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Obama Birth Control Mandate May Head to U.S. Supreme Court.

Legal Challenges, filed by the dozens, by faith based charities, hospitals and universities, over the religious freedom and the birth control coverage requirement in Obama's health care package seem to be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court, according to Associated Press reports. The religious lawsuits mostly stalled, as the Department of Health and Human Services tried to develop an accommodation for faith based groups and made no such offer to individual business owners. The lawsuits are yielding conflicting rulings in appeals courts around the country. "The Circuits have split. You're getting different, conflicting interpretations of law, so the line of cases will have to go to the Supreme Court," said Carl Esbeck, a professor at the University of Missouri Law School, who specializes in religious liberty issues. (AP) Under the requirement, most employers, including faith-based hospitals Read more