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Delaware Endangered by a few Democratic Senators: Guest Opinion by Judson Bennett

OPINION Folks, the bottom line is that nothing changes in Delaware , other than the first state's financial crisis is probably beyond redemption. The Democrats are in power in Delaware and have created a dangerous $400 million dollar deficit by over spending. They do care about enhancing the killing of babies in late term abortions, but sure as hell can't manage the state's finances. If a law needs to be changed, such as the prudent SB 53 which basically protects corporations from arbitrarily and capriciously being forced into a sale by a Delaware Chancellor, the Democrat elected officials in Dover are never going to make such a change, because they will always listen to the self-serving representatives in the Delaware Bar Association who are all connected with the judiciary and their own self-serving agendas. Delaware is definitely going to lose its incorporation franchise because Read more

Colin Bonini for Governor Campaign Kickoff Saturday

Senator Colin Bonini (R-16) officially joined the race for Governor this week. He faces a primary with Businesswoman and former State Trooper Lacey Lafferty who filed March 10th. The winner will face off against Congressman John Carney in November. His campaign kick off will be July 9th at 2 p.m. at Frazier's Restaurant 9 E. Loockerman Street in Dover. Several local candidates will be debuting at the kickoff. No charge, light hors d'oeuvres. Bonini touts his conservative record as evidence that he can bring needed change to the state. He issued the following statement. I am running for governor because I love Delaware, and I believe the people of this state deserve better. One-party Democratic rule has dominated our state for too long, and the result has been a crippled economy, higher taxes, increased violent crime, fewer high paying jobs, and unsustainable debt. The status Read more

Bonini Touts Convention Endorsement

***NEWS RELEASE*** BONINI WINS ENDORSEMENT AT DE GOP CONVENTION DEWEY BEACH, DE – In the race for Governor, Senator Colin Bonini won a landslide victory with 73% of the vote for the endorsement of the Delaware Republican Convention. Bonini, the clear frontrunner in the race, beat Lacey Lafferty at the annual meeting of Republicans across the state. When making his case to the delegates, Bonini said, “I am a proven conservative leader that can win.” Bonini also criticized Democrats for failing Delawareans. “Delaware deserves better,” he said. “Delaware is off course, but we can right this ship by working together. I am confident about our future. But to ensure a Delaware of unlimited possibility, we must make the right choices. Our future prosperity depends on a vibrant economy, safe neighborhoods, strong schools and first class transportation and infrastructure Read more

Senate Bill 59 Driving Privileges for Illegals

Driving permits for illegal aliens passed the General Assembly. Governor Markell is reported to have signed the bill. The bill was not that controversial in the Senate where it passed 17 to 1 with 3 not voting. Only Senator Colin Bonini voted no. The House vote was much closer with only 22 votes (1 more than needed) Republicans Boulden, Miro, and Ramone joined Democrats in support while Democrats Bennett, Paradee, and Johnson joined Republicans in opposition.

New Energy in the Delaware Political System

Widespread Early Jockeying is a new trend in 1st State The political dynamic is going to shift some in Delaware next year. The Governor and Lt. Governor slots will both be open. Matt Denn vacated the Lt. Governor slot to be Attorney General, leaving it open for the next two years. There will be no incumbent in that slot to whom the Governor can transition or who will have the public eye this year. Governor Markell is term limited out of office. Republicans are fresh out off of their momentum gaining 2014 with people already stating their intentions for 2016. Former state trooper Lacey Lafferty is still running for governor, but she is joined by State Senator Colin Bonini. The only Democrat announcing is former Attorney General Beau Biden, but the New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon seems to be making moves and others are preparing the ground for Congressman John Carney just in Read more

Senator Bonini Speaks to 31st District GOP

Senator Colin R. J. Bonini spoke to a group of Dover area Republicans and picked up some enthusiastic volunteers. One had never been to 31st district meeting and had only volunteered for campaigns because he "hates political meetings and speeches" but the free pizza was a draw. The person was impressed with his smooth and genuine approach. "I would support him to be the next governor", the attendee stated. His would be colleague, Kim Warfield also expressed enthusiastic support. Bonini's hopeful remarks about Delaware being fixable, were an example of his trademark sunny conservatism. Bonini will focus on fiscal health, the economy, constitutional government and education. Bonini could not have had a better kickoff to the 2016 gubernatorial campaign. Read more

Colin to the Rescue

No one is a better, smarter, conservative leader in Delaware than Senator Colin Bonini. He is a friendly, helpful, team player with serious insight into the direction that we need to take in the future. He is destined for more than being a backbench senator. Right now that destiny is helping to rebuild the GOP. Colin has an enormously difficult task as the new Republican Victory Chairman with less than 6 weeks before the election. I do not expect miracles, but I believe the groundwork that he will lay down will have benefits this election and will give us the foundation for the shoots of a Republican Renaissance. I hope when Colin calls that you answer. He answered our call.

From the E-Mail Box

I am supporting Colin Bonini for state treasurer this year.  It is not just because of  his state senate record of looking out for the taxpayers or his sound record as a common sense conservative leader.   I like his proposals for more transparency in state spending and his fight to bring transparency to state government. I also support Colin Bonini because, while he is not perfect, he is a man worthy of high office.  I have had opportunity to visit with Melissa, his wife when he was not present.  We shared stories.  Her eyes light up when she speaks about the privilege of being married to him.  They have something special.  His opponent has to fight off charges by two different women regarding abuse including one that went to a jury trial, which in fairness he was acquitted of.  Without judging the merit of those charges, as a woman I have to think there is a real problem in Read more

The Truth about Colin Bonini

Colin Bonini has come under fire from the Delaware Liberal Crowd for missing some routine meetings of the Joint Sunset Committee of the General Assembly in some past years. The missing element is the why, but I will get to that. First, the background, the meetings are tedious therefore the members get an extra stipend. The Senator has a respectable attendance record in recent years, but for a while, he did not. The low point was 2005. Now I remind you that they are not given a stipend per meeting. Some of the work occurs and in fact the majority of the work is done outside of the meetings if done properly, therefore the legislature gives a lump sum each year for membership. The Stipend is only $3852. The attendance Record 2010 — 13 out of 16 2009 — 13 out of 17 2008 — 5 out of 16 2007 — 1 out of 13 2006 — 7 out of 14 2005 –0 out of 15 What happened that the Senator Read more

Keep Velda!!! Dems Circle the Wagons.

The Liberal Democrats have picked their poison and have chosen to defend the indefensible. Liberal Democrat Jack Markell has decided to stand by his ill advised appointment of Velda Potter-Jones or is is it Velda Jones-Potter? Keep Velda is part of the corrupt Wilmington Liberal Democrat clique that has transformed a once proud first city of Delaware into a hat in hand beggar. Velda it seems has this great and wonderful leadership program that has never once was initiated when she was an upscale city administrator during the 90's and prior to 2009.   It seems that female Wilmington employees needed a self esteem program  for years and Miss Velda never once decided to use her knowledge and expertise to do her Liberal uplifting while on City Time. (Velda is reported to be a Cityof Wilmington  Administrator since 1990 according to the News Journal).    No instead Miss Velda Read more

KEEP VELDA!!! She Gets YOUR Money

It appears that the measly salary that one gets as State Treasurer isn't enough for a liberal Wilmington Democrat.  Velda Jones-Potter is collecting significant bucks from a $150/hour consulting job from the City of Wilmington in addition to being State Treasurer.  It seems that perenially cash strapped Wilmington is getting its usual liberal dose of  "It's the Government's Money!!!!! Hand it over Sap!!!" Keep in mind Wilmington has been the recepient of State and Federal largesse for years (that would be the rest of the State's money) and still comes up short when needing things like police officers, firefighters and the like.  Workers in Wilmington also get to pay 3 types of Income tax with a City Wage tax on top of Delaware and Federal Income taxes.   You gotta love it when liberals get long term unfettered control of a Government body.   That is the case in Wilmington Read more

The Racist Charge: The Last Refuge of the Liberal Scoundrel

Anyone who goes over to the Delaware Moonbat website for anything other than laughs is typically wasting their time.  I read their socialist diatribes with little interest as the liberal play book has not changed in 30 years.  One of the constants of the liberal strategy is what to do when the liberals are losing the debate, (This happens every time facts are involved ) The Liberal Constants  are to engage in the time honored liberal strategy of accusing their opponent of being a racist.  As the Journolist scandal proved, Liberal journalists will accuse someone falsely of being a racist in order to shut people up who are beating them down in any debate.  Now liberals don't need facts, they are prepared to level a charge without any proof whatsoever.   We do need to pay attention to the strategy as the racist label is typically hurled at someone the liberals fear.  This Read more

Liberals Target Treasurer’s Race

Emily’s list is supporting Velda Potter Jones. It is just another reason for conservatives to make sure Colin Bonini wins. UPDATE It has come to my attention that the link is not working properly.    Yes, I do know it is Velda Jones Potter, but Potter Jones is the name in the report.  I let that one go where it may.  It is up to me to report the fact not change it.  If they don’t know to whom they are giving that says a lot about it being ideologically driven.$File/EMILYS%20LISTXX-10-PAC-PRI-30DAY.pdf?openelement

Bob Ehrlich Coming to Delaware

We try here not to get into the habit of promoting Individual Fundraisers. If we did that this site would be inundated with nothing but announcements. I have suspended my usual rational judgement in this area for a couple of reasons. They are: 1. Bob Ehrlich is the real deal. I have heard him speak before. He has potential on the National Level. He was  a great Governor in Maryland.  2. Colin Bonini deserves credit for lining up a  top notch great executive to headline an event that highlights his desire to promote smaller government. 3.  Maybe if we are really nice to  Bob Ehrlich and his lovely Mrs,  Maybe just maybe he will move to Delaware eventually and run for Governor.  He has a really great track record.  Now if Chris Christie, also returns to the state of His Alma Mater, then we will have a farm team for the ages.  So the fundraiser is this Monday, August 2nd Read more


Senator Colin Bonini made the ceremonial announcement in all three counties, yesterday. He proclaimed his message of fiscal responsibility and transparency to good sized crowds of supporters and the media. Senate colleagues such as Minority leader Simpson, and former Minority leader Copeland were there. State Auditor Tom Wagner was there.  Candidates such as Dave Lawson and Michael Lindquist who had his own successful announcement for Recorder of Deeds that evening. He brought former primary rivals Glen Urquhart and Kevin Wade together in enthusiastic agreement.  He has a way of uniting us. Senator Bonini is a class act. He is consistent, conservative, and competent. He consistently told us the state budget was broken and that we were heading to an unsustainable level. He was often mocked as Senator No. Now others are joining him in voting against the budget and even the governor's office Read more


I loved it.  The Delaware Conservative Coalition worked.  Between 1200 and 1500  people showed up to the middle of where?  Outside of Houston, Delaware in the middle of July to an event with little advertisement.  Fliers, the guide, coalition emails to members, the blogs, Facebook, and WGMD.  It was big.    It was great political theater.  Over 1200 people representing all ages, ethnically diverse, and economical circumstances (we have sign in sheets and counted cars) showed up from across the state  to a barn in the middle of nowhere from all across the state.  Colin Bonini rocked the house with his fiscal conservatism.  George Allen fired them up and Glen Urquhart really owned the crowd with repeated applause and a rousing ovation when he signed his pledge.  Governor Allen said Glen Urquhart has what it takes, the right values, principles, and ideas to be a Congressman. The Read more

Colin Bonini: Partisanship v Principle

I just wanted to pass this on.  It is taken from one of Senator Bonini's emails.  It is a shame to see the political games being played by our General Assembly.   Partisanship v. Principle:   One of my Darkest Days in the Senate  June 11, 2010   Dear Friends: I have never considered it to be anything less than a great honor and privilege to serve in the State Senate. I have had the opportunity to help many of my fellow Delawareans and advocate for legislation that I believe will grow our state's economy and help Delaware's hard-working families. Yesterday, however, was without a doubt one of the darkest days I have had in the General Assembly since I was elected in 1994. During session yesterday, I took the floor of the Senate to introduce my legislation, Senate Bill 288, which will create an early retirement incentive for Read more

Lawson Announces for 15th Senate

Small Business Owner and and retired State Trooper Dave Lawson announced that he is running for the 15th State Senate Seat. This seat is currently held by Sen. Nancy Cook.  Sen. Cook has held this seat since 1974. Lawson Owns the Business, Shooters Choice. Shooter's Choice is an indoor shooting range that also offers firearms safety training, marksman training, and concealed carry training. The business also has a retail side that sells firearms and accessories.  Lawson established the business 16 years ago.  Lawson made the announcement on Tuesday May 4th at the Cheswold Fire Hall at 6:30.  About 100 friends and supporters were in attendance.  Included in the attendees were State Senators Joe Booth, Liane Sorensen, Gary Simpson and Colin Bonini who is also running for State Treasurer.  State Auditor Tom Wagner was there as was Congressional Candidate Kevin Wade.  Members Read more

Support Delaware’s Conservative Leader

Come celebrate the beginning of the 2010 baseball season withcolin-bonini-and-orin-hatch Sen. Colin Bonini April 19, 2010 Felton Fire Hall 7:00pm-10:00pm $40 per person $75 per couple Menu World Famous Fried Oysters Chicken Salad, Dumplings Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Beans, Cole Slaw, Rolls & Butter Ice Cream & Cookie Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea DOOR PRIZE: Two Tickets to a Philadelphia Phillies Baseball game! Please Contact Dave Tise with any questions 302-562-6206 or

Senator Hatch comes to Delaware

I was privileged to attend Senator Orin Hatch's (R-Utah) breakfast speech.   He announced that he endorsed Congressman Castle for Senate as the only one who can win the seat and announced that his committee gave 10K to Castle campaign.  This was not the focus of the event.  It was to rally the troops.  He spoke briefly about the health care debacle and hopes to repeal parts of the legislation.  He stated the we are undergoing the Europeanization of America (call it socialism if you want it is the same thing he stated) . He appealed to Republicans to put aside differences and join together for the fight for survival of American free markets and our Constitutional rights.   Right now any Republican is better than any Democrat up there. He also addressed other issues such as avoiding filibustering judicial nominees except under extreme circumstances.  He feared a far left nominee Read more

Ron Williams Can’t Read

Ron Williams whose Political acumen and ability to predict Delaware races has earned him the nickname of of WRong Williams, is at it again. This time he displays an incredible inability to read, analyze, and subsequently comment on the issue of transparency. Ron Williams in a December 9 editorial, takes Colin Bonini to task for not knowing who funded the Retirement Week Ads that were put out by the State Treasurer's Office in October. After all, according to Ron, he asked the State Treasurer herself on October 25th and she told him that Fidelity Investments gave her $50,000 for the Ads. Ron's problem is that Colin Bonini asked a question as to who financed the Retirement Week ads from the State Treasurer. It appears Bonini had the gall to ask this question directly of the State Treasurerer and to expected to get a direct answer from her (Williams believes that Bonini should have Read more

Why Cohen is Wrong on Bonini

The editor of Delaware Grapevine loves to dump on Senator Colin Bonini's supposed frequent candidacy in off years. The truth is less entertaining than the soundbites. I really like Celia Cohen. She is smart, witty, loves politics, and is a civil war enthusiast? What more do we need to enjoy Delaware Grapevine. I do feel a need to take issue with The Election That Cried Wolf" post. Here are some of the lowlights. The election for treasurer could be a race between a candidate who did not plan to run, but is, and a candidate who always plans to run, but has not. There is is a significant amount of backing and filling here. Even for politics. Somewhere the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf is high-fiving. Velda Jones-Potter is the un-lame duck who was not supposed to run. She is the Democrat who was appointed treasurer by Gov. Jack Markell to replace himself for the last two years Read more