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DMA Gets Bond Funding

...from Pima County, Arizona. The only place I can find this is a blurb straight from WDEL's website,  Considering they constantly update and roll-off their news on the website, here is the text, from WDEL: Delaware loses revenue from Military Academy By Carl Kanefsky The Delaware Military Academy has gotten bond funding through Pima County, Arizona, meaning $600,000 worth of new revenue will go there, instead of to the state of Delaware. The 530 student charter school sought the financing here at home, but was consistently denied [by] legislators and regulators in the county and state. The financing opens the door to lower interest rates which will allow the school to purchase their facilities which they currently lease, and pay for other educational services for students. Read more

SJR 11 – One Year Charter Moratorium – Research Required

I am a Charter School proponent.  I am also accepting of Senator Blevins' SJR11, "Instituting a One-Year Moratorium for New Charter School Applications." Two reasons that make me wince first, then two reasons I accept it afterward.  In the name of front page space, take the jump to page two for the low down. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Reasons that don't excite me about this Joint Resolution... Who's Who Some of the names of sponsorship, namely one Senator DeLuca.  He often has reared his head to complicate the path of charter schools.  One specific example is the Delaware Military Academy and its pursuit of conduit funding.  The prime incident being when they had CONDUIT funding lined up by the county only to have it yanked at the last minute at the behest of Senator DeLuca.  Senator DeLuca and DMA...not Read more