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Chris Christie poised to take a huge chunk of the Latino Vote

UPDATE: Exit polls show Christie winning 51% of Latino voters, 57% of women voters, and 21% of black voters. The Democrat suffered from a gender gap with only 35% of men. Polls already showed him to be formidable against Clinton now he will head the Republican Governor's Association and ride a wave of a victor's pr. Taxpayer protection is safe in Colorado. Ken Cuccinelli almost pulled off an upset even with most of the GOP establishment writing him off prematurely as a backlash developed over Obama Care which showed once again why the shutdown strategy was bad policy and stupid politics. Mr. Ayotte is writing more on the VA race so I will refrain from more comments except to say that he became a victim of the new GOP Civil War. NJ Governor Chris Christie is poised to be reelected with a significantly larger majority than when he first won. His victory will include between 40 and 55% of Read more