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Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Bill Signing for Military Spouse Appreciation Day
Bill Signing for Military Spouse Appreciation Day
The Governor said that he saved one of the best bills for last as he signed Military Spouse Appreciation Day sponsored by Dover Representative Darryl Scott designating the Friday before Mother’s day as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Rep. Scott shared moving stories from his childhood about the impact of his mother who was a military spouse to a Chief Master Sargent of the U. S. Air Force (retired). She was present for the signing. Yes, I got my pen.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Delaware will become a leader in recognizing the military family. Governor Markell will sign a bill championed by my Representative Darryl Scott to establish a permanent military spouse appreciation day in Delaware this Tuesday. Since it was an initiative started by yours truly, Rep. Scott has invited me and our readers to the signing. On Wednesday we will go back to saying he is a dirty tax raising liberal, but for now he is a great guy. (Just kidding guys) When: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 12:00 PM-1:00 PM. Eastern Standard Time Where: American Legion


Rep. John Conyers finally admitted what we already knew, that our elected officials on Capital Hill don't read those pesky pieces of paper that turn into laws and taxes and even wars because it's just too darn hard: “I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill,’” said Conyers. “What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?” I say enough is enough, you people (yes, I said, "you people" and I mean it) wanted to be in Congress and the Senate, well, it's time for you to know what you're voting on. It's time that you start doing your homework instead of having lackeys and lobbyists do it for you.... That's why I'm proposing that all Representatives and Senators attend a mandatory, Study Hall from 9am to noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so they Read more

Save the F-22

Why kill 24,000 jobs immediately and risk 95,000 jobs (another Chrysler)? Japan wants these fighters and will keep the program going if we give it another two years. If we don't see the national security value of the program, then why not take the 1.75 billion needed to save it from the stimulus package. That one action would save more jobs then any program in the stimulus. In fact it would do as much as the package to date. Gates and Pentagon Bureaucrats are backing the end of F-22 production. They want to focus on the low end F-35. The Air Force planned for over 600 of these and cut back to 250 in order to switch the mix to more F-35 and sustain budget cuts. Stopping at 179 makes zero sense in this economy and is contrary to Air Force recommendations. Even more importantly, the sudden discontinuation of the program hinders national security by undermining the tactical air craft Read more

The Bold And The Milton Police Chief

The Milton Town Council packed it in today for a "public" hearing over whether or not their police chief will keep his job. I sat in on a bit of the hearing today because let's face it, I love a good Milton drama. Incidentally, the "public" was prohibited from speaking during the hearing. Here are some of the interesting tidbits: One of the accusations against Chief Phillips is: Carrying an unauthorized weapon, not issued by the Milton Police Department... Apparently The Chief was sporting a "silver handgun" instead of a MPD issued weapon. Now, it may be perfectly usual for law enforcement officers to carry their own super cool gun on duty, but I couldn't seem to get this image of Dirty Harry out of my head all day: Then there was this taser accusation that sounded pretty scandalous... Failure to file a Use of Force report following the use of a Taser. ...until Read more

Question on North “We Got Nukes” Korea

Reports are coming fast and furious that North Korea intends to do an ocean launch of a test-nuclear missle aimed dead-on at Hawaii.  The PRESUMPTION, because we all should agree that anything that government puts out is propoganda (stealing their term), is that this is intended to fall well short of the Island-State, but the intent to flex muscle is there. Question: If North Korea follows through on this "test" from their ship in the Pacific Ocean, consider they are doing it from INTERNATIONAL waters, not their territorial area, and they are knowingly and willfully (and wantonly) doing it with Hawaii in their straight-line target-site, will.... ...North Korea have provoked or invoked a legitimate act of war, an act that the international community, including the UN, has already proactively condemned, thus making legitimate any military response against them? Smitty addendum: Read more

North Korea – Another Slap On The Wrist?

On Memorial Day we remember those that served our country. On Memorial Day 2009, we are reminded that the world isn't all that safe, as North Korea test fires a nuclear weapon underground. Tuesday morning we awaken to news that North Korea has test fired more missiles. So, what will the US response be? In this story, it states that the US, along with Japan, will push for "strong action" against North Korea. What constitutes "strong action" in the eyes of this administration? Does that mean that Kim Jong Il gets a slap on the wrist (sanctions) AND a personal phone call from Barack Obama himself? "Now Kim, you've been bad. You've not been playing nice with all those big guns you've got over there. Why don't you put those things away, and the UN won't bother you anymore. You don't want to get another phone call from me, do you?" One has to wonder how much Scranton Joe knew when he spoke last Read more

Madame Speaker, Your Private Jet Awaits

According to Judicial Watch, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her "extended family" are enjoying the benefits of travel via Gulfstream jet on the taxpayer's dime. Here's a little preview: The documents also detail correspondence from intermediaries for Speaker Pelosi issuing demands for certain aircraft and expressing outrage when requested military planes were not available. "It is my understanding there are no G5s available for the House during the Memorial Day recess. This is totally unacceptable...The speaker will want to know where the planes are..." wrote Kay King, Director of the House Office of Interparliamentary Affairs. In a separate email, when told a certain type of aircraft would not be available, King writes, "This is not good news, and we will have some very disappointed folks, as well as a very upset [s]peaker.".... During another email exchange DOD staff advised Kay Read more

The unheard Minority view point on Gitmo Prisoners

I am torn in my view of the recent Supreme Court ruling granting appeals to federal court for the Gitmo prisoners who were captured on the battlefield.   I think part of the problem is that the administration resisted the Constitutional method of declaring war.  If that had been done, Geneva protections would have applied to the lawful combatants, but we would have been able to keep us safe by detaining these guys until the war's end.  There wouldn't be this legal mess.  I question the legal advise given to the President.  For those who wonder why I struggle with this issue, it is because Congress passed a law limiting the Court's jurisdiction.  The Court's violation of that law expands their power and threatens our representative government.  So now I have to decide do I want an imperial court or an imperial president?  I have to choose between defending Constitutional rights Read more

Americans believe McCain will Win the War; Obama will Retreat

Update:  Please send an encouraging note this Memorial Day to our troops. Americans believe that Senator McCain will win the War in Iraq, but only 20% believe Senator Obama will win it. That is a significant underlying disadvantage to Senator Obama and a major hidden strength for Senator McCain. It could help explain why Senator McCain is out performing the generic Republican by 16 points or more. When John McCain says I will win this war, half of Americans believe it. So why is Senator Obama popular and competitive? Most Americans are tired of Mr. Bush's War. A majority place a higher priority on the troops coming home than winning the war. I consider that a scary proposition. Nothing is more vital to American Security than coming home with honor. If American are perceived by the enemies of freedom to be beaten and defeated, Read more

Thank You, Military Spouses

Friday is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  It was designated by President Ronald Reagan and supported in Delaware by a resolution sponsored by Rep. Nancy Wagner and supported unanimously, to say thanks to the spouses of those who serve this country in the Military. We on occasion recognize the sacrifice of the American Serviceperson, maybe not as much as we should, but we almost forget about the sacrifice made on the home-front.  There are no parades for those who kept the families together, functioned as both mom and dad with few if any breaks while emotionally taxed, and took on the burden of being powerless while their loved one's life was at risk.  Being an American Serviceperson is a special calling, but so is being a patient, supportive spouse of one.  May God bless the American Service Families. I ask that if you know someone who is holding down the homefront during this time Read more