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Why Chivalry is on life support: Male Rape Victim Expelled

John Doe had a girlfriend, he was not looking for another. John was drunk. John was not so drunk that he forgot his chivalry, when his girlfriend's roommate--Jane Roe, who was at the same party needed someone to walk her back to the dorm, he did it. Sadly for him, he was so drunk that when he sat down in their room, he passed out. The young woman was upset that her guy friend would not come over to have sex. She decided to take advantage of the passed out good guy who was available. In other words, she raped him. She admitted it in texts to two people early that morning. She was horrified at what she had done. He let it go. After all, who would believe him. 10% or more of rape victims are like John Doe, but almost none of the prosecutions are. Slate reported that until 2012, the FBI defined forcible rape as a female who has penetration against her will, which skews many statistics Read more

Update: Chicago Tribune Calls Out the Thought Police

The Tribune chided the Mayor and one Alderman for their Chick-fil-A rants and threats to block the restaurant from opening in the city by asking, "Does Chicago value Free Speech?". The Boston Mayor has since admitted his error of judgement. They pointed out the this is not the first time Mayor Emmanuel held up a project because someone disagreed with him politically. This man puts his agenda above jobs and liberty. I hope the people realize that when his election comes up in a couple of years. I am glad the local paper of record had the courage to stand for a first amendment freedom, I would add his freedom of religion was also violated which as the paper pointed out would result in a law suit if the denial happens. If Moreno sticks to his guns, though, his colleagues will have to summon the courage to overrule him. If they don't, they risk a costly lawsuit that positions the city Read more

Democrats and the New Civility Pt 88– The New KKK Line

When a liberal accuses a conservative of something, expect to see them doing it times 50.  Here is a major excerpt from an email spread by prominent Democrats in Delaware.   Yeah, when Democrats preach civility, forgive me for mocking, pointing, then walking away.  I guess if you tell a lie big enough, someone will believe it. While the silliness of this should speak for itself, it obviously does not. Let me explain something. The Tea Party movement is about liberty and restrained government. It may not be perfect or composed entirely of angels instead of men and women, but if taken to its logical conclusion, the government wouldn't be able to enslave anyone. The allegation that you will be in chains once again if you allow Tea Party Republicans to win is absurd on its face. Now let's deal with the allegation that these folks are all radical Jim Crow lovers. First submit to Read more

Occupy Wall Street vs. the Tea Party

Wait, why is it always a head to head comparison of one movement against the other? Why can people not take each movement for what it appears to be? Why is it a competition? Could it be because there is an election around the corner and the politicians want to win votes? I’m going to share a bit of my own opinion here. Please remember that I am not a “member” of the Occupy Wall Street movement although I do associate myself with the Tea Party movement.  Please also remember that I am in my twenties, so everything I say is not backed up with 50 years of experience (but that does not make it wrong). I pay attention to the news. Let’s face it, it’s most of my day. For the past few weeks all it seems that I can hear about is how Occupy Wall Street has done this or done that.  They have pictures that are anti-Semitic (and they do, I have seen them on the Internet). There are Read more

Wow, Is He Serious?

Professor Sherman Miller is a former Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor in 1996.  He is an intelligent and thoughtful man, but I think he lost it when it comes to anything to do with the TEA Party movement.  This is what he posted in a public domain forum.  I am shocked at the depth of feeling by some establishment figures.  You wonder why unity in Delaware is so difficult, read this.  It is disconnected from reality, but it shows the reality of perception that is being peddled in NCC and in some minority communities. The ultra-right wing conservative Tea Party Movement that overran the Republican Party appears like Hitler’s Nazi Party that upended democratic governance in Germany to vilify the Jewish people as scapegoats for their failures in World War I; thereby, they attempted to justify the genocide of 6 million Jews. Initially England and France placated Hitler showing Read more

A Note About Civility

I like a good give and take.  Sometimes we may get a little bit rough and tumble here and that is good.  It is not alright to make it personal.  I have been busy the past couple of weeks with my annual training and Hurricane prep and I thank Don and Fay for stepping up and running the blog while was busy.  I did notice something that I could not address properly. One of the comments on a  post blasted one of our people's Christianity in a personal way something like being the skunk on the ark.  That was uncharacteristic of the commenter, but that kind of personal attack on a one's faith should be off bounds.  A person's deeply held beliefs can and should be discussed especially when they come into the public sphere.  They can be criticized.  That is fair.  I do not like to see them disparaged.  You may notice that disparaging  faiths does not happen here even when we have Read more

Father’s Day Memories

Those who have been reading for the last 5 or 6 Father's day know a little about my father. I will give a quick sketch for the legion of new readers who came in during the O'Donnell and Urquhart campaigns. My father was the Reverend Levi Anderson. He was born in the Smyrna area and his later childhood was in Wilmington. He joined the Navy in World War 2 where he served honorably. His term was cut short and he became a Disabled American Veteran. After the Navy he moved to Alexandria Virginia where he began work for the navy department. He transferred to the Executive Office of the President. He met three American Presidents, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy. Because of his disability, he was able to retire early after he got around 20 years including service time and became a full time minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He ministered in Washington D. C. with Evangel temple, then accepted Read more

The ‘New Age’ of Civility

Call me a skeptic, but somehow I saw this coming. A litany of death threats and other calls for violence and harm have started to make its way into the environs of Wisconsin amidst the aftershocks of the budget repair bill that passed Wednesday night in the Wisconsin state legislature. The State Department of Justice is investigating this specific threat (read entire e-mail in the above link). Here's an excerpt from the e-mailed threat: Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your familes  (sic) will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks. Please explain to them that this is because if we get rid of you and your families then it will save the rights of 300,000 people and also be able to close the deficit that you have created. I hope you have a good time in hell. Read below for more information on possible scenarios in which you will die. Meanwhile, Read more

Wisconsin Republicans Out-Maneuver Exiled Dems

Gov. Scott Walker must have consumed a lot of Charlie Sheen's favorite beverage of late - 'Tiger Blood.' After nearly three tumultuous weeks of protests, 24/7 media coverage and national attention in and around Madison, Wisconsin, state senate Republicans decided Wednesday night to use a procedural maneuver to push through an otherwise unpassable budget repair bill amongst a throng of stunned Democratic leaders, media and onlookers. The bill's measure effectively eliminates collective bargaining for public-sector employees in Wisconsin, except for wage bargaining. Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans attempted to negotiate with the missing 14 state senators who had disappeared across state lines to Illinois. The state senators' AWOL antics denied the Republican officials in Madison the necessary quorum it needed to go forward with the budget repair bill. In the end, the Read more

Hucked Up!

I have always liked former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.  He's easy on the ears and has the calming effect of a erudite psychologist; his Southern Baptist charm and sensibilities reveal Huckabee's small-town cache. Music stars, Hollywood moguls, John Q. Public and of course - politicos of every persuasion - open up to him. However, the 2008 Republican presidential  primary candidate, and presumably 2012 presidential GOP candidate has a new public relations problem. It's actually turning into a nightmare. Huckabee, while being interviewed via radio by WOR's Steve Malzberg on March 1, 2011, had this to say regarding president Barack Obama: After news of Huckabee’s Freudian slip about Barack Obama spread, Huckabee went silent himself. He dispatched a spokesman, J. Hogan Gidley, to assert that Huckabee “merely misspoke” and that Read more

Now that a Few Facts Have Emerged

The shooting of the Congresswoman and judge  along with bystanders has shocked the nation.  As I said before, we need a comprehensive mental health strategy in our communities which gets the players working together. This is where the focus needs to be not poltical gamesmanship. At the outset, let me say that my prayers are with the victims and families of this wretched incident. As always, I condemn political violence as an affront to our Constitutional system and individual human dignity. Our beautiful Republic gives us the mechanism for peaceful change and the stability inherent in that made us the freest and most prosperous nation in history. Sadly some people in an attempt to explain this have gravitated to political conspiracies without the facts to back it up.  This guy was interesting and maybe Read more

I Wonder Where Is the Office Of Getting One’s Reputation Back and other issues

Former House Republican leader, Tom Delay was cleared of all federal charges and the state prosecutor who shopped for a pliable grand jury after repeated turn-downs, refused Delay's pleas for a trial. He knew Delay was not guilty and couldn't figure out a way to convict him. Making him wait 4 years with no end in sight violates the Constitution's guarantee of a speedy trial. I examined the charges and evidence against Tom Delay 5 years ago and predicted that he would be cleared.  I condemned the Republican cave in to make an indictment not a conviction the standard for removing people automatically from leadership without even having a hearing or right to appeal to one's colleagues.  It was all about justice.  Allowing the executive branch to be the sole determiner of legislative leadership with a standard as flimsy as an indictment is an affront to division of powers, any notion of Read more

On Civility: by Fay Voshell

Calls for civility can be a means of silencing opposition. Although the political left has continually demeaned the Tea Party movement, it has also constantly called for civility of discourse. Those who are in the Tea Party movement need to recognize and to resist both the attempts to discredit it as well as to ignore the calls for civil dialogue as defined by the left. They must do so because the left’s strategies of vilification combined with calls for civility and peaceful bipartisanship are two tactics of a strategy meant to discredit and silence the opposition. It is necessary to confront, challenge and diffuse the various smears directed toward conservative political groups springing up all over the United States. The charges leveled against the Tea Party have included racism, violence, hate speech, ignorance, lack of education and even a penchant for outdoor barbeques and fast Read more

They Didn’t Heed the Warning NOW You Must

We warned the leaders that their high handed action on the Health Care Law would push the nation closer to the boiling point. They did not listen so you must. This nation must not be allowed to devolve into lawlessness. We will remember in November not threaten people. The Viet Nam peace movement grew from a movement of students and peace activists into one which had the sympathy of a majority of the American people. In 1968, it had pushed out of contention a sitting President in his own party. A President who had won 4 years earlier with 61% of the popular vote and 44 states. It had gained the elite opinion and even luminary figures such as Senator Bobbie Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. along with countless celebrities joined the cause. Everything was moving in its direction. Vice President Nixon was campaigning on a secret plan to end the war. Bobbie Kennedy was on the Read more