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We failed the Millennial Generation not them failing us

America is the world's leading nation in many ways. When you spend more than 70 years at the top, with the last 25 years being unchallenged for leadership, a nation can become soft. My millennium generation friends and family are often maligned. Having served with some of the finest in Afghanistan, I am not wringing my hands. They are reasonable, competent, strong, compassionate, bright people. I hate them being derided as snowflakes or whatever else. Serve with them, know them. Many are searching for knowledge. This is where we have failed them. We didn't teach them how to distinguish between the flood of the information age. We have a Google search society not a Google Scholar research and know society. It is YouTube video, not nonfiction books. We judge the credibility of information by how popular it is not by how rigorous the scholarship is. The real answer is not Read more

Making room for both the forgotten man and the rugged invidvidual

The last 90 years of American politics and economic philosophy has been a conflict between two philosophies. The philosophy that made America, that of rugged individualism, equality of opportunity and free markets. The other is the philosophy of Franklin Roosevelt, that policy needs to focus first on the forgotten man. An interesting question is there room for both at the policy table? The left would tell us that income inequality is the issue of our time. Income inequality is a not a problem, any more than inequality of talents, ambition, goals, or activities is a problem. Not everyone should earn the same because not everyone wants to earn the same, not everyone does the same thing, not everyone wants to live in the same type house or drive the same car. If we do different things, want different things, and contribute different things then why would we want to earn the same thing? America Read more

Festival Hispano 2015

Festival Hispano was held at the Millsboro Little League Field on Sunday, August 9, 2015. The gala community event celebrates and shares the rich and diverse culture, cuisine, music and dance of 19 Hispanic nations of North, Central and South America . The event, organized by La Esperanza, a non-profit agency that serves the various needs of the Hispanic Community of Sussex County, Delaware, is held annually from Noon to 6 pm. Festival Hispano, known for its high positive energy and friendly atmosphere, is an integral part of the Sussex County music scene. [ Photos by Wolf ("el Lobo") von Baumgart ] La Esperanza can be visited on the Internet at: Read more

House Folly, Decriminalization Passes House: Go Big or Go Home

It is stupid to give someone a criminal record for smoking marijuana. It is a problem House Bill 39 is attempting to address. Rep. Helene Keeley's bill makes it civil penalty. It is the exact wrong approach. My city is suffering from drug related killings and violence. This bill will empower the illegal trade by preventing the police from doing anything when they find weed. Most heroin busts seem to come out of they pull a car over for speeding and smell weed. They search the car and find 100 bags of heroin. If we pass this, the legal merchants won't be able to sell it because they won't be able to get it in profitable quantities, but the criminals will be shielded. They will continue to destroy our neighborhoods. It also won't meet the objective of freeing up the criminal justice system. Most police officers use common sense. They won't arrest someone for small amounts of Read more

50 Shades a Failure of Modern Feminism?

Unlike many conservatives, I don't lose any sleep over what adults do to themselves. I care about the big picture. It is the remaking of society that concerns me. The accommodation of the individual is not the issue. The attempt to reject the fundamental institutions of society is what I do not accommodate. 50 Shades just brought to light what in form or another is normal behavior for millions. What is more interesting to me is that it tears to shreds the emasculation of relationships by modern feminism. 50 Shades is not what I would call the road map to healthy relationships, yet it is popular to near record levels not scene since (ironically) the Passion of the Christ. I found intriguing this article by frequent guest author, Jon Moseley. His premise is that 50 Shades are a perversion of the natural yearning of many women for real men. It speaks to the void in our society created Read more

The New Movement

Hands up, don't shoot! Too bad Michael Brown didn't say that. He would still be alive. I would to GOD that he would have taken a knee and put his hands up. Better yet, just shrug his shoulders in the first place and walk on the stupid sidewalk like the intelligent college bound man he was. Instead, he choose to impress the hoodlum, high friend with him and died like a fool. Yeah, I know his co-conspirator in a robbery and later assault on a police officer told us that myth, but the unbiased witnesses, the DNA, the Forensic reports, and three autopsies all show that was not true. Read the hard evidence your self. How do intelligent college students at UMES fall for this fraud? They didn't do their research. Why should I blame them, 4 members of Congress did the same thing. The fact that the White House sent 3 representatives to Brown's funeral without knowing any facts, gave legs to this Read more

The Real Lessons from Michael Brown’s Death

People are drawing the wrong lessons from Michael Brown's tragic death. Racism didn't kill him. Bad decision making killed him. The pop culture that celebrates him based upon the myth by his hoodlum accomplice is also at the heart of the problem by celebrating criminals, gangstas, no snitch, and slackers. It was tragic that Brown made bad decisions. It is these bad decisions that in microcosm go to the heart of a disease starting to infect our country. People feel that they need to respect no one. He decided that he would get high. bad decision one. Then steal from a store, bad decision 2. Decision 3, when confronted knock the store personnel down another bad decision. Decision 4, instead of keeping a low profile walk in the middle of a street. Decision 5, when an officer yells at him and his friend to get out of the road (professionally asking them move to the sidewalk would have Read more

Privatize the Children

I support the privatization of children. Now I know this will probably draw as much blowback as the idea of even partially privatizing social security did, but someone has to say it. Until they become adults they should belong to their families. A mother and father should have the rights and responsibilities to raise their children. They should be allowed to choose where their child lives, where they go to receive their education, if and where they attend church, what food their children will eat, and where they will go on vacation and how they will use their free time. If a parent wants to home school their child that should be their right, if they want to send them to a public, a private, or a charter school that should be their right. No matter where they choose to have their children educated parents should have the ability to influence what their children are taught. Unfortunately, Read more

Danger in Redefinition of Abuse: Bill Could Harm Families

Senate Bill 234 is completely unnecessary. It seeks to redefine abuse in a way that says "(j) “Physical injury” to a child shall mean any impairment of physical condition or pain." I am with you until that last phrase or pain. Does that mean that lawful discipline under other chapters such as an old fashion spanking is fine as long as it tickles? Pain is a valuable part of life my friends. It teaches us lessons. Pain like pleasure is an essential part of human existence. If you get a ticket, it causes emotional pain, but could save your life. If someone gets handcuffed, the may have minor pain, but it protects them for hurting themselves or others. A child spanked for running out in the road associates the bad behavior with pain. That negative association changes behavior. Transient pain to prevent serious injury or death is good not evil. I am proud to say that I have smacked Read more

History Revisionism

200 years ago, some segments of this country did not give a high regard to Christmas while others did.  So there is a movement inspired by the revisionists in the ACLU aided by the History Channel that claims Congress met almost every Christmas for the first 67 years of this nation including the first Congress in 1789.  The truth is revealed as usual by original source documentation.  Congress did not meet on Christmas.  Before the railroad, they did not typically go home, but they never did business on Christmas.  One exception may have been the house in 1802.  The Senate convened once and immediately adjourned in a parliamentary move.  It does not take a quorum to do that, but may have had some legal significance. Why is this important?   Jon Stewart was taken in by it and used it as did the ACLU to say the founders did not celebrate Christmas so it is fine to disregard it in Read more

Another Member of the 27 Club: Amy Winehouse Illustrates Why the Culture Matters

Update: Former Secretary of Education Bennett wrote this fine article on the subject. It coincides well with mine. Unless you were in a media blackout this weekend, you know pop singer Amy Winehouse died this weekend.   Friends claim it was an overdose  from a deadly cocktail of alcohol and drugs.  Her mother has said for the last three years that it would just be a matter of time before her daughter would be dead.  She was certainly a talented individual and her death is a tragedy as is the death of tens of thousands of others in similar circumstances.  The word waste keeps popping up.  It is one that is fitting.   Now I admit that I have never been a fan.  I called her Amy Winohouse due to her appearances on stage so drunk that she could not perform so there will be no tribute to her from me.  I am sadden to see such a talented individual lose her battle at such a young Read more

The Delaware Democratic Attack On Motherhood and Apple Pie

Actually, they don't seem to have a big problem with apple pie. Parenthood is another issue. Recent legislation passed by the Democrat majority threatens parenthood. In 2009, the Democrat majority decided to fix what wasn't broken. In 2011. the civil union bill doubled down on the error. While most people focused on the marriage like aspect of the bill. We also focused on the redefinition of the family. Here is why. From Delaware Online, the new de facto parental rights.  Thanks to the Democrats, a mother can now lose her child to her ex-boy or girl friend (not a step parent by marriage or union) without any evidence of unfitness.  This an assault on parenthood like few others.  We are a national laughingstock. .The order, issued April 12 and released Monday, denies a request to re-argue the case and leaves standing the court's decision in March to recognize the "de facto" parental Read more

Comment Rescue: Useful Idiots

 I am always amazed by what basic things liberals don’t know.  One of the problems of posting as a conservative is the total lack of historic and cultureal  knowledge of liberals.  Liberals can take one word out of context, due to their ignorance, and then go ballistic when they are the ones who misunderstood the term in the first place.  I saw this phenomenon in person when I referenced 2 Delaware State News Reporters as “useful idiots”.  The usual liberal, get your panties in a bunch, crowd used this term to accuse me of name calling etc.  Not to be out done the usual liberal choir then chose to justify their own name calling based on their ignorance of a term I used.  (Aren’t liberals always preaching that 2 wrongs don’t make a right?)  At any rate I consciously used the term “useful idiots” not as name calling or as a pejorative.  Instead I used the term Read more

This Seems Wrong

Does anyone else have a problem with boys being forced to wrestle girls?  Joel Northrup did.  He defaulted rather than violate his standards on fighting women.  Good for him.  One has to wonder about a culture that would put teen-aged boys and girls together in a wrestling match.  This is not a basketball game or the hockey field.  Maybe I am just too old fashion.  What are your thoughts?

Why I Say Merry Christmas

The world was literally turned upside down by Jesus called Christ. It is a shame that some try to avoid Christmas because they have an agenda of religious apartheid. The fact is that celebrating the life and teachings of Christ is sensible from a completely secular perspective. In the west, we celebrate people’s lives by remembering their birth.  We recount their contributions to human existence. The very existence of western culture is founded upon Christianity. One can understand this profound importance without accepting the theology. The fact that Christmas is celebrated by giving is no accident. Christianity is based upon GOD giving to us and us giving to others. One of the most profound concepts expanded upon by Christianity is charity. The world before and the world after the growth of Christianity is profoundly different. One of the reasons Christianity grew was the regard Christians Read more

Attention Pro-family Voters

I want you to go here and view the Pro-Family score Cared by the Delaware Family Policy Council.  You will see both Federal and State issues and the candidate stands on them.  The contrast between Coons and O'Donnell and Carney and Urquhart is stark.  Chris Coons and John Carney refuses to even say tax money should not be pay for abortion or that the states should be allowed not to have alternative definitions of marriage forced upon them.  It borders on cultural anarchy.  Please print this and distribute it at the door of your church when people leave next Sunday.  Send emails to your like minded friends with this in it.  When you go to mid-week Bible study take it and tell them to spread it like Wildfire.   We will win this if the Conservative Evangelicals and Conservative Roman Catholics unite and turn out for both of our candidates.  Let's go all for one and one for all.  I Read more

Guest Poster finds the Key to Progress

“T-Party”/Mainstream lost confidence in Country’s direction!! One thing for sure the movement has conveyed the message-America is unhappy. As scientists and others have pointed out, finding, or identifying the primary obstacle to progress is the key. America faces a long to do list: jobs, education, defense, healthcare etc., and a host of others. But, what is the main obstacle wehave to overcome, to be really successful? A review of some of today’s symptoms helps identify perhaps the most significant obstacle we face, starting with the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. Here the cause is linked to greed and decline in morals. The latter, moral decline, also plays a roll in: media promotion of violence & sex(sponsored by Hollywood & Corporate advertising); companies knowingly hiring illegal immigrants; unwed mothers; drug trafficking; healthcare fraud & waste; abortion funded by Read more

Sports Trivia

Here are a few questions. What player is the only NFL player to be in the top 3 in kickoff returns and punt returns? Who is the oldest player to have an 85 yard plus run? Who is the player with the most 100 all purpose yard games? Who is the player with the most 200 all purpose yard games? Who is the player with the most all purpose yards in a single decade? Who is the player with the most kickoff and punt return touchdowns? Politically related which former Redskin and Eagles’ star player will be signing autographs at the Glen Urquhart Delaware State Fair booth today from 4-7 pm? Bring the kids and say hi to Glen while waiting to get your autograph from philanthropist and sports legend Brian Mitchell.

You have to like this guy

In today’s permissive society what is a father to do when an adult man is sending naked pictures to his 17 year old daughter?  Gone are the days of the shotgun with salt and sulfur.  One father’s answer was the stun gun. You have to like this guy. It was California so the dad was arrested. It seems to me the wrong person was arrested. The real crime is that we are not protecting the innocence of our youth. William Atwood Sr. should be citizen of the day. Justin Moore had better hope the jury doesn’t have many fathers of daughters on it.

Gary Coleman Forever 42

People my age grew up watching Gary Coleman grow up. He died Friday of an intracranial hemorrhage. Unlike singerBret Michaels, he just got worse. It sadden me because it seemed like he just got everything together after struggling during adulthood.  In fact, he struggles in some respects all his life.  Two kindney transplants that both failed, Life long dialysis, parents who stole the money from his trust fund, type casting, and financial woes on top of health issues would have been a great excuse to check out of life . I respect the fact that he didn't take disappointment and setbacks as an excuse to give up, take drugs, and die. He persevered until he found a good life.  Prayers to his family. Read more

American Idol

What a show tonight.  I always expected Crystal Bowersox to be in the finals.  She was a star in waiting and she showed it tonight.  Lee DeWyze was that contestant who grows into the role.  The painter turned singer who captured the imagination of tens of millions.  I think both deserve to be heard from again.  In my humble, opinion she won.  He did a very good job, but he seemed more like her opening act.  She was clearly the big star. I haven't seen such a clear victory since Carrie Underwood.  All I can say is 1866IDOLS02, 4, or 6.  America's favorite distraction will take a new twist next year.  I look forward to the X-Factor next fall.  Then I will be interested to see if American Idol still has it without Simon Cowell.  The show was the number 1 show for how many years?  This year it had to fight the Winter Olympics and beat them except for a couple of nights.  Read more

Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana will soon be in the past and Miley Cyrus will emerge full time. It is about the right time in her life. The question that I have culturally is will Miley mature or be corrupted? Most of us with daughters in the target demographic know who she is to the point of boredom. The marketing machine has our friends daughters with clothes, lunch boxes, computer games, and perfume. The question is when you make hundreds of millions putting yourself up as an icon to children, what responsibility do you have when you tire of it? She has every right and by necessity should prepare for life after Hannah. The problem occurs if someone goes Britney. Many of your audience grew up with you so you can start to be more mature. That does not equate to being sleazy. When you make tens of millions being wholesome, you don't ruin the brand. Britney went from 10M to 2M sales-- still successful Read more

You have to wonder

You have to wonder about a woman who leads a march of a dozen women topless to call attention to the inequality of how society views men and women who are bare chested, then gets upset that men looked at them.  Keep that woman away from any sexual harassment panel.  She has a screw loose. Let's follow her logic. I organize an event to gain attention, but I am enraged by the attention because it proves the opposite point that I am claiming to be proving.  Even more interesting is that I am protesting  in a state that already agrees, legally speaking. Police said there were no incidents and no arrests – nudity is illegal in Maine only if genitals are displayed. Ty McDowell, who organized the march, said she was "enraged" by the turnout of men attracted to the demonstration. The purpose, she said, was for society to have the same reaction to a woman walking around topless as it Read more

Sandra Bullock Wins, but Politically Charged Hurt Locker does too

Sandra Bullock is one of the greatest modern actresses not to have won an Academy Award. The Blind Side changed that. Any one who saw Love and War knew that she deserved to be on that stage. Bullock has always had a connection with Red America. Her kissing of Ms. Meryl Streep likely helped take that red state edge off for the voting crowd. I applaud the result. The Hurt Locker has upset a number of Veterans, combat journalists, and even the Department of Defense.  It did not upset Hollywood. Hollywood has a way of finding an obscure film to stick us in the eye.  That I boo. I also boo the fact that Bea Arthur and Farah Faucet did not get a mention in the Memoriam clip. They made most of their success in Television, but they also did have motion pictures. It appears that the Oscar Crowd doesn't regard the Television counter parts that much. They did like Music sensation Read more