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Freedom Of Speech

  Freedom of speech is one of our Founding principles. It was  included in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Clearly freedom of speech was upper most in the minds of the Founding  Fathers.   This freedom allows us to discuss the issues of the day, without the fear of reprisal from our government. Throughout history, we have seen the people of other nations who have either, never had this freedom, or who have had it taken away. It is usually a tyrant who wishes to hold onto their power, who infringes upon this God given right. Other times it is a would be tyrant.  Clearly, anytime someone attempts to restrict the freedom of speech, it is due to their fear of the truth. In the case of the tyrant, they may be afraid that if the people are able to communicate openly, then the people will see the falseness of the tyrant's power. If the people of a nation have the freedom to communicate, Read more

Presidential Press Conference Non-Post

Hi everyone, OPEN THREAD This is the post I am not going to do about the President's Press Conference tonight. After my head exploded I am finding it hard to prepare a real post. Perhaps someone with more cranial fortitude will come along and do a full write up on the event. Till then go ahead and post your responses, or non-responses in the comments section For some reason it sounded like he could have just run this speech again and saved the energy.  At least this time he didn't fly to give it.  I don't care about carbon foot prints, but it may yet carbon credits may soon be another expense the taxpayer will have to buy for him. Why the rush, well Mr. Anderson The fact that you voted for a rushed bankruptcy reform bill which hurt sick people's ability to clear medical debt is irrelevant.  What bill have we rushed through which was over 300 pages that you would be proud of in the Read more