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O’Malley calls out DNC for stifling Debate; Harkin Says Biden won’t run

Retired Senator and Iowa powerbroker. Tom Harkin is endorsing Secretary Hillary Clinton saying it is past time for a woman President. He says Vice President Joe Biden is not contacting people and likely will not run. Another day and another 17,850 emails that are relevant to legal requests are discovered originating from Clinton staffers. But State officials responded Thursday with the news that they had inexplicably found 81,159 emails on Reines' ".gov" email account despite asserting two years ago that none existed. Keep up to date on current issues by going to Midlantic Dispatch Read more

Obama, Clinton Meet About Emailgate, Biden Future Dem Presidential Candidate?

Martha's Vineyard Meeting Between Obama and Hillary, Springs Hope For A Possible Democratic Biden Run It's no surprise Obama included Clinton in his family's yearly August vacation at Martha's Vineyard and the timing could not be more convenient. The president will be able to vacation and open the door for a Biden run for the presidency. This presidential election promises a plethora of surprises from both the Democrats and the Republicans and whoever is the victor of this presidential election, much will be expected from an American public. The nation is split nearly equally down the middle concerning what direction the nation should take. According to news sources, the Clintons will be vacationing in the Hmptons, an upper-crust New York vacation destination Read more

The Dignity of the Bidens On Display

Hunter Biden said it best, "My brother was not defined by his extraordinary resume, but he was defined by the quality of his character". The outpouring of public sympathy to the Bidens brought Delaware into one community. North and South, Black and White, men and women, old and young stood in line to say bye to Beau Biden. Joe and Jill Biden took time to greet every single one of those of us who took an hour to share mourning. America's Second Couple showed extraordinary grace as they comforted their family and indeed gave comfort to a state. Has America seen such grace and dignity in the face of heart wrenching tragedy since Jackie Kennedy? Beau Biden was a man of honor, selfless service, and compassion. He entered politics because he believed in serving people, especially those who cannot serve themselves. He is receiving extraordinary honor in his death. Governors and Senators Read more

Remembering Beau Biden

Today I lost a friend, Beau Biden​. He was a patriot, a good family man, and a fine soldier with whom I was privileged to serve. He lost his battle with brain cancer at Walter Reed Hospital. Our prayers and thoughts are for the Biden family. Beau Biden started his public service with the U. S. Attorney's office. He was commissioned as a Judge Advocate General officer with the Delaware Army National Guard and obtained the rank of Major. It was at the 261st Signal Brigade that I had the opportunity to know Beau. We were in neighboring offices. Our kids played together. Our wives spoke with each other. We often discussed just about anything except politics which we purposefully avoided. We came from different ends of the political spectrum, but had a strong mutual respect for each other. We were both patriots. We both believed in law and order. We both believed in America. Biden Read more

New Energy in the Delaware Political System

Widespread Early Jockeying is a new trend in 1st State The political dynamic is going to shift some in Delaware next year. The Governor and Lt. Governor slots will both be open. Matt Denn vacated the Lt. Governor slot to be Attorney General, leaving it open for the next two years. There will be no incumbent in that slot to whom the Governor can transition or who will have the public eye this year. Governor Markell is term limited out of office. Republicans are fresh out off of their momentum gaining 2014 with people already stating their intentions for 2016. Former state trooper Lacey Lafferty is still running for governor, but she is joined by State Senator Colin Bonini. The only Democrat announcing is former Attorney General Beau Biden, but the New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon seems to be making moves and others are preparing the ground for Congressman John Carney just in Read more


Jill Biden exclusive interview: how she really uses husband Joe Biden's shotgun against home invasion Jill Biden's home invasion double barrel shot gun strategy has become a source of controversy. Her husband, Vice President Joe Biden advised two different strategies for Jill and other women regarding using a shotgun to thwart home invaders: scare away the intruders by randomly shooting into the backyard or directly shooting the intruders through the bedroom door. In an exclusive interview with George'sNewsWire, Jill Biden discloses which of the two strategies she uses: I don't use either shotgun strategy Joe suggests. I have found that the secret of our marriage and dealing with Joe generally is to nod approval to anything he says and then ignore his advice. I told this to President Obama in 2008. Obama has followed the advice ever since. Jill Biden then described her actual Read more

Team Biden Congratulates Bodenweiser

For those who think that Team Biden is in touch, read this. Biden’s staff congratulated the wrong candidate. Mr. Bodenweiser had dropped out and was the topic of discussions in the state. Apparently they could not even pay enough attention to notice the big red writing at the top of the Department of Elections Results page that says Pettyjohn replaced Bodenweiser in the 19th Senate district. Forget about not following the news.

This is the team that is in touch with the needs of the average American. In touch with what?

Maybe Biden Was Right Not to Trust Him

I am always a little skeptical of people who write tell all books. A former Biden aide wrote one. He was bitter that the VP never seemed to fully trust him. I wonder why? Nevertheless, I am sure that the big banks controlling both parties is true and the President and VP have no understanding of finance and economics. That is not a revelation to most of us, but it is nice to remind you undecided voters of that fact from an insider. “Money is the basis of almost all relationships in D.C.,” he writes. “And, in a nutshell, this is why our political campaign system and DC’s mushrooming Permanent Class — who alternate between government jobs and lawyering, influence-peddling and finance — mean Wall Street always wins.” Democrats, he argues, aren’t much different than Republicans when it comes to selling out. Connaughton describes the Washington taxonomy of the lobbyists, Read more

Biden’s History Lesson

Joe Biden has, once again, proven that his mouth engages long before his brain.  Biden was speaking  in New Jersey when he stated that, the capture of bin laden (I think he meant killing) was the most audacious plan of the last 500 years.  Biden went on to say that the plan only had a 48% chance of success.  Joe seemed genuinely astounded by this.  I don't know a single military leader who believes that operations, especially covert special forces operations, are guaranteed success.     Some missions are so fraught with risk that they are called "suicide missions"  For someone assigned to one of these suicide missions, a 48 % success rate might sound pretty darn good.  At any rate, I, like most of our fellow citizens, am proud of the courageous and skilled action of Navy Seals Team 6.  However, I just don't think that the killing of one man, hidin out in a 3rd world Read more

The Volt Has No Juice

  I have written here many times that Delaware is little more than a scaled down version of the national agenda of the liberal Democrat party, and Gov. Markell is merely a puppet for the Obama administration. Not really surprising since Vice Pres. Biden runs the Democrat party here in the state.   Well it wasn't that long ago that I wrote about the fact that Fisker Motors,the creator of a hybrid electric car, would be laying off about a quarter of their Delaware employees due to faltering sales, this even as gasoline prices continue to rise. Fisker was touted by the Markell administration as being the center piece of economic recovery here in the state of Delaware. It was seen, by liberals, as  the jewel in the crown of greeny technology ment to replace traditional energy sources.   Like the Obama administration, Gov. Markell here in Delaware has been attempting to force this Read more

Beau is Right

I have been concerned that a “global settlement” on the mortgage fraud issue would undermine the few hard fought gains won in recent legislation.  It would leave tens of thousands without justice and do nothing to get the big banks to abide by trade offs of modifications for trillions of federal money (bailout, federal reserve, and Fannie and Freddie bailout).  It is an outrage, but Governor Markell says let bygones be bygones.   I know who is looking out for the people and who put them on the back burner. I am not objecting to the idea of a settlement, but I am objecting to one that is 90% about covering up crimes that haven’t even been investigated.

President Obama Should Replace Biden

...With Bev Perdue, the unpopular governor of North Carolina.  Why, President Obama picked V. P. Biden because he complimented the ticket in areas where then Senator Obama lacked.  Now President Obama lacks in another area.  The left no longer has a crush on Obama.   He needs someone who is strong and principled to signal to the base that he intends to fight in his next term, but not so far on the left that it dooms the ticket to look like a new version of the Marx brothers--Karl and his unknown evil sibling.    Governor Bev Perdue is pretty bad from my perspective, but she is a strong leader.   She is the thin blue line of liberalism holding back conservative government in North Carolina with veto after veto.  The Senate is veto proof, but the House has a 4 Democrat padding in the minority that could hold her vetoes.  She set a record with 10 vetoes this session.  She is a Read more

Beau covers for DeLuca

Senator Anthony DeLuca must really be able to pull some strings. Attorney General Beau Biden knuckled under to pressure from the DeLuca clan and decided that when he works on his state job and when he works at the Legislature is none of the public's business.   It seems that revealing this bit of information could expose Delaware to a terrorist attack.  According to the News Journal. Disclosing when state Sen. Anthony DeLuca arrives to work at his two state jobs could endanger his life, the Delaware Attorney General's Office has determined, citing a law intended to prevent terrorist attacks against state-owned buildings. So there!!! Some of you guys thought DeLuca was just some Union thug Democrat Machine Politician, it turns out he is important enough to be a terrorist target.  I guess we really did get a wealth of information from those hard drives we captured when we cappped Osama Read more

Obama to dump Biden: Willie Brown

These rumors about Joe Biden keep popping up.  This despite the fact that Obama has assured Biden that he will be on the ticket.  I don't know why anyone wouldn't trust the word of Obama.  It's not like there are still detainees at Gitmo. Evidently, One such non believer is former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.  Mr. Brown believes that Obama will shift Biden to Secretary of State to open up the VEEP slot for New York Governor  Andrew Cuomo.  Brown's reasoning goes like this:  Here's a prediction: Vice President Biden moves over to Secretary of State, with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo stepping in to bring new blood to the Obama re-election campaign," Brown said. "He's a big name, a big-state governor. And a Democrat who is taking on the issue of pubic-employee salaries and pensions. Plus, he looks good." Now that last comment was pretty cold.  Is Brown saying our boy Read more

Stimulus money flies out the Unweatherized Window. Obama's stimulus money has created a corrupt, incompetent, wasteful program that is supposed to help the poor weatherize their home.  Instead clients have had expensive hardware installed with taxpayers money, leaving basic repairs undone.  The prior Program Manager Ken Davis (Now retired from his $62,000 per year job)  also managed to find a contractor that employed his son for many of the jobs.  From the News Journal: "The cash grab that went on was just amazing," said Allen Luzak, a weatherization expert with the Delaware Energy Office. Auditors -- trained under Delaware's revamped Weatherization Assistance Program -- have begun revisiting more than 1,000 of those homes to check the quality of work, look for billing issues and decide what remediation needs to Read more

Biden’s crew imprisons Reporter

Joe Biden’s team decided to violate the rights of a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel. The Vice Kidnapper in Chief didn’t want reporter Scott Powers to mingle with the rich hoity toity liberal big buck donors at an Orlando Florida fundraiser for Democrat Senator Nelson. Biden’s staffers locked the reporter in a closet. Remember when it comes to the First Amendment and transparency, Biden is a typical liberal hypocrite. His crew locked up a reporter and the local paper wanted to try and cover it up.  The reporter did take pictures of the room where he was imprisoned. Any bets that no one will be fired for this?

Biden – A Living Legend?

The good folks of Brandywine Hundred last month voted not to name their new elementary school after Delaware's long-serving and once senior-senator and now vice-president, Joseph R. Biden Jr; instead, opting for the more parochial Hanby Elementary School. Likewise, it's unusual to name anything after a politician or local hero until, well,  they've passed. For example, former Senator William V. Roth Jr's name was bestowed upon the new Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge, a few years after his passing. Mr. Roth was instrumental in securing federal and state funds for the Route 1 bridge and project. So too, did the good people of Delaware celebrate a great trailblazer and civil rights litagator with the naming of the City/County Building on French Street in Wilmington after the late Louis L. Redding (btw, he also has a middle school named after him in Middletown - Redding Middle Read more

Biden in Russia

This is not a big deal, but imagine if Huckabee, Pawlenty, or Romney did this.   If it were Vice President Palin, the media would be calling for impeachment.  My point is very simple.  Do not let the left wing media tell you what is important or make mountains out of mole hills.  Don’t worry Vice President Biden,  most of us would have run the chance of doing the same thing after jet lag.     We won’t laugh like the kids in the University did.   It happens.  I just wonder when the gotcha press will talk about real issues when it comes to Republicans.

Joe Loses School Name Vote

There will be no school named after Joe Biden anytime soon.  The Brandywine School District internet voters have picked the name Hanby for their new elementary school. Hanby is the name of a prominent farm family that goes back at least to the 18th century. Joe Biden was one of the choices for naming the school. Candidly, I was unaware of the internet voting process. I thought the decision was going to be made by the Brandywine School Board. Kudos to the district for involving the public in this decision and of course kudos to those who voted in the process.  The voters got it right on this one.

Is American Exceptionalism Dead?

Recall then-vice-presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del) pontificating the likeliness of an “international crisis’ that would “test the mettle of this guy” – referring to then-candidate Barack Obama during the campaign of 2008? Since the time Biden uttered those remarks at a Seattle campaign fundraiser event, he’s mostly been right. Who’d a thunk it? Yet, the irony of all of this premonitory soothsaying is that president Obama, along with his administration, still does not have a clear and cogent foreign policy strategy that gives meaning to what the U.S. stands for. Our guiding principle, as portrayed by the White House, is to wet one’s finger and see which way the wind blows. We all sat back in disbelief as a Green Revolution enveloped the streets and plazas of Tehran during the summer of 2009, only to be trounced by a megalomaniac nicknamed A-Jad and Read more

Saudis to Obama: Lay off of Hosni

Does anyone remember just last week where Obama and Gibbs told Hosni Mubarek to get out of town by Friday???  Well Mubarek is still there and there are no signs that the 82 year old dictator is getting out soon.  It seems that the disastrous foreign policy team of Obama wants to pretend that what they said never happenned but as Obama slogs from one foreign policy disaster to another the truth comes out. According to the UK Times, our weak kneed,  wussified, apologizer in chief was given his dressing down and marching orders by Saudi King Abdullah (I guess all that bowing never really worked.)  From the U.K.  Times the story states In a testy personal telephone call on January 29, King Abdullah told President Obama not to humiliate Mr Mubarak and warned that he would step in to bankroll Egypt if the US withdrew its aid programme, worth $1.5 billion annually. America’s closest Read more

Since He Has Been Quiet

Now that people are forgetting the socialist musing of Vice President Biden, his soft approval in poll numbers are up. We are in a flash of good feelings except for the despised Nancy Pelosi. People like the tax and stimulus deal which is bringing hope and growth to the economy. The same polling has The Speaker with positive numbers with increasing favorable ratings. The President has been at 50% for consecutive days for the first time in a year. Good feelings abound for both parties. I say don't forget. Vice President Biden thinks every great innovation came because of government. It did not. Most innovations came because government didn't hinder the brilliance of the free individual. The government has issued well over 7 million patents (the 8 millionth should happen in 2012) with at least 5 million coming from Americans. Now less the statists get confused, a patent is not a grant by Read more