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I May Have a Crush on Michele

Headline just for one of our commenters. When I watched this stop, I had to watch it again. It was a great 1/4 hour of political theater. It was the first time that I really started to believe there could be a President Bachmann. I am not signed on, but she has my attention.  Hey Chris Matthews, I know what you mean by that tingle.  I don't even care that the 3 legged stool has 4 legs. I just love her (politically speaking).  Why, listen to her.  She understands what this nation needs.  She is not afraid to bring the coalition together by the force of her titanium spine.  She is a fiscal, social, and national security conservative devoted to the Constitution.  She is the real deal, she represents the heart of traditional America.  She is strong and sure.  I hate to say the little lady puts the men to shame. She is fearless.  She may become America's Iron Lady.  She truly is an Read more