the realization that government can not do everything.  Government is vital to a healthy society.  Most of Read more

Consensus Drug bill should be revised

There is a positive consensus reached in a house committee on revising Delaware’s sometimes Draconian drug sentencing laws while keeping the heat on big time dealers. Their is one reported aspect that I do not favor. It increases the penalty for some perscription medications. That is exactly the wrong approach. We should not be worried about people getting high. We should be concerned about the uncontrolled and dangerous street drugs or pushing adicts to huffing. Misuse of perscription medications over street drugs actually would save many lives and harm the overseas drug running industry. That should be the point of public policy. More later.

Testing the Waters for Civil Unions

I support allowing members of a household to the right to purchase insurance for other members of their household through their job with their own money. I think it is a public good to allow people to have health and life insurance. I do not support HB 10 because it does not aim at achieving a particular public good, but is an attempt to put into law the concept of spousal equivalent for same sex couples. I have an idea, let people designate whomever they want for their survivor's pension benefit. If it is their sister who is disabled and is cared for by them or their same sex partner, it is not my money but theirs. I do not need to find out the nature of the relationship. For health insurance purposes, why not go to household insurance? Why not let someone buy it for their 60 year old mother who lives with them or they live with? Why not for their partner or whomever? This bill does very Read more

Lawson Announces for 15th Senate

Small Business Owner and and retired State Trooper Dave Lawson announced that he is running for the 15th State Senate Seat. This seat is currently held by Sen. Nancy Cook.  Sen. Cook has held this seat since 1974. Lawson Owns the Business, Shooters Choice. Shooter's Choice is an indoor shooting range that also offers firearms safety training, marksman training, and concealed carry training. The business also has a retail side that sells firearms and accessories.  Lawson established the business 16 years ago.  Lawson made the announcement on Tuesday May 4th at the Cheswold Fire Hall at 6:30.  About 100 friends and supporters were in attendance.  Included in the attendees were State Senators Joe Booth, Liane Sorensen, Gary Simpson and Colin Bonini who is also running for State Treasurer.  State Auditor Tom Wagner was there as was Congressional Candidate Kevin Wade.  Members Read more