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Breaking News–Shooting at New Castle County Courthouse

UPDATE:From WDEL Five people were shot Monday morning at the New Castle County Courthouse. Two of those shot are police officers. The first reports came after 7:30. One person is reported dead. The conditions of the police involved are unknown. Reports from the scene are that a suspect is in custody. Delaware Online reports: Shots were reported fired this morning at the New Castle County Courthouse in Wilmington, according to police radio reports. Police and medical crews are responding to the scene. Several injuries are reported. More News Read more

The Cost of School Bullying

While we talk about whether gun free school zones should be 100 feet, or maybe if we expand them to 1000 feet the extra signs will deter the crazy person who once a year goes into a school somewhere in this country, we ignore the daily violence that really will affect our children. We would never tolerate this at work, we should never tolerate it at our schools. Sure make our schools safer, but the real danger for 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% of students will never be the stranger off the street. It is the violence in their midst. If you want safe schools, start there. Only then you will deal with drugs, alcoholism, depression, suicide, and gangs. One other item, the schools need to stop lying to kids and telling them there is no self defense law in Delaware. It is in the code and the Constitution as well as a common law right. Any school that says that and does not protect Read more

Concealed Carry Saves Lives

San Antonio Texas, off duty deputy saved lives. The Delaware Politics Hidden Story of 2012 On Sunday December 17, 2012, 2 days after the CT shooting, a man went to a restaurant in San Antonio to kill his X-girlfriend. After he shot her, most of the people in the restaurant fled next door to a theater. The gunman followed them and entered the theater so he could shoot more people. He started shooting and people in the theater started running and screaming. It’s like the Aurora, CO theater story plus a restaurant! Now aren’t you wondering why this isn’t a lead story in the national media along with the school shooting? There was an off duty county deputy at the theater. SHE pulled out her gun and shot the man 4 times before he had a chance to kill anyone. So since this story makes the point that the best thing to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun, the Read more

State of Suffering: The attack on Prescription Drugs Is Wrongheaded Policy

One day, we will finally get tired of worrying about if people get high. Most Americans think we are losing the war on drugs. I submit the reason is that we focus on the wrong objective. It is not the prerogative of government to govern your body. You and your doctor know if you are in pain and how best to treat it. The Attorney General and Police do not. I believe the best way to end the violence, funding of terrorism and narco-gangs and poisoning of our children is to attack the hard core street drugs while allowing people safer alternatives. The attack on Delaware doctors who are dealing with those in chronic pain for the fear that people might be getting safe and cheap alternatives to unsafe drugs cut with various substances on the streets, is hurting those who suffer from chronic pain. Read this story from the USA Today. I have seen this with my own eyes. The drug policy of Read more

I Abhor Child Rape

I call for Delaware to have a Jessica's law. You sexually exploit a child under 14 and if you are an adult, you get a mandatory 25 years the first conviction and life the second. I have long advocated such a law, but liberals in this state seemed content with the current system. Now that Eric Bodenweiser is indicted, liberals are saying that he should go away forever if convicted. Great, now that a consensus has all of a sudden appeared, how about we do the right thing for all of our children? This type of law will protect against multiple victims. When I looked at the sex offender registry, I was disturbed by the repeat offenders who were still on the street. No one is responsible for those crimes but the criminals. What we are responsible for is protecting our women and children once we know who is dangerous. Join me in supporting tough new laws to do just that. Yes, the Read more

Senate Dems take two

Senate Democrats passed two competing bills to add protection against home invasions on the same day. The Lawson supported bill was passed unanimously due to its widespread public support fueled by 50 home invasions. The Heffernan bill supported by Governor Markell and House Majority leader Schwartzkopf would increase penalties as well. It is sort of the less filling version. The Heffernan bill had in addition to the lower penalties, had another flaw that required prosecutors prove they knew the home was occupied and not just the actions afterward. At least the senate removed that provision and sent both bills to the House. Currently, home invasions are treated like a burglary with a two year sentence. Senate Democrats admitted in effect the Lawson bill was superior. They should have stuck to their guns and passed only it. It had unanimous support. If the House did not go along, Read more

Update Lawson Bill on Home Invasions Goes to the Floor

In a rare move, both the Lawson senate bill and the Heffernan marshmallow house bill on home invasions were released to the Senate floor to be worked at the same time next Tuesday. Lawson’s bill has caught fire. Please support it because we need strong penalties to deter or at least prevent repeat offenders of the crime of home invasion. People are literally dying. We deserve better than a photo op law.

Senator Lawson speaks out submitted by Phil Drew.

Senator Lawson's home invasion will be heard in committee on Weds, May 9 at 1:00 at Legislative Hall. Senator Lawson needs your support. Home Invasion: The Punishment Should Fit the Crime The unthinkable has now happened!! During what appears to be another home invasion, two elderly people have been murdered. The issue of home invasions legislation has been delayed and politicized to the point that the person or persons that committed this crime face a burglary in the 1st degree charge with a mandatory sentence of only TWO YEARS!!! One must ask if this is Justice. Yes, there were other crimes that were committed that could be prosecuted, but this criminal will only have to face ONE charge that would put him away for LIFE. There are two bills pending. One that calls for 15 years to life as the penalty for the crime of home invasion and one that calls for 6 years and if the Read more

Sex Offender Proposal

Should rapists and child molesters be living next door to your child's daycare?  Many say it doesn't matter.  Tonight Dover City Council said it does.   Much of the opposition was based on the 7 percent myth.  It is clear that children are not grabbed up and raped by strangers as a rule.  The opposition said that since 93% are known by their predators, such a law was counter productive.  The problem was that it misrepresent the meaning behind the statistics.  They build relationship with the children.  40% of child rapists were not known to the child before an independent relationship was built.  We are taking away an easy avenue to be playing with a dog right outside the home and getting a relationship started. The ACLU led a sustained campaign against it, but the majority of correspondence and calls that I received ran 2 to 1 in favor.  Considering that I was a cosponsor, Read more

Do Local Curfews Reduce Crime?

My friend Councilman Bill Hare is introducing an ordinance to impose a curfew on children under 16. The committee hearing will be held Wednesday at the Safety and advisory committee meeting. Here is an interesting background in the News Journal. Should the government have the right to tell a 14 year old they can’t walk on their block to clear their head if their friend died and they can’t sleep? Should government care if you are coming home from church or if you are coming home from dropping your girlfriend off at home? Is our family system under such stress that we need this additional help? What are your thoughts?

We Need a Knife Buy Back Governor!

Another senseless act of knife violence occurred in Bear, Delaware.  A 13 year old knife bearing robber is to blame.  Read more here.  This just proves that we need a knife buyback to solve the problem.  After that we need a bat buyback.   We need to get these guns, knives, bats, screwdrivers, and chains off the streets so we can be safe again.  Or maybe we can admit that the culture is the key.  Naah that is right wing talk.  Just throw money at it and hope.

Record Setting Murder in Dover

Sadly, Dover suffered a record setting murder today. The family has been notified and I will give you more information when it is released. No, we don't need any more police. This is a broad daylight murder which now gives us more in 2011 than 2008, 2009, and 2010 combined. Narrative On Monday, December 19, 2011 at 1134hrs the Dover Police 911 Communications Center received multiple calls regarding a subject that was shot and was down on the ground in the area of South New Street and Reed Street. Responding officers discovered a 19 year old male who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to Bay Health Medical Center where he was pronounced dead a short time later. Further information will be available as the investigation continues. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Dover Police Department at (302)736-7111. Callers may remain anonymous. Tips Read more

The Most Immediate Protection Against Home Invasions

The best gun control is a steady aim.  A Dover family defended themselves against a home invasion this weekend.  I know of another family outside of Dover who did not need a police report when someone tried to enter their home because just retrieving a firearm diffused the situation.  Yet some still say that we do not need to restore our community policing. The report: On Saturday, December 17, 2011at approximately 3:50 AM two unknown subjects wearing black hoodies and ski masks forced entry into a residence located in the 400 block of Sussex Ave in Dover. At the time of the incident a 23 year old male and a 21 year old female occupied the residence and were asleep in the upstairs master bedroom. The male occupant of the residence was awakened by the subjects when they forced entry into the residence at which time he retrieved a firearm near his bedside. Once inside the residence the Read more

Brian Lewis Leading the Charge to Protect Kids

It happens all over the state, late summer hires are brought into the classrooms before their background checks can be completed. Capital School district board member Brian Lewis wants to use the private sector as a solution to screen new school hire while waiting on the results of the finger prints. Brian Lewis leading the way as usual. Capital to mull online screening firms Measure would be added layer while awaiting state background checks By Jamie-Leigh Bissett Delaware State News DOVER — The pros and cons of hiring an outside background-screening agency will be weighed by the Capital School District in the coming weeks after a discussion about criminal-background checks ensued at Wednesday’s board meeting. Dave Vaughan, Capital’s human-resources director, was asked by board members to research online screening companies to see if the district should pay an outside Read more

Good News, Silly News

The good news is a woman charged with beating a transgender woman will be sentenced to prison, likely 5 years.  It is a conviction under assault and hate crimes laws.  It begs a question Why is it in Maryland 1st degree assault and a hate crime gets only 5 years? The silly news is that instead of answering that question, Governor Martin O'Malley D-MD has pledged greater protection to transgendered persons.  How?  Two laws were already broken.  What would have prevented the assault?  Should each transgendered person have a right to a body guard?  Maybe the Governor should review the lax sentencing guidelines in Maryland for assaults that cause serious bodily harm.  A person has the right to be safe whether they are male, female, or undecided.   The Governor does not need to pander to a group with a promise he cannot keep.  Instead he needs to work to make everyone safe. The Read more

Secure Communities or Big Brother?

Montgomery County Maryland's county executive is fighting to remove his county from the federal Secure Communitiess program.  The program is meant to deport criminal illegal aliens by running fingerprints of everyone arrested through both FBI and ICE data.  Imagine 2050 and other open borders groups claim the program is Big Brother.   The Illinois State Senate is moving toward revoking its state's participation.  The Obama Administration insists upon compliance in states that currently participate and plans to roll it out Nationwide in a couple of years.  It makes the profiling argument made against Arizona SB 1070 moot by checking everyone. For the record, Delaware is participating.  The state is listed as having 100% participation.  70 people have been turned over to ICE custody and the majority have been deported. Why would a county or state want to pay money in these times Read more

A Modest Proposal for SB 12

Senator Henry's SB 12 passed the upper chamber.  The bill repeals the prohibition of people who have been convicted of a drug felony from getting food stamps.  A murderer could get food stamps for his family, but not a drug felon.  I understand the feeling that someone should not be banned from life from getting assistance.  It seems fair.  It feels right.   There is a reason for the prohibition.  It was not to be mean to ex-drug dealers and others.  People who used drugs tend disproportionately to commit food stamp fraud and trade for credits or cash to get drugs.  The idea is not to support people's habits. If the sponsors are serious about helping people and not funding habits, I have a simple proposal.  In order to qualify for this second chance, you have to be drug tested.  I would like to see one to start and a random test during the year.  If you fail, once on it, Read more

Markell Touts Plan to Lower Violent Crime in Wilmington

"Operation: Pressure Point" Coordinates Efforts to Crack Down on Violent Crime Statewide Reducing Crime in Wilmington is the First Focus of this Statewide Prevention Effort Markell: "When it comes to combating gun violence and violent crime anywhere in Delaware, we are fully aligned in both our efforts and outcomes - to save lives." Wilmington, DE - A statewide effort to tackle violent crime called "Operation: Pressure Point" begins today with an initial focus on reducing gun violence in the City of Wilmington. The initiative's two concurrent phases - enforcement and investigation - each involve greater coordination between state, federal and local resources to maximize the potential impact on crime reduction. The City was selected as the starting point for the effort after the Governor received requests from Wilmington community leaders, elected officials and the state's Black Read more

Crime on the Agenda In Delaware State House

Delaware is grappling with a rising gang problem. The State News did a 4 day look at gangs which has opened eyes to the problem. The response in the General Assembly is HB 6 which is to increase gang recruitment and retention from a class F felony to a Class E felony in the hope that people who are not intimidated by prison already will suddenly get intimidated by an extra 6 months (average sentencing guidelines). It will not help, but it will give the sponsors a good feeling and a nice press release. The fact is the sponsors are well meaning and understand that something has to be done. Delaware is not in the grips of organized gangs so dealing with the problem now is a positive step. They are not sure what so they are hoping this helps on the margins. I think that opens the door to other opportunities. We need to have a conversation about the problem. Law enforcement is part of the picture, Read more