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Delaware Politics Person of the Year 2015

Who has challenged us and seized the national debate? Who has been the news-maker on all of our minds whether we agree or disagree with that person? Nationally it seems obvious, Businessman Donald Trump turned Presidential candidate and Republican front runner. For that reason He is our unanimous choice for National Person of the Year. The Trump bubble is about to burst so we were told all year. Trump is too outrageous. Trump is a clown. Trump is ___ yada yada. Trump is leading and is a serious player. Trump is speaking to the concerns of everyday Americans who know that our national security is in jeopardy, Radical Islamic terrorism really is the new World War 3 despite the White House delusion, our economic security is gone, and the middle class is under seize while poverty is ensnaring millions more. Our border situation is no longer a disgrace, it is a clear and present Read more

And the Next Governor of Delaware Will be? The News Journal May Decide!

Guest Post by: Dr. Jahi Issa I couldn't help being startled at the lack of journalistic integrity displayed by Jonathan Starkey who writes for the News Journal. His “Beau Biden alters usual political path” that appeared at 10:39 P.M. on April 19, 2014 indicates the obvious appearance, the editors at the News Journal are in the pocket of certain Democrats in the state and are trying their best curb the damage that has been done to Attorney General Beau Biden. On April 18, 2014 the News Journal conducted a poll asking its readers if they would vote for Beau Biden during the 2016 Governor’s race. Of the more than 4,400 readers who participated in the poll, 84% voted against the Attorney General, while less than 10% voted in favor of him. The poll was so damaging that it was quickly removed and archived. It was obvious from the poll that Beau’s popularity was quickly diminishing. Read more