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Markell Seeks to Ration Energy

Markell and Longhurst thing the way to grow our economy is to shrink it. I wonder how do they think that this is a good idea? The governor signed two bills yesterday which will impact everyone who lives or works in Delaware. I am all for encouraging conservation, but we should not be setting into law a cut in our energy consumption such as we find in SB 106. Energy consumption is not bad. It is what gives us modern life. Every since man discovered fire energy consumption has been a part of making our lives better and transforming the world. We should be seeking better sources of energy. We should be partnering with NJ to open all of Salem in a safe and sustainable way. We should partner with our neighboring state to expand the off shore wind farm back to its original size. We can do that by working with them to ensure there is a market. We should not shackle our economy and say Read more

The Blog Factor–WHYY style

I thank WHYY for recognizing the influence of the blogosphere. Feel free to watch the clip.  It is posted by our friend Tyler Nixon.  Thank you Dave Burris. for letting me sit in for you.  Mike and Shirley were a pleasure even to a remote guest. Since the other blogs are talking about it (kindly--thankfully), I can't let ours fall behind. I am fascinated that just 4 years ago, this was not a daily source of information for the vast majority of people.  Now it is the number 1 source of  political information for those under 30.  I have seen marked increases in readership in the past year.  The Internet is now a source as utilized as daily papers for political information.    The world is changing.  If gas prices go much higher, we may not be find delivering papers affordable.  Read more

Local Potpourri–BWW, the Budget, & Assorted issues of interest

The General Assembly is near the end of its session which means a lot of issues will come in rapid fire over the week.  There is no way I have time to write full posts on them so I will give them quick analysis and mentions in this format.  Please feel free to expand upon the one that interests you in the comments.  Your opinion is just as valuable as mine. Delmarva Power and Light has reached an agreement with Bluewater Wind's parent company. Typical of the Delaware way, it seems like a proposition where we lose some of the advantage we could have had.   At least this victory, watered down as it maybe is still a boon for Delaware.   It was going to happen, but by being first it will give us guaranteed rates and local jobs which could have been lost to NJ if we waited another year.  Delaware needs to get beyond its lose, lose mentality and go to a win, win mentality. One part which Read more

Onshore Windpower or Offshore Windpower: Really should be our power or theirs debate

There is a great post on another blog about Windpower and the controversy over whether or not we should purchase the power elsewhere or invest in Blue Water Wind's proposal.  It is worth reading. Don't get lost at Kavips site now. This one is better. 🙂   I find it facsinating that according to his source, the lower cost DP&L claims the on-shore windfarm from a nearby state, would not save us money.  By refusing to lock in prices, DP&L compounds the problem.  Other states and the federal energy bill are putting in new mandates for a growing percentage of power generation to be renewable.  This means the price for renewable may well rise independent of other factors.  The only hedge would be bringing on line new sources.  Whether you like windpower or not in the abstract, the new federal energy bill may make the BWW deal a deal of generation.  It would put us ahead of the Read more