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Sickening: A Victim Punished Worse Than The Perp

I personally know of a case in Delaware where the true Perp walked after commiting what literally was vehicular homicide with a stolen vehicle, but the prosecutor (since shamefully dismissed for DUI) at the time was going for major symbolism and let that perp go. I am not kidding. That, given my personal knowledge of it, was what I thought was the absolute worst sham in our judicial system in a yield for glory points. Even though this next one didn't happen in DE, it's still part of our country's judicial system and it surpasses the one I just mentioned. This is freaking awful. I am all for rehabilitation and truly giving second chances (when we're not talking life terms), but this is utterly shameful. It appears that all the players involved on the Perp's end have found the inability to speak as well. With that, I will leave to the grand assumption that, since the perp was tooling Read more

Patriot Act Abuse–Teen Swept Away on Scant Evidence Held for Months

I have long been a critic of the Patriot Act even before it passed.  It was too expansive and a violation of 4th, 5th and 10th amendment protections.   The government that has the power to sweep people up and place them in jurisdictions far away from their support network of attorneys, friends, family, and witnesses is one that can threaten anyone. This case of a 15 year old is a case in point.  This NC teen was swept away on tenuous evidence for making bomb threats and held in IN many hundreds of miles away.This WRAL news story lays out the case. The family plausibly claims that the IP address was stolen to make it appear that phone calls were made from their number. That may or may not be the case that is what we have due process to determine. Searches of the home give no evidence that there is the slightest threat. There is no other evidence that has been presented. Normally, Read more

The Waterboy

Today I found out that my state representative thinks his job is to be the Governor's waterboy: "Part of my job is to carry the water for the governor and it's just that simple." ~ Rep. Pete "The Waterboy" Schwartzkopf We just got out of an election season where John Carney, the former Lt. Governor, and Jack Markell, the State Treasurer at the time, took great pains to articulate that as separately elected officials they were NOT there to "carry the water" for Governor Ruth Ann Minner...yet somehow my separately elected 14th District Representative thinks being Governor Markell's waterboy is HIS job? Are you kidding me? The people of the 14th District deserve to be represented by someone who doesn't think their job is to be the Governor's lackey, "it's just that simple." Read more

Today’s WDEL Talkback: Legalize Sexting?

I called in response to this question, but the window of opportunity is incredibly small, relative to the time it demands.  It's based on the State of Vermont considering "legalizing" the practice of sexting.  What is sexting?  As WDEL describes it, it is basically the practice of sending sexually-suggestive, or even pornographic images of one's self to another person, very typically that person's dating-partner.  OK, married/civil partner, too, but really, how long have you been married?  Back to point, the motivation of the basis of this question is the black-and-white application of the Child Predator law.  You either did it, or you didn't, period.  There is no consideration of consent.  Yeah, consent.  16-year-old to another 16-year-old really is an entirely different set of psychological circumstances than that of, say, a 30-year-old interacting with a 16-year-old.  I may Read more

Just a Reminder of why we have the right to bear arms

The police can't protect you like you can protect yourself. Home invasions have been increasing dramatically in this state. One homeowner was able to take one of these home invaders out of action and protect the homeowner's family because that homeowner exercised the right to self defense. Keeping and bearing arms by law abiding citizens is not a substitute for law and order, but it is an important part of it. My own family experienced this truth first hand. My Uncle was victimized by a gun crime while running his Wilmington based small business. When they came back, he wasn't willing to be a victim. He had purchased and learned to use a firearm. After that, there were no more robberies. To put it simply, gun control means they are armed and we are victims. Remember that when you read the screeds against your rights elsewhere. Read more

Legal Investigation Opened on Phelps

I guess one South Carolina sheriff's department has a lot of money and no crime to spend it on. Michael Phelps is under investigation for smoking pot due to a British tabloid picture. No one else at the party is under investigation. There is no investigation to find the dealer made public. Only Phelps is targeted for public humiliation and legal harassment. I admit that I believe we would be better served taxing that drug and putting the money into drug rehab and public mental health services. We would do more to lower drug use of all types, save tons of money on prisons, probation, and judicial proceedings. We could finally use hemp again for fabric and stop persecuting sick people who are actually helped by the drug. This outrage just smoked my opinion into the public. I fear that I am treading on politically dangerous ground, but it makes good public policy. Science has shown Read more

Is it ever going to stop?

It's starting to get ridiculous. Baltimore Mayor Sheila A. Dixon was charged in a 12-count indictment.  Her former boyfriend and developer Ronald H. Lipscomb was also charged earlier this week.  Note:  She was not fortunate enough to have prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald pull the plug on the investigation (her's went on for three years!). "Dixon, a Democrat, has been the target of a nearly three-year probe by State Prosecutor Robert A. Rohrbaugh into corruption at City Hall, an investigation that has centered on allegations that Dixon has used her office to award lucrative contracts to various people including her sister, her then-boyfriend and her former campaign chairman." This week, a Baltimore City grand jury indicted two others in the City Hall probe. Councilwoman Helen L. Holton, 48, a West Baltimore Democrat, was charged with accepting a bribe and with perjury, and malfeasance Read more

Will CA fall to bullying?

Marriage started as an institution to bond the sexes. A renegade court tried to change it and in spite of bullies and politically correct mobs, the voters stood strong. Some extremists would like to turn CA into third world mobocracy. The mob leaders form an enemies list and instead of accepting defeat, they target those with a different point of view. They issue threats against the churches. They disparage members. They attempt to pit one group of citizens against another. Hispanics are ignorant. Mormons are called every name in the book and told they had no right to free expression. Evangelicals are bigots. The Catholic Church is disparaged. Blacks are even called the "N" word. All of these examples come from the left who would teach the rest of us tolerance. I can respect those who disagree with me on issues. I can not respect people who act like third world leftists when they lose an Read more

The right to bear arms was recognized by SCOUS

In a well researched, comprehensive opinion, the high court upheld the plain meaning of the Constitution’s second amendment. It was not only a triumph of common sense, but the clear meaning of the constitution according to the original intent of the founders. The court forbade bans and unreasonable restrictions, but left regulation where it should be, in the hands of those elected to make public policy. The court dealt with the rights issue and left policy to the legislative branch. I can’t ask for better. It was a bad day for criminals and tyrants.  James Madison (father of the Constitution and author of the second amendment)  would be smiling today.