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Brud Lee’s closing argument

Both candidates in this year’s race have been cast as agents of change. Both candidates correctly agree that Delaware is at a crossroads. Both candidates correctly agree that a continuation of the policies of the past will create an inescapable decline for us all. However, each candidate offers a dramatically different course. Jack Markell has visionary goals for the state of Delaware. I took the time to read his book, and while I don’t agree with the implementation of every program stated within, they are laudable goals. They would also be extraordinarily costly projects for the State to incur during boom times – and Delaware is facing an historic decline. Estimates for enacting Markell’s “Blueprint for Delaware” approach a Billion dollars, which would require a thirty percent increase in the state’s budget – a budget that we are projected to fall $300 million short Read more

Bill Lee Blasts the Appearance of Minner-Carney Cronyism

 Candidate for Governor Bill Lee's statement on allegations of Minner/Carney Administration cronyism from today's News Journal: "Today's allegations of merit gifting in the News Journal raise many questions about not only the process of issuing a merit job to a political appointee during a hiring freeze, but also about the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control's priorities. Questions about issuing merit jobs have led to disciplinary action in other states, and even to the indictment of former Governor Fletcher in Kentucky. Four things must be considered when determining the correctness of this action:      1.     Was this position created through the normal state budgetary and personnel approval channels?      2.     Why was an exception made to the current hiring freeze -- who granted this exception?      3.     Was the position properly advertised?      Read more

Bill Lee in His Own Words

Some of us would have loved to have been at the Bill Lee anouncement but couldn't afford to take off from work. Here he is in his own words unfiltered by the media. Delaware is an outstanding state, filled with good people of varied backgrounds and talents, natural beauty, and a rich cultural and business history. For many years, our state set the standard for our nation. Our low taxes and educated work force built the nation's strongest economy. Today, our state is at a crossroads. We can choose a promising future. We can choose to place the good of our state ahead of party politics; if we decide to change course now. Delaware's economy is now ranked the single worst in the nation by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Median household income has fallen for seven consecutive years. Jobs are fleeing our state at a record pace. According to the Gates Foundation, only 60% of our 9th grade students Read more

Bill Lee’s Campaign Kickoff

Tuesday, July 22nd     Join Bill Lee at one of his many Campaign Kickoff stops throughout the state. 7:30-8:30 Bill invites you to join his Dutch Treat Prayer Breakfast at the Georgetown Family Restaurant, located at 115 E Market Street. 9:00-10:00 Listen to Bill broadcast live from 92.7FM WGMD in Rehoboth Beach. 11:00-11:30 Bill will address the crowd on the grounds adjacent to the Morris Community Correctional Center, located at 300 Water St in Dover. 11:35-12:30 Join Bill as he tours Dover's historic Old State House, located at 406 Federal St. 1:00-2:30 Meet Bill for Lunch at Bogey's in Middletown, located at 631 Bayview Rd. Light appetizers will be provided. 2:30-3:00 Bill will once again do a live broadcast on 1150AM WDEL from Wilmington. 3:00-3:45 Bill makes his official Campaign Kickoff speech at the Old Court House in New Castle, located at 211 Delaware St. 3:45-4:30 Immediately Read more

Bill Lee to host Governor Haley Barbour

Rehoboth Beach ~ Mr. and Mrs. Irenee du Pont, Jr., are having a reception for Gubernatorial candidate, Judge Bill Lee, on July 13th, 2008. “Bill’s campaign is drawing national attention and support.  We will be joined by a special guest, Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi,” said the du Ponts in their invitation to the event. Governor Barbour showed outstanding leadership in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and this is a great chance to meet him and another outstanding leader, Delaware’s own Bill Lee. For ticket information please contact Mary Spicer at 302-260-9206.