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Lawson Announces for 15th Senate

Small Business Owner and and retired State Trooper Dave Lawson announced that he is running for the 15th State Senate Seat. This seat is currently held by Sen. Nancy Cook.  Sen. Cook has held this seat since 1974. Lawson Owns the Business, Shooters Choice. Shooter's Choice is an indoor shooting range that also offers firearms safety training, marksman training, and concealed carry training. The business also has a retail side that sells firearms and accessories.  Lawson established the business 16 years ago.  Lawson made the announcement on Tuesday May 4th at the Cheswold Fire Hall at 6:30.  About 100 friends and supporters were in attendance.  Included in the attendees were State Senators Joe Booth, Liane Sorensen, Gary Simpson and Colin Bonini who is also running for State Treasurer.  State Auditor Tom Wagner was there as was Congressional Candidate Kevin Wade.  Members Read more

House Republican Leaders Set The Record Straight

Representatives Cathcart and Short swing back: Rep. Schwartzkopf took unjustified jab at House Republicans Dick Cathcart and Dan Short Recently, State House Majority Leader Pete Schwartzkopf wrote a column in which he used one arm to pat House Democrats on the back while using the other to take an undeserved swipe at House Republicans. We take issue with what he said, but more so with what he omitted. For instance, the column credited House Democrats for enacting legislation that bars discrimination based on sexual orientation. Conveniently forgotten was that similar legislation cleared the House during the 141st, 142nd and 143rd General Assembly sessions. On all three occasions, the House was controlled by Republicans and the legislation was blocked in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Another accomplishment attributed to House Democrats was the enactment of House Bill 1, Read more

The Budget “SHOWDOWN” – Cathcart and Markell Both Working it Correctly

For the record, I am happy we have Dick Cathcart and Jack Markell, I really am.  These two are absolutely hardballers and having them in opposition right now over the budget is a great thing.  There should be fighting over this.  Never would I want to see happy bandwagoners supporting something as drastic as this budget will be, without asking hard questions.  No apologies to those who disagree with me, but you can not approve first and ask questions later. Others are leading you to believe that this is political grandstanding.  OK, but on whose part?  You can't single out either side, because, by acceptance of definition, they are all doing it! Markell and Cathcart, keep puffing your chests, because that is exactly what you should be doing!  All the pundits who ARE trying to curry favor to "their side" should hopefully come to understand that this is exactly how you get someone Read more

Guest Opinion: Joanne Christian on HB117

smitty-note: bumped this post up to give it a chance in the sun, rapid posting caused it to get pushed down on the page rather quickly passed an Onion not an Apple by Joanne Christian Let me applaud the 17 Representatives who "got it" in their decision to vote "NO" to HB 117. HB 117 has been presented simply as a "cost savings measure" to move school board elections to general election days. Sounds great, sounds easy, sounds right, and makes sense. Aaah but is it really that simple? If entire sections of Delaware code are dedicated to education practice and law from the Secretary of Education, to State School Board, through Superintendents, Administrators, teachers, and school boards, shouldn't that give one a clue of the major over-arching impact this presents, using this naive fix of a simple date-change? Move a wedding date, you get Bridezilla, move an election Read more

Campaigning 1-0-dumb

Today, I received negative mailers paid by Rebecca Walker's campaign, all of course attacking Dick Cathcart. On this day, I did not receive one, I did not receive two, but I received THREE, yes THREE negative mailers from her campaign. Unfortunately for Mrs. Walker, her inaccurate and exaggerated talking points were already disclosed to me a couple of weeks ago by a friend who is absolutely disgusted by the old-boys of local D politics here (please note that I recognize that this is a select few - the political demographics are changing on all sides and both sides' good ol' boys are close to impotence around here). There is another blogger not from this site that heard my rants about this two to three weeks ago as well, so it is confirmed. Make no mistake that this was a planned attack meant for the final days. One mailer was a regurgitation of an earlier negative piece with a different Read more

NCCo Council Erodes UDC – Swings Door Wide Open To High-Density, Low/No Open Space

The small image below (click image to see enlarged copy) is a letter House Majority Leader Dick Cathcart mailed to his constituency in the 9th representative district more than a week ago.  This letter is in response to the burgeoning popularity among the New Castle County Government to erode the UDC and allow a destructive-land-use version of "workforce housing."  I called it "destructive" because, if approved, the plans will waive open space requirements and landscaping requirements.  Lot and building standards are reduced as well.  Representative Cathcart explains this in his letter far better than I certainly can, so please click and read (you may need to click the image a second time, after the ensuing page loads).  Please keep reading after the page-jump for additional comments. There is a public meeting taking place at Crossroads Presbyterian Church, located at 627 Vance Neck Read more

Heavy Primary Schedule for DE Dems

There are a lot of primaries on tap this year for the Democratic Party of Delaware.  Take a look at the latest filed candidates list provided by the Office of the State Commisioner of Elections. The latest surprise, at least in my area, is that returning challenger to Richard Cathcart (R-RD9), Rebecca Walker of Townsend, DE, will now be challenged in a RD9-D primary by currently unknown challenger David C. Mullen of Somewhere-in-RD9, DE. It appears it’s going to be a busy, busy primary season for Democrats, indeed!

Can we straighten out the media drive by on Nancy Wagner?

Several years ago, I was visiting family and attending a conference in D. C. and  while we were sitting at a light we heard gunfire and saw everyone running.  We were sitting at a light which had a no turn on red sign.  I said let's go.  My friend who was driving said but the sign says no turn on red.  I said the red blood on the sidewalk says turn!  We sped away and we called the situation in from relative safety.  I never forgot the terror of a drive by shooting.    Recently someone I know had his picture put up as a suspect for the Wild Quail robbery even though the state police release said he was a person of interest only.  It turned out that he was a victim of bad timing.  The suspects happen to pass by him when he was coming out of the restroom at Wal Mart.  His job was threatened.  His life was shaken.  He was a media drive by victim. It appears my friend Nancy Wagner Read more