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Carney joins Bipartisan Majority in supporting the Pause of Syrian Refugees

47 Democrats including our own John Carney joined all but two Republicans to support Speaker Paul Ryan's bill adding another level of scrutiny to refugees coming from ISIS controlled areas. Ryan had a major victory with his third way approach. The News Journal interviewed Congressman Carney. Carney told the News Journal Wednesday that he would want to suspend the intake of military-aged single male refugees from Syria, but still allow women, children and families into the country. Combat-aged single men not attached to families make up about 2 percent of the almost 1,800 refugees admitted into the country, according to the U.S. State Department. In a statement Friday morning, Carney defended his vote and said that officials, "have a duty to ensure that our vetting process for letting refugees into this country is air-tight -- our constituents are right to demand that of us." Carney Read more

Delaware Congressman John Carney Comments on Iran Nuclear Agreement

Delaware's sole U.S. Representative, John Carney, has issued the following statement on the nuclear agreement with Iran: Congressman Carney Statement on Nuclear Agreement with Iran WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congressman John Carney (D-DE) today released the following statement on the nuclear agreement with Iran: “I'm pleased to hear that an agreement has been reached -- I look forward to studying the details of it with skeptical and clear eyes. The central question is whether we are indeed better off with the deal than without it. “As I've said all along, a good deal must curtail Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapons program and put in place a tough regime of inspections that will ensure that Iran is playing by the rules. International inspectors need complete access to Iran's known nuclear facilities and to other secret facilities that might be used to get around the terms of the Read more

Carney fights for Affordable Housing

For Immediate Release: July 7, 2015 Congressman Carney announces legislation to expand affordable housing options Housing Assistance Reform Act would increase housing options for low-income Americans, raise capital for affordable housing projects DOVER, Del. — This morning, Congressman John Carney (D-DE) visited Liberty Court Apartments in Dover to announce new legislation to improve affordable housing options. The Housing Assistance Reform Act would increase housing options for low-income Americans and help housing authorities raise capital for affordable housing projects. The legislation would expand access to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Moving to Work program from 39 local housing authorities to 60, and eliminate the current unit cap for the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, allowing any eligible housing authority to participate. “Everyone Read more

Delaware’s Congressional Delegation Had Differing Responses to BEBE

Senator Carper seemed to forget his moderate image and boycotted the Netanyahu address, while Senator Coons and Congressman Carney found common ground with his concern about Iran. While Carney faulted Boehner for politicizing the format, he thought Netanyahu gave a strong speech and was acting in his nation's interests. I agree with Congressman Carney that the PM was acting his nation's interest, but I also think the Speaker was. He was asserting the duty of Congress to bring to the forefront a critical issue that affects our national interest. It is not politicizing something to debate and discuss it. 90% of the politicizing was on the side of the Obama administration and Minority leader Pelosi. They are the ones who appeal to partisanship and image while refusing to discuss the issue. That is the essence of politicizing the issue. Read more

New Energy in the Delaware Political System

Widespread Early Jockeying is a new trend in 1st State The political dynamic is going to shift some in Delaware next year. The Governor and Lt. Governor slots will both be open. Matt Denn vacated the Lt. Governor slot to be Attorney General, leaving it open for the next two years. There will be no incumbent in that slot to whom the Governor can transition or who will have the public eye this year. Governor Markell is term limited out of office. Republicans are fresh out off of their momentum gaining 2014 with people already stating their intentions for 2016. Former state trooper Lacey Lafferty is still running for governor, but she is joined by State Senator Colin Bonini. The only Democrat announcing is former Attorney General Beau Biden, but the New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon seems to be making moves and others are preparing the ground for Congressman John Carney just in Read more

Alex Pires Gives Endorsement List

At Dover's Historic Union Missionary Baptist Church, Independent Senate Candidate made an interesting play. He endorsed two Democrats, two Republicans, and himself. The candidate's forum hosted by a group of churches that have majority black congregations, was attended by every state wide candidate except Tom Carper and Jack Markell and most of the local ones. Matt Denn had a prior engagement and showed up at the end. The big winner was Ben Mobley who wowed the crowd. He also picked up a surprise endorsement of Alex Pires who endorsed Sher Valenzuela, Jack Markell, and John Carney. It became quite clear what his strategy is. One, he wants the demographic of Sher and Ben. Two, he wants to tie himself to the popular Governor and Congressman. He is aligning himself with the winners. Three, it is interesting that the only way someone can support diversity in public office statewide Read more

Rep. Carney statement on President Obama’s Afghanistan speech

 WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative John Carney (D-DE) tonight released the following statement in response to President Obama’s Afghanistan speech: “I am encouraged to hear that President Obama will begin to bring our troops home from Afghanistan next month. It concerns me that the plan we heard tonight will leave more U.S. troops in Afghanistan at the end of 2012 than were there in early 2009. “In the last 18 months, we’ve made significant progress across Afghanistan, specifically in two former terrorist safe havens in the Helmand and Kandahar provinces in southern Afghanistan. We’ve trained an additional 100,000 Afghan security forces. We’ve seen a considerable number of Taliban members switch sides and join the Afghan people. It is estimated that only between 50 and 75 members of al-Qaeda remain in the country. “This progress is encouraging and it should enable Read more

Stimulus money flies out the Unweatherized Window. Obama's stimulus money has created a corrupt, incompetent, wasteful program that is supposed to help the poor weatherize their home.  Instead clients have had expensive hardware installed with taxpayers money, leaving basic repairs undone.  The prior Program Manager Ken Davis (Now retired from his $62,000 per year job)  also managed to find a contractor that employed his son for many of the jobs.  From the News Journal: "The cash grab that went on was just amazing," said Allen Luzak, a weatherization expert with the Delaware Energy Office. Auditors -- trained under Delaware's revamped Weatherization Assistance Program -- have begun revisiting more than 1,000 of those homes to check the quality of work, look for billing issues and decide what remediation needs to Read more

AP story in today’s State News on the Carney Separation Ad

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) _ A Democratic congressional candidate's ad is reminding voters that Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell isn't the only Delaware Republican who has questioned the idea of separation of church and state.  Republican Glen Urquhart likened the concept to Nazism at a campaign event in April, and his remarks, captured on video, are being used by his opponent John Carney. The men are running for the state's lone House seat.  "The exact phrase 'separation of church and state' came out of Adolf Hitler's mouth," Urquhart told his audience. "That's where it comes from. So next time your liberal friends talk about the separation of church and state, ask them why they're Nazis."  At a Senate debate this week, O'Donnell created a stir by challenging opponent Chris Coons to show where the Constitution requires separation of church state, repeatedly questioning Coons' response Read more

When Rich Collins and Jud Bennet Agree, Pay Attention

Dear Friends, Former Lt. Governor John Carney has some explaining to do, since he is now a candidate for the US Congress. When you reach that political level, everything you say or have done is researched and evaluated. Opposition research is always paramount. John Carney (D) leads challenger Glen Urquhart (R) in the polls, but Urquhart is closing the gap. No doubt, John Carney is a great guy, but I'm not sure he is the best man to represent Delaware in these difficult, economic times. In 2009, after former Lt Governor Carney left office under Delaware's obscure Governor Ruth Ann Minner, he became a lobbyist for a company called DelAWind. On behalf of this company, Mr. Carney sought a loan and backing from Delaware's Economic Development Operation--DEDO under the leadership of Alan Levin, the former owner of Happy Harry's drug store chain. For the record, I happen to believe Alan Read more

On the campaign Trail: Debate tonight, Rail Splitters Thursday

Tonight is a nationally televised Congressional Debate between Glen Urquhart and John Carney sponsored by Delaware First Media at Univerisity of  Delaware's Mitchell Hall.  It will be broadcasted on CNN, CSPAN, WMDT, and sometime on WBOC.  The debate runs from 7:30pm to 9:00 pm.  For more informationn or to view on line go to Glen Urquhart and Christine O' Donnell will be speaking at the DE Rail Splitter Society meeting this Thursday, Oct. 7 at Timothy's on the Riverfront in Wilmington, DE. They will be speaking between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. Please arrive between 6:30 and 7 PM. To attend the entire meeting arrive between 5:30 and 6 PM (everyone is welcome). The main topic of the meeting is the Contract From America. The theme of the meeting is Unity and Victory in November. The event is free and you may order food and drink Read more

A Statement on Third Party Participation in Debates

The Glen Urquhart campaign respects everyone who is campaigning for public office, and Mr. Urquhart supports all candidates being invited to debate forums.  We believe private  organizations have the right to invite whomever they wish to a forum whether that is one, two, or all three candidates on the ballot.  We do not have the right to dictate to private organizations and will accept invitations as offered.  That does not mean that we will not ask privately for consideration of all candidates in a debate and have.  The public is well served by a variety of forums and some of them including "long shots" are vital to keeping the system open to new ideas. Mr. Brent Wangen has run a respectable campaign and we acknowlege that he is not just a ballot position.  Neither Mr. Urquhart nor his campaign are engaged in activities designed to bully organizations to exclude him from any forum. Mr. Read more

Washington Examiner’s take on Urquhart v. Carney

A conservative who can win in Delaware? By: David Freddoso Online Opinion Editor 09/30/10 2:30 PM EDT For obvious reasons, most media attention in Delaware has gone to the Senate race, in which Republican Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell faces Newcastle County Executive Chris Coons, D. Much less attention is going to the House race to replace Republican Rep. Mike Castle. In that race, Democrats have been favored all along. Conservative real estate investor Glen Urquhart is taking on Democratic former Lt. Gov. John Carney. Urquhart, who spent over half a million dollars to win his hotly contested primary, has released an internal poll that shows Carney enjoying only the narrowest of leads, 45 to 42 percent. Of course, such campaign polls are usually unreliable, and this one surveyed only 300 likely voters. But that’s not a prohibitively small sample for a House race. Read more

Who is Silent John Carney?

Former Lt. Governor John Carney is a nice guy, but the problem is that  he advocates piling on failed policies and regulations like cap and trade on top of an already struggling economy.   Of course, he and his foreign cronies tried to position themselves to benefit from raising your utility rates and gas prices. Unlike his born again conservative promise to propose a 5 year moratorium on lobbying for members of Congress when they leave, he couldn't wait to attempt to profit off of a deal which directly related to one of the few accomplishments he was involved with in government. Cap and Trade is wrong because it relates to reducing available  jobs, higher gas prices, and skyrocketing utility bills (President Obama's words).  It is even worse because John Carney and his foreign investors tried to profit off of a policy he championed.  In converting the request to a loan, Read more

Waxman Supports Carney–Powell supports Rollins

A radical California Democrat Congressman, Henry Waxman, has found a soul mate in John Carney.  He donated $2000 from his campaign committee.  Waxman is the prime author of job killing cap and trade and a key player in the  house version of Obama care.  Lt. Governor Carney supports both job killing programs. Fellow Biden supporter and pro-choice Republican, former Secretary of State and General Colin Powell donated $2000 to the Michele Rollins campaign. Secretary Powell is a great American. His recent political endorsements have been a little suspect to conservatives including his Obama-Biden endorsement.

Republicans hit Carney for his support of failed Democratic Policies

Office September 3, 2010 (202) 479-7070 John Carney's Recovery Bummer: Unemployment at 9.6% The Democrats’ “Recovery Summer” Ends with a Thud Washington- House Democrats’ summer recess is almost over and it’s time for John Carney and his out-of-touch friends to face the music. With another failed attempt at recovery under their belts, Democrats are facing a bruising uphill battle this November. With unemployment at an unacceptably high 9.6 percent and way above the once-promised eight percent, Democrats have officially run out of excuses. Their trillion-dollar stimulus failed to produce jobs and their runaway spending spree has left the nation in debt, putting their Democrat majority up for grabs this fall – and making Carney accountable Read more

Who is really winning the primary for Congress?

For Immediate Release                Urquhart Leads Rollins among Republicans - Statistical Dead-heat among All Voters - REHOBOTH BEACH, DE – Results of two critical polls released today gives Republican Glen Urquhart reason to celebrate.  The first poll commissioned by the Urquhart campaign and done by ccAdvertising shows Urquhart with a solid lead of 7 points over opponent Michele Rollins among likely Republican Primary voters set to vote in the September 14th election. The statewide survey of registered Delaware Republican voters assessed the views of Republicans planning to vote in the September 14th Primary Election and had 16,803 participants. Brian McAllister of ccAdvertising stated, “In the race for Congress in Delaware, among registered Republicans, Glen Urquhart polls at 38.96%, a 7.01% lead over establishment candidate Michele Rollins, who polls Read more

Carney, the Born Again Environmentalist

Delaware's former Lt. Governor, John Carney is CEO of a green energy concern that as of now seems not to have produced green energy.  Off of his great success of the last two years, he wants to be launched into Congress.   Astute observers do not need me to review all of the environmental failures of the Minner administration.  Mr. Carney claims not to have been in any decision making capacity on those issues.  I can buy that.  It is all Aunt Ruth Ann's fault.   He sought to redeem himself by plunging head long into the green industry. Now we have found out about polluted ground water that we had been led to believe was successfully contained.  The Wilmington News Journal found some reports and has published a summary of the alarming findings. Tainted groundwater is spreading across thousands of acres in northern Delaware and has reached the Potomac Aquifer, which supplies Read more

Why do Democrats Play Politics with Unemployment?

Democrats pushed through the latest gambit to extend unemployment benefits.  I have no objections to the extension, but I do object to a 34 billion dollar bill costing  around 83.4 billion and 50 billion in new taxes.  Democrats use the unemployed like a human shield to push through spending and pork that would not make it on its own.  When are the Democrats going to promote policies which allow growth in the economy and businesses to add jobs?  If you oppose their bill, you hate the unemployed and want them to suffer.  If you favor their bill, you are imposing new taxes which will keep them suffering.  Where are Coons and Carney explaining a new way?  They just favor the same broken policies and same old political games.

Carney Brings in Pelosi NRCC release

“Andy Sere, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said it was no surprise that the Democrats would single out Carney for extra support. ‘As [former Gov. Ruth Ann Minner's] chief lieutenant, John Carney proved himself a loyal partisan soldier,’ Sere said. ‘Running for governor, he called for higher taxes on small businesses to pay for a familiar-sounding government health care plan. And last year -- when he tried to trade in on his political connections to score a sweetheart corporate loan from taxpayers -- Carney revealed a penchant for shady deal-making that would make most Washington lobbyists blush. With a record like that, is it any wonder [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.] wants him in Congress?’” (Beth Miller, “Carney selected for ‘Red to Blue’ support,” The News Journal, 3/12/10 – SEE FULL ARTICLE BELOW)   CARNEY SERVED UNPOPULAR Read more

NRCC Blasts John Carney for not Looking Out for Jobs

When partisan politician John Carney was running for governor, he proposed a government-run healthcare plan that would have killed Delaware jobs by raising taxes on small businesses: “Lt. Gov. John Carney says if he is elected governor, he will make certain every Delawarean has affordable and accessible primary and preventive health care. He says universal access to quality care is critical for the state. In detailing his health proposals Thursday, Carney said he would look to subsidize the costs with…a payroll tax on employers. Under Carney's plan, those who don't offer coverage to employees would pay.” (“Carney calls for payroll, cigarette, taxes to pay for health care,” Associated Press, 4/4/08) Now that he’s running for Congress, Carney’s again refusing to stand up for Delaware jobs. When asked for comment recently on the healthcare bill before the Read more