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Bodenweiser Sentenced

Eric Bodenweiser Sentenced According To A Plea Arrangement Between All Involved Parties Superior Court Judge E. Scott bradley sentenced Eric Bodenweiser at 9:30am Friday morning, according to an arranged plea deal, on two counts "unlawful sexual contact." The sentence included one year probation for each count, with one year probation suspended. If the defendant violates the probation, he will serve two years in prison. Further conditions state Bodenweiser will have no contact with the victim in the case, and must submit to a mental health examination. It is also stipulated in the sentence that Bodenweiser will register as a Tier 1 sex offender and will have no unsupervised contact with persons under the age of 18. What this means is, that another adult must be present. Bodenweiser may also have access to internet social media with the supervision of parole and probation staff. This Read more

Events and Ramifications Leading to DePrisco’s Arrest.

Charles Deprisco (Sonny) an alleged victim and main witness in a trial involving Georgetown Businessman and one-time Senatorial Candidate Eric Bodenweiser was arrested and these are some of the details that lead up to Deprisco's arrest. According to a letter from Bodenweiser's Defense Attorney Joe Hurley to the Dept of Justice and Kathleen M. Jennings, Esq. on December 5, 2014, Mr. Hurley writes: Charles DePrisco, during the course of the trial resulting in a mistrial vocalized a threat to the police, indicating a desire or intention or willingness to "Murder Hurley!" Notwithstanding how my appearance may project, I don't feel invincible and I have learned not to take too lightly threats that anyone makes. Hurley goes on to state that, "I specifically asked that a prosecution be commenced lest Mr. DePrisco think that he has immunity with regard to acting out against me." Hurley Read more

Bodenweiser Trial: Change of venue Granted!

From: Superior Court Judge, E. Scott Bradley To: David Hume, IV Esq. To: Joe Hurley Esq. RE: State v. Bodenweiser Dear Counsel: I have granted the Defendant's Motion to Change Venue, concluding that there exists in Sussex County a reasonable probability of so great a prejudice against the Defendant that he can not obtain a fair trial in Sussex county. This case, because of the nature of the allegations and the particular defendant involved, has garnered a considerable amount of media attention. It involves old allegations of sexual abuse against a child and a defendant who is a well-known businessman who was, at the time the allegations surfaced, a candidate for political office. The trial and the hung jury's vote received a considerable amount of media coverage. Indeed, a large number of potential jurors in Sussex County are familiar with the case and have already concluded Read more

Attorney General Reneges on Bodenweiser Trial Decision

Update on the post: After receiving verification that what is written here is true, the Attorney General's office decided at the end of the business day on July 15th to retry the Bodenweiser case a second time. The Attorney General's office has reneged on announcing whether or not a decision on July 15th, to re-try or drop charges after a hung jury, ended the trial in a mistrial. The Attorney General's office stated they were not obligated to tell him at that Point. Judge Bradley has scheduled a conference on July 23rd to ascertain just what course of action the Attorney General's office wants to pursue. Prosecutor David Hume recently prosecuted another trial that ended in a hung jury, with the judge declaring it also a mistrial. In the recent trial Michael Rogers, charged with assault on a police officer, after being shot five times by DSP officer Mathew Morgan who entered the Read more

More on the Bodenweiser Case, A case of “Corpus Delicti”

No matter what your opinion is about the Bodenweiser trial, we were all shocked when the State’s first move was to call Bodenweiser’s own pastor to the stand to testify against him. Before he was allowed to testify, defense attorney Joe Hurley made an objection of Corpus Delicti. Judge Bradley overruled it and the pastor took the stand. As it turns out, the judge’s ruling from the bench was incorrect. Under Corpus Delicti in Delaware jurisprudence, the State must first present evidence the alleged crimes were committed (in this case through the alleged victim’s allegations) before it can present an alleged confession of whatever it was that the pastor thought he heard. From Wikipedia: Corpus Delicti (Latin: "body of crime") is a term from Western jurisprudence referring to the principle that a crime must have been proven to have Read more

Should the Alleged Victim Charles DePrisco Be Charged With Perjury?

At the recently concluded Bodenweiser trial, I witnessed the commission of the crime of Perjury in the 1st Degree. Two Deputy Attorneys General, a Delaware State Police Detective and a Superior Court Judge also witnessed the crime. During the Bodenweiser trial, the alleged victim, Charles DePrisco was placed under oath and said that he had been completely truthful with the information he had presented to the authorities during course of several police interviews. The definition of the words complete and truth were given to him on the stand to ensure that he understood. In one of his initial statements back in 2012, DePrisco said he’d had no further contact with Eric Bodenweiser after the activity he alleged ended. According to DePrisco, the alleged activity ended during the spring of 1990. Due to the nature of the crimes he alleged, he said he was highly motivated not to ever have Read more