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What does it mean to be a Conservative or Liberal?

One person commented. Not that it should matter, but I am a conservative, not a liberal. You think I am a liberal because I demand honesty and because I question the use of labels. Your point would have been made if you had said “Bully Fired.” The guy was a jerk. When I see jerks I don’t wonder if they are liberal or conservative, or any other label, they are just jerks. Your, and others, insistence on categorizing everything in shades of liberalism and conservatism is divisive and has resulted in the partisan gridlock we continue to have today. Once upon a time both parties were able to disagree but work together for the betterment of America. Now, it is open warfare, with no one winning. There were a great many liberal statesman as well as a great many conservative statesmen. These people respected each other and worked together to find and achieve common objectives. Now, it’s Read more

Comment Rescue–Jud Opines

Dear Friends, I am enjoying tremendously researching and following the fluid action on the Sussex County Sheriff. Many of you have provided me with input. I have received over 600 e-mails so far about the issue from an eclectic group of folks- Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. So far the sentiment is running about 3 to 1 in favor of the Sheriff and his deputies having arrest powers. Ironically, the actual move to remove all the Sheriff's existing powers and relegate him legally to only a process server, has come initially from the Sussex County Council of which the majority is made up of Conservative Republicans with one liberal democrat joining in the 5 to 0 unanimous vote. Even more amazing is the charge to eliminate the Sheriff's remaining powers at Legislative Hall in Dover is now being led and embraced by the Republicans. The conflict is simple-- The Constitution says one Read more

Comment Rescue: Chairman of Sussex GOP

I really did not think that anyone would care about a post for the race for Vice Chairman of the Sussex County Republican Committee.  So far no one has announced themselves as running for Vice President of the United States other than Joe Biden.  Usually the race for the second spot only gets interest after the top slot gets a candidate.  Some have asked about the race for Chairman.  This is fair as the power and authority rests in the top spot and not in the 2nd spot.  So I am willing to discuss the information that has been shared with me.  Let me be the first to say that much of what I am reporting is based on conversations.  Some of this may be speculation by those talking with me.   However, I trust that those who shared this information were honest in their belief that what they had to say was accurate.   The rumor mill says that both Vance Phillips and Glen Urquhart Read more

Comment Resuce: Party Unity

Don Ayotte on my post Brimming with optimism Running for the Chairman and Vice Chairman’s position was truly eye-opening and I gained an astute understanding and compassion for every republican’s point of view. I met people that I differed with greatly, and instantly knew that I could work with them to build the party and get good candidates elected. I was asked questions at different regions that made me think and consider their point of view and knew that I could work with these people also. Building relationships and listening is imperative to successful leadership. I saw at different levels, every type of situation that you spoke of in your comment. I don’t expect party unity to ever be complete because there is too much diversity within the party, even in a small state like Delaware. The most that I expected to achieve as far as party unity was the ability to work together Read more

Comment Rescue: Useful Idiots

 I am always amazed by what basic things liberals don’t know.  One of the problems of posting as a conservative is the total lack of historic and cultureal  knowledge of liberals.  Liberals can take one word out of context, due to their ignorance, and then go ballistic when they are the ones who misunderstood the term in the first place.  I saw this phenomenon in person when I referenced 2 Delaware State News Reporters as “useful idiots”.  The usual liberal, get your panties in a bunch, crowd used this term to accuse me of name calling etc.  Not to be out done the usual liberal choir then chose to justify their own name calling based on their ignorance of a term I used.  (Aren’t liberals always preaching that 2 wrongs don’t make a right?)  At any rate I consciously used the term “useful idiots” not as name calling or as a pejorative.  Instead I used the term Read more

Comment Rescue–Rebecca Cervera Responds to Immigration Question

We were honored to bring to your attention Mrs. Rebecca Cervera. She has opted to address Immigration questions raised here. I think some of the questions were a bit much, but she was gracious enough to make this one of the first public written forums where she addressed this hot button issue. I just ran into this blog. Interesting comments, to say the least. Please feel free to visit my web and Facebook sites: Also feel free to email me with any questions, doubts, or concerns. Though personal ethnicity is not a subject I care to indulge in, I will say that I am a red blooded, born in the U.S., AMERICAN. Our family were broken and uneducated transients but I removed myself from the family (at age 12) to work and attend school. If it were not for the grace of God and this great country, I would have been dead, a prostitute, or a welfare mom by age 18. I have never Read more

Comment Rescue: O’Donnell Whopper in her Own Words

The Tri Party Tea Party has endorsed Christine O'Donnell. This is in a prior post.  In the comment section of the post, there is a You Tube link to a May 2nd speech by O'Donnell    In this speech, Christine O'Donnell tells the outrageous Whopper that she won 2 of 3 Counties in Delaware in the 2008 General Elcection against Joe Biden.  Now whether one considers this an outright lie or a demonstration of pure stupidity, only the reader can decide, but here are O'Donnell's exact words on this You Tube Video.  This can be found between 1:35 and 1:45 into this video.   Christine O'Donnell:  "I was the 2008 endorsed Republican Candidate in 2008 and I won 2  counties." (Delaware only has 3. Christine also holds up 2 fingers to emphasize the point.) Now for the uninformed Christine O'Donnell won Zero, Zip, Nada Delaware Counties in 2008.  Here are the numbers:                                      NCC                Read more

So It is Christine

It turns out the source of the ridiculous rumor that Mike Castle has cut a deal and will switch parties after the November Election is none other than Christine O'Donnell herself!!!  I guess this shouldn't come as a shock. This most recent display of bizarre desperation by a candidate that can't personally get it together, quite frankly is disturbing. The O'Donnell Campaign is  engaged in the worst kind of rumormongering.  They are putting out blatant untruths and getting sympathetic but foolish people to repeat the lies.  Here is the link to the Chrisitne O'Donnell website where she begins the spin. Christine O'Donnell states on her website when commenting on a Washington Post column that: "But secondly, Kamen’s statement assumes that the liberal Mike Castle hasn’t cut a deal Read more

Comment Rescue–“An idiot”: Mark Williams of Tea Party Express writes a letter to Lincoln

As for Mark Williams attempt a satirizing the NAACP, he didn’t show himself to be a racist. He showed himself to be a blithering, insensitive, Jack Ass who has no place in leadership of a broad based people’s movement. In attempting to make some sort of point that the NAACP is embracing a new type of slavery and forgoing the hard earned freedom of yesteryear, he managed to insult people who would agree with him and show how out of touch he is with modern day Americans. The NAACP looked foolish and it was quite frankly an embarrassing episode. Now Williams makes the Tea Party look equally petty and foolish and himself look like an idiot. The Tea Party movement is a diverse coalition of groups with no national leadership. As we see, that is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it can’t be pigeon holed by one guy. The curse is that any self appointed ego maniac with an email Read more

Comment Rescue–Justice Steele on Jensen with sub Nixon

Tyler Nixon I am bringing Chief Justice Myron Steele onto the Rick Jensen show today from 1-3 on 1150 AM WDEL. We will be discussing numerous topics, but mainly will try to take listener calls/questions. So if you have a burning question to ask Delaware’s top jurist, please join in. WDEL : 302-478-9335 Thanks for the interruption. Note from me: I normally do not do guest spots on the front page, but this is rare enough to be big.   Thanks for the information, Tyler.  You thread hijacker.

Pete Schwartzkropf Responds to Accusation

An accusation was brought in a press release against Rep. Peter Schwartzkopf. Our policy is to always give the target the space to answer the charges with the same prominence as the original post. Thank you for accepting the invitation. It is now in the reader's court. UPDATE:  After an extensive conversation with Rep. Peter Schwartzkropf, I believe that the 3 am call never happened.  I believe that the call happened at 8 pm as he contends and the press release is inaccurate.  The rest is a matter of interpretation.  The majority leader says that he had absolutely no intention of coming off harshly.  Considering that the call was made to a former donor, I can buy that.   Considering that he was asking if someone in a particular law office used its computers to sponsor the website, I understand how that person could find that intimidating.  I could make more Read more

Comment Rescue Do you think there is selective indignation?

Did you ever get the feelings that there is selective indignation from the media about politically based misconduct?  There may be a reason for that.  I would say if you know anyone so frustrated that they talk about doing something stupid.  Just say don't be like these fools. Comment by P.Schwartz on 25 March 2010 at 10:39 pm: DL post Burris Breaks with Violence here is a brief list from your friends at FreeRepiblic: March 21, 2003: GOP Headquarters in Madison hit with bricks, paint bombs Journal Sentinel In 2004, Republicans were subject to an aggressive and sometimes violent campaign of harassment and intimidation orchestrated by Kerry supporters. At least three Bush-Cheney offices were shot at during the election season. A swastika was burned into the front yard of a Bush-Cheney supporter in Madison, Wisconsin. Other incidents included offices burglarized, windows smashed, Read more

Another Left Wing Myth Exploded

Secret Service: Threats Against Obama No Higher than Normal CBS ^ | 12/3/09 | Stepahine Condom The director of the Secret Service today disputed widely-reported claims that President Obama is receiving more death threats than previous presidents. At a congressional hearing into the White House security breach that took place last week, when Tareq and Michaele Salahi “crashed” the White House state dinner, Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan said the current threat level against the president is normal. “The threats right now … is the same level as it has been for the previous two presidents at this point in their administrations,” Sullivan said. Sullivan was the only requested witness who agreed to testify today before…

A Bleak Future or Sacrifice Today

Comment Rescue --David Anderson  Afghanistan is a very complicated country. It is a feudal federal republic. We cannot act as if Karzai is the only power. We have to do what we did in Iraq, which is work with the tribal leaders and the central government. It is about our national security and the peace of the world. Precipitous withdraw will end the Pax Americana and plunge the world into eventual disorder as terror cells grow and cause instability in at least 70 nations. The picture of the next 20 years will be one of terrorism, civil war, crackdowns, and oppression. First to go after Afghanistan will be Yemen, then Pakistan, then Somalia and Sudan will be ramped up as bases. There will be increased instability in Africa and the Middle East. Europe will be flooded with refugees. Among these mostly decent people will be terror cells. Europe will be in flames in 10 years. The Philippines Read more

Does “Green” Job Markell have any responsiblity for this?

Valero to close Del. refinery (good job Mr. VP, evil energy co. gets its just deserts)–The Democrat energy bill removed many refinery provisions. Philadelphia Inquirer ^ | 11/20/2009 | staff Valero Energy Corp., the largest U.S. refiner, announced today that it will permanently close its Delaware City, Del., plant because of losses brought on by the poor economy. The shutdown is expected to affect about 550 employees. “A safe and orderly shutdown of the refinery will commence immediately,” the San Antonio, Texas-based company said today in a statement, adding that employees were told today of the move. The company said it expects to save $450 million in operating expenses next year by shutting the refinery. Comment Resuce

Comment Rescue ON ABORTION

I commented early on Dave Anderson’s thread on social conservatism vis a vis Fiscal Conservatism and I thought that the question was one of political strategy. I like those kind of questions because political strategy and organization is where one wins elections on the margins. There is no secret to winning elections in Wilmington. Be a Democrat on the ballot and you win. There is a spirited debate going on about abortion on Dave’s thread and I don’t want to distract from that. But I do want to put in my 2 cents and since I have the ability to initiate my own post I have decided to do so. I came to a pro life position thanks to a woman (a Democrat) with whom I had an adult relationship. Prior to that I had been Pro Choice. She was non political or apolitical but her words as a mother changed my view. Her words were not political, nor were they theoretical, but they were moving Read more

Comment Resuce The Real Reason they are sending Obama to Copenhagen

Rick left a link which alleges Valerie Jarrett, senior Presidential adviser, would financially benefit from an Olympic victory. It appears the Presidential schedule is subject to the whim of the Chicago crowd. It is disappointing if true. Michelle Malkin may need to write the Culture of Corruption part 2.
Jarrett’s slum lord record in Chicago is highly relevant to her current and ongoing pursuit of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid — which will cost taxpayers nearly $5 billion and bring an untold windfall to developers and contractors.

The Truth About the 1980’s Deficit Comment Rescue

"Also Gramm Rudmanan Hollings proved the point that when spending is controlled, you can get deficit reduction and tax reform. The top tax rate was slashed starting in 1987 and the deficit went down." (David Anderson) David - what kind of weird history books are you reading? Everything you said in that comment was factually wrong. Actually the facts are pretty easy to come by. I don't think the GAO is weird. Fiscal year: 1986; Unified budget deficit or surplus: -$221.215. Fiscal year: 1987; Unified budget deficit or surplus: -$149.728. Fiscal year: 1988; Unified budget deficit or surplus: -$155.152. Fiscal year: 1989; Unified budget deficit or surplus: -$152.456. I am glad that Noman brought the subject up. We need to discuss deficit spending. I am not one of those deficit hawks who would sacrifice the well being of my fellow citizens to balance the budget Read more

Comment Rescue: Constitution treated like a Friendly Suggestion

Your contributor Tim made this soon to be classic quote.
“No person with contempt for the Constitution is fit for public office.” Art Downes Well Art that rules out a sizable chunk our General Assembly and most of the House and Senate, not to mention the executive branches at both the state and federal level. The best you can say for a lot of them is that they treat the state and federal Constitutions like friendly suggestions that we are to follow when we have the time and it isn’t too much of an inconvenience.
I wish I said that. This is the heart of our problems in American government. Elect people who revere the Constitution and you put us back on the track to greatness.

Hooray For Open Government!

resolutedetermination over at Resolute Determination has this inspiring report up:
I just called the Division of Research at Legislative Hall to get my hands on a copy of the budget. I was told that the public has no right to review the budget until after the General Assembly passes the bill.
So how can any Delawarean make suggestions about what should be cut from the budget if we can’t see the budget? Get it, noman?

Comment Resuce–Dear Congressman Castle

Dear Congressman Castle, I would like to express my total and vehement opposition to H.R. 2454, the boondoggle of a bill oddly titled the “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009”. The fact that it is now over 1,000 pages and is being suspiciously fast-tracked by the House leadership is enough to give one pause. There is absolutely no way that anyone, not even a speed reader, could possibly read let alone digest the contents of this legislation and reflect upon all of its possible ramifications. As Northwestern University law professor James Lindgren has noted: “Recognize that the cost of the cap-and-trade system far exceeds the tax collected from those who are willing to pay the money just to exceed the limits set by the government. The businesses that do not buy indulgences face the cost of the restrictions themselves. If Obama succeeds in his quest to reduce Read more

Comment Rescue: Wrong Anoni

Some things really irritate me, like the way people conveniently forget what was going on a scant 8 years ago in our nation: anoni DA, Unfortunately, it’s not one sided. The Patriot Act, and the TARP were both passed unread under Pres Bush and for the Patriot Act the R’s had the house and senate. it’s not new, but it is getting worse. No, the "R's" did not control the Senate when the Patriot Act flew out of there 98-1. If you recall, in May of 2001, Senator Jim Jeffords bailed from the GOP and went Independent, giving control of the Senate to the Democrats, with Senator Tom Daschle at the helm: On May 24, 2001, Jim Jeffords left the Republican Party, with which he had always been affiliated, and announced his new status as an independent. Jeffords discussed this decision during his announcement that he was leaving the Republican Party. "I will make this change Read more

Blog Or Propaganda?

Lt. Governor Matt Denn has caused a stir in Delaware's Blogosphere by starting a blog that he touts as, "the first official blog written by a member of Delaware’s state government." And as far as I can tell, it is. It's also, as I pointed out on Down With Absolutes, a blog that doesn't give the reader the option to comment. Well, of course my blatant heresy lead to a bunch of comments like this: Do you really think he is going to open the comment section for all the trash? And this: Oh, the exact reason why FSP and Maria want to comment, is the reason why there are no comments allowed. It’ll degrade to pure partisan off topic sniping at a moment’s notice. And this lovely post from the Delaware Way: Meanwhile, a pair of local GOPer henchbloggers, Dave Burris and Maria Evans (who, like Mr. Copeland, are members of long-time fat-cat Delaware families) end up chasing Read more

Rescued Comment from DL on school board elections

Smitty made a great point over on DL that deserved a wider audience than one blog. He is opposing changing school board elections to November with the general elections. I agree with him. I do NOT EVER want to know or hear what political affiliation a school board candidate identifies with. If nothing else, I would less inclined to vote for a person if they felt a need to tell me their registration as a school board candidate, R/D/G/I/coo-coo bird/otherwise. I want to know what you want to do, how you can work with, and how you plan to get it done on the school board. If you can’t be independent on a school board, then excuse me, but get the EFF OUT! This isn’t your damned political springboard, it’s the students, the teachers, the parents, etc. If you want a political springboard, run for a damned row office and flout your affiliation there. this isn’t to say that if Read more

Comment Rescue –a few GOP proposals for America

“I would appreciate it if you could give a brief outline on what the Repubs, if they were in power, would do on the economy, for starters. Then we have the wars, the healthcare shortfall, global warming and education. Where are the Repubs on these issues as well?” -Perry “Tim, you are speaking in generalities, not specifics. Please, what are some of these “interesting” bills?” - Perry Okay, for some specifics, I’ll give and example or two of bills proposed by Republicans relating to each of your subjects. I am listing these bills, not to show that they are the perfect, or comprehensive solutions for the various issues you mention, but to show that Republicans have not gone silent or stopped trying to address these areas of concern. Perhaps it isn’t that they have stopped talking but that someone is not listening. Hmm that seems to be a problem on both sides of the asile. First, Read more