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The FBI Letter Reopening the Clinton Probe

Here is a link to the FBI letter which says new information found in an unrelated case has led to a reopening of the email probe.

Polls showed a 3 point race before today’s join body blows to the Clinton campaign. The Wikileaks pay to play and the FBI probe are indeed two devastating October surprises when combined with the Video showing the incitement to violence at Trump rallies.

Why Hillary Clinton would endanger your 2nd Amendment Rights

Hillary Clinton rejects the landmark Heller Decision, which protects the Second Amendment right to bear arms for individuals. She would be in position to replace the author of that decision. Removing this protection would allow debilitating regulations which would nullify the protections of the Second Amendment. Secretary Clinton does not care if the Amendment exists, she just does not want it enforceable and meaningful. The radical interpretations peddled by some would turn the Second Amendment on its head. The Amendment meant to protect the individual to have weapons and be able to organize themselves against forces of oppression, whether foreign or domestic, would be interpreted to protect the right of the government to organize military force. That logic is completely against the context of the bill of rights. The government already had that right in Article 1, Section 8. This Read more

Clinton Admits Guns Protect Good People

Trump was right, if Clinton is so against guns, start with her bodyguards. He was not suggesting anyone attack her or even seriously suggesting that they do give up their weapons. The reaction from the Clinton campaign that such words are inciting violence proves that deep down they believe that guns in the hands of good people are positive. So they trust SOME people with guns, just not you.

Is this beyond the bounds? Judge for yourself.

Clinton Rushed Back to Campaign Trail

Why do they have her flying out to a speech added after the pneumonia diagnosis. Didn't the doctor say a week of rest? I would set up a studio in her home and do satellite links and radio talk show interviews. In this day of technology, there's no reason to risk your candidate. Have a surrogate go to NC then have her give a five minute link up speech from home. Michelle Obama is literally twice as popular and a better speaker. She is willing to go. This campaign defies my understanding. They should have cut half of the events Immediately Friday past. They let her literally run herself into the ground against medical advice and now she's back early. They are risking the first debate and maybe by default the campaign. Then again, I should be happy with their foolishness as a longtime critic. Could it be that deep down that I care more about her as a person than her own senior staff? Candidates Read more

National Archives Document shows Hillary Clinton Avoided indictment for political reasons

Unindicted Career Criminal Hillary Clinton? That is the view of some close observers. The Special Prosecutor could not get some key figures to flip and we all know that a couple had unfortunate deaths such as Jim McDougall who died of an heart attack while in isolation where he no longer had access to his heart medication and Vince Foster who killed himself and his Clinton related records wanted by subpoena were taken by Clinton aids which were held in the White House Library until they were found after the statue of limitations. Susan McDougall was later pardoned by President Clinton. Now we know how close she was to being indicted thanks to archives being made public. The career prosecutors likened the difficulty to that of a case against a Mafia Kingpin. The April 24, 1998 memo said, "First, when we are confident of the ultimate ground of our case -- the factual guilt of the accused Read more

Hillary Clinton: Smooth as Slime

Secretary Hillary Clinton was smooth during the Benghazi committee hearings. She lost on substance, but temporarily, style is what matters more to the pundits. She was so smooth that pundits fawned over her. It is no question that she strengthened her position in the Democrat's primary elections. She looks 95% certain to be the nominee. She had a great week. Biden bowed out of contention, Webb went independent, and we discovered that Chaffee takes political advice from Wolf Blitzer of CNN. The potential field is halved. She is facing a socialist and an underfunded, under organized governor who is not popular in his own state. The problem is that Clinton made eye opening statements that should have been the focus on the media coverage if they weren't so busy trying to find excuses to "move on". We know that she lied to the American people definetively. Emails showed that she knew Read more

Is Clinton Student Loan Program Meritorious?

How long should people be paying student loans? Why did the government ban refinancing at today's lower interest rates? Why ban student loans from being discharged in bankruptcy? The student loan program was rigged by government to benefit the lenders, the colleges, bankers, and the bureaucrats. It became such a disgrace that President Obama got away with nationalizing the 1.3 Trillion Dollar boondoggle. Sadly, except for some common sense reforms to help people who cannot pay their loans, it just changed who took the money. Students and families did not benefit greatly. How is that a surprise? Senator Elizabeth Warren stumbled upon something that is just plain common sense. People are being forced to pay loans at 8% interest. Just let them refinance like every other borrower at today's lower interest rates. This idea would be beneficial to taxpayers who guarantee the loans Read more

O’Malley calls out DNC for stifling Debate; Harkin Says Biden won’t run

Retired Senator and Iowa powerbroker. Tom Harkin is endorsing Secretary Hillary Clinton saying it is past time for a woman President. He says Vice President Joe Biden is not contacting people and likely will not run. Another day and another 17,850 emails that are relevant to legal requests are discovered originating from Clinton staffers. But State officials responded Thursday with the news that they had inexplicably found 81,159 emails on Reines' ".gov" email account despite asserting two years ago that none existed. Keep up to date on current issues by going to Midlantic Dispatch Read more

Speaker John Boehner Nails Clinton Security Miscues

The Speaker released the following statement. This week, after months of demands from Speaker Boehner, Chairman Gowdy, and others, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally turned over her email server to the Justice Department. This development is important progress in our efforts to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi, where four Americans lost their lives in a terrorist attack. Now, Secretary Clinton and her campaign would have you believe that she turned over her server voluntarily – as if, after months of withholding evidence, making false claims, and facing scrutiny from every branch of government, she was suddenly all about being open and transparent. But “Gowdy’s House committee,” The Wall Street Journal says, “has been indispensable in pressing the server issue." And "had it not been for the investigation,” National Journal notes, “Clinton’s Read more

Clinton 10.2

Hillary Clinton has a habit of reinventing herself. It has served her well so why stop. There are as many versions of Hillary Clinton as Apple Operating Systems. Saturday featured the latest and greatest version. She is now the populist fighter. The message has potential though the delivery was so dry that I fell asleep on the address. After two months of running, she actually gave a speech. Her hour long tribute to yesterday was a tribute to a radical progressive agenda. Hillary Clinton was fighting in four areas. She is going to fight to restore wages and income. That is great, when has she ever done that? Here is a woman who doesn't even know businesses create jobs. I am not filled with confidence. She is pledging to lower wages by expanding the Obama Presidential Memo on Immigration even though it is currently ruled illegal. She has gone mum on TPA. She wants more government Read more

Will Emails Undo Clinton?

The New York Times reported that all of Clinton's emails as Secretary of State were from her private email server which could open her to criminal charges. It appears Secretary Clinton rarely, if ever, used her government email. That is poor practice because it makes her responsible for providing all emails in response to FOIA and oversight committee inquiries. If she is found to have not provided some, it could open her up to a felony if she is found to have intentionally concealed or destroyed information. She could also run into the same silly problem General Petraeus did with mishandling classified information, which is a misdemeanor. Unlike the background noise about donations to the Clinton foundation, this one could have truly endanger her viability. Will the Obama administration which so vigorously pursued Petraeus even though the person who accessed the information had Read more

Officials Found Guilty In Obama Ballot Petition Fraud

Foxnews report A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts. Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator, to get on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House. Morgan was accused of being the mastermind behind the plot. According to testimony from two Read more

Never waste a good crisis

Secretary Clinton wants to use the hysteria over climate change to remake society. Never waste a good crisis, she declared. Naturally, in an effort to fulfill the Obama pledge to raise our standing around the world, she blasted the U. S. as irresponsible. In the 1961 U. S. Government Freedom from War Report a strategy was outlined to empower international organizations. Some later noted that a new organizing force must replace war. Some suggested peaceful space exploration and others suggested the environment. It is clear that the left plans to manipulate us into making "sacrifices" we wouldn't normally make by claiming it is for the environment. It would be ashamed to waste a good crisis even if it is a questionable one. Read more