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What should unite Delawareans

We love to debate issues. It is the American way. We also like to solve the problems that are common to us together. That too is the American way. I am on the conservative side of the spectrum. That is not a shock to anyone who has spent a couple of weeks around me or reads my social media. I do not change my values for anyone nor do I expect others to do so. I respect others and expect to receive it back. I have found it intriguing that in spite of different approaches that we may have, there is much more common ground between us than most people realize. Do we care that drug addiction is killed approximately 3 times more Delawareans than auto accidents? I believe it is now the leading cause of death for Delawareans under 40, but current statistics are so hard to obtain that I cannot be sure. The number of overdose deaths last year is equal to the 5 years from 2004 to 2008. Do Read more

Bipartisan Statement by Delaware Statewide Officials and Legislative Leaders on Charlottesville

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUGUST 14, 2017 A Joint Statement By Elected Leaders of Delaware We join together to denounce the intimidation and violence perpetrated by white supremacists and Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend, and to make clear that such conduct will not be tolerated here in Delaware. We come from different backgrounds, different parties, and different parts of the state. Some of our colleagues have relatives who served and died fighting the Nazis in World War II. Some of our colleagues have ancestors who were imprisoned and killed in Nazi-run concentration camps. Some of our colleagues have ancestors who were enslaved and oppressed when white supremacy was permitted by law here in the United States. All of us, together, reject the white supremacist and Nazi views espoused last weekend in Charlottesville, and condemn the behavior and violence that accompanied Read more

Why Women Should Not Be Drafted

The U. S. Senate wants women to register for the Selective Service just like men do. It makes sense because the only reason the High Court gave for not drafting women was that they were not allowed into combat when the draft was challenged during the Vietnam war. There is another reason not discussed because it is not politically correct. A draft should be about national survival. We should not compel people into a war unless it is necessary for national survival. While everyone is important, a nation can survive the mass loss of its young men but not of its young women. Women of child bearing age are vital to the continuation of a nation. You can allow multiple spouses for a time to replenish a population, but that would not work if you lose massive numbers of young women. Frankly, we cannot afford to put millions and millions of young women in combat. Women who are properly Read more

Delaware’s Challenge of 2016

The Diamond State has lost some luster. We are not the Diamond state any longer we are the stagnant state. We are stagnant in income growth, our NEAP education scores are stagnant, we spent the last decade creating part time jobs to replace the full time jobs that we lost. We are 6 in education spending and in the bottom third in results. Our state budget is looking like a house of cards. Murdertown U.S.A is here. Even our rural areas face heroin and home invasions. Our cities are seeing drug gang invasions. We have more homeless than shelters. We have more people seeking drug treatment than beds for them. Businesses are being nickled and dimed into oblivion. State renewable portfolio mandates are raising electricity rates which further impoverishes families and drives away manufacturers. Healthcare policy is a failure. They attempted to make us a sanctuary state (SB 60) by preempting Read more

Paid Maternity leave doesn’t demand government mandate

I believe in the right to life, family values and free markets. All three need to come into play with regard to paid maternity leave. Children are literally dying because we are pressuring mothers to rush back to workforce before 6 months after birth of their children. Megyn Kelly had two women who lost babies in daycare after having to go back to work before they felt comfortable. Both lost their children the first day of daycare. 55 of every 1000 babies die in the first 6 months of life with 31 of those in the first month, according to the global study cited. If we want to get local, Delaware has the 6th highest infant mortality rate in the nation at over 7 per 1000. This makes it more compelling for Delaware to lead. 4 big ways to reduce that are no smoking, medical care, safe sleep and maternal presence. It is clear that we need paid maternal leave. The question is how do we do it? Read more

A discussion of socialism

How can anyone not know that free stuff isn't really free? The question is do you have control over how much you pay and what you get or does some bureaucrat determine those factors? Central planning doesn't work. Who is trying to move into North Korea? Government dictating prices, payments and services offered by doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes is not good. It wouldn't be any better at the college level. Why would we want to turn our collegiate system into the wonderfully ineffective and inferior system of a public high school? The first semester and often the first term at most public colleges for a large percentage of students is bridging them from high school. Most people no longer graduate in 4 years partially due to this fact. Free is expensive in that either the quality will go down as it becomes almost universal or the cost will go up to accommodate those who are Read more

A thought from Gov. Mike Huckabee

If you ever suspected some government employees are paid to sit around, doing nothing, well, you were right… A British-based company called Serco Inc. landed a $1.2 billion federal contract to process applications for Obamacare. At the time, Serco was under investigation for overbilling the British government. But an Obama Administration spokesman insisted it was a “highly skilled company” with a proven track record in providing cost-effective services to federal agencies. But what exactly ARE those services? Some employees in St. Louis told that Serco is paid by the worker, not per application processed. So they’re still hiring, even though they already have staffers who are instructed to just stare at their computer screens for 10 minutes, then hit the “Refresh” button. But it’s not as if the company does nothing. They do have a multi-million dollar lobbying operation Read more

Why Chivalry is on life support: Male Rape Victim Expelled

John Doe had a girlfriend, he was not looking for another. John was drunk. John was not so drunk that he forgot his chivalry, when his girlfriend's roommate--Jane Roe, who was at the same party needed someone to walk her back to the dorm, he did it. Sadly for him, he was so drunk that when he sat down in their room, he passed out. The young woman was upset that her guy friend would not come over to have sex. She decided to take advantage of the passed out good guy who was available. In other words, she raped him. She admitted it in texts to two people early that morning. She was horrified at what she had done. He let it go. After all, who would believe him. 10% or more of rape victims are like John Doe, but almost none of the prosecutions are. Slate reported that until 2012, the FBI defined forcible rape as a female who has penetration against her will, which skews many statistics Read more

HB54 Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Legislation Proposed

By Staff Reporter: Wolf von Baumgart Delaware State Representative Sean Lynn (D – District 31 Dover) has sponsored legislation that would require all motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear helmets at all times during operation on Delaware roads. HB 54 is co-sponsored by Reps. Stephanie T. Bolden, (D -- District 2 East Wilmington) and Debra J. Heffernan (D – District 6 Bellefonte, Claymont, Edgemoor) Read more

Consequences, Elections have them and so does Legislation by: Larry Mayo–Guest Post

As we look forward to the new legislative session in Dover, to see if the newly elected and also the re-elected Representatives and Senators fulfill the promises they made during the campaigns. I have to wonder to myself, what will change? My best guess is, next to nothing! Why? Well I’m glad you asked. You see, during the election, nothing changed. We, the voters, continued to ask our politicians to solve problems our government has neither the ability nor the authority to solve, and they continued to promise to do just that. After all, the purpose of civil government is what? To do for us what we can’t do for ourselves? No. To level the playing field? No. To spread the wealth around? No! The purpose of OUR government is simply, to secure our rights, those rights which were given to all of us by our Creator. Period! I know this because the men who created our government Read more

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testifies at House Hearing, Open Thread

Sebelius takes full responsibility for the debacle that is the Affordable Care Act. However, the buck clearly stops at the President's desk. If the President cannot place competent people in positions of authority, he is incompetent to lead. Is an impeachment in the offing? The now, much repeated promise of President Obama, that Americans could keep their doctors and insurance policies if they "liked" them has everybody whose policies were cancelled by their carriers hurling epithets of "liar liar." Sebelius denied that Obama had broken his promise and claimed that people who had coverage as of March 2010 can keep their current plans, provided their insurance companies haven't changed them. She argued that people receiving cancellation notices will be offered better quality plans. The American Citizens has been told lie after lie by President Obama himself, and now his Puppet Read more

Privatize the Children

I support the privatization of children. Now I know this will probably draw as much blowback as the idea of even partially privatizing social security did, but someone has to say it. Until they become adults they should belong to their families. A mother and father should have the rights and responsibilities to raise their children. They should be allowed to choose where their child lives, where they go to receive their education, if and where they attend church, what food their children will eat, and where they will go on vacation and how they will use their free time. If a parent wants to home school their child that should be their right, if they want to send them to a public, a private, or a charter school that should be their right. No matter where they choose to have their children educated parents should have the ability to influence what their children are taught. Unfortunately, Read more

Proposed 28th Amendment To The Constitution

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:
“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .”
Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It takes 38 of the 50 states to convene a Constitutional Convention. What do you think; should children of the Congress have monetary and other special privileges that other taxpayers are unable to enjoy?

Launch! Dover Health Card Unvieled

Discounts on Medications, Vision care, $25 eye glasses, hearing aids, diabetic supplies and more are available with a free card regardless of residency. There has never been a health card like the one offered now by the City of Dover. It is available on the city website, at the library, customer service, or city hall. The News Journal covered it here. I was inspired by the fact that people needed some help affording eye glasses and vision care. Many Employers and Delaware Medicaid dropped this coverage but the need remains. This is why I searched for a program that would be free to participate in which allowed people easy access and affordable access to this vital health need. Vision care is important to the economy. People who cannot get proper vision care cannot advance themselves as easily by studying or be as efficient at work. It impacts the quality of daily life. It is too Read more

An Elected Sheriff Working For The People

If the Sheriff's only duty is to serve court documents and conduct foreclosures, why have the Sheriff's powers and responsibilities diminished over the years since office the was established. At the inception of the Sheriff's office, he and his deputies had the power to arrest criminals, collect taxes, conduct surveys and in some cases, serve as judges. Was their power purposely and slowly eroded away to become what it is today; If so, to what purpose? Others have said, they don't really care what duties Sheriff's have in other states, however since the Sheriff in Delaware started with such broad powers at its conception, I believe it is a legitimate topic of discussion. I believe that the original intent of Delaware's founding fathers, who wrote our constitution are clear and I believe that intention was that the sheriff would indeed be the, "Conservator of the Peace," with law enforcement Read more