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Trump World 6-11-17

Normally it would be a great week for the President. Great economic news, the infrastructure summit, and the President was largely vindicated with the Comey testimony. Normal is not how the press behaves with this President. The media spent 2 weeks speculating what former Director Comey was going to say to the exclusion of real coverage of economic news, missiles shot off in North Korea and Rhamadan Terrorist attacks around the world by the Islamic Radicals. Frustrated, President Trump predictably unleashed @realdonaldtrump. You can see our retweets of the highlights on our twitter feed or of course visit @realdonaldtrump. The #FakeNews MSM doesn't report the great economic news since Election Day. #DOW up 16%. #NASDAQ up 19.5%. Drilling & energy sector... 12,859 replies 21,142 retweets 81,515 likes Reply 13K Retweet 21K Like 82K Direct message Donald J. Trump‏Verified Read more

Making room for both the forgotten man and the rugged invidvidual

The last 90 years of American politics and economic philosophy has been a conflict between two philosophies. The philosophy that made America, that of rugged individualism, equality of opportunity and free markets. The other is the philosophy of Franklin Roosevelt, that policy needs to focus first on the forgotten man. An interesting question is there room for both at the policy table? The left would tell us that income inequality is the issue of our time. Income inequality is a not a problem, any more than inequality of talents, ambition, goals, or activities is a problem. Not everyone should earn the same because not everyone wants to earn the same, not everyone does the same thing, not everyone wants to live in the same type house or drive the same car. If we do different things, want different things, and contribute different things then why would we want to earn the same thing? America Read more

Disrespecting America is not a path to justice

Colin Kaepernick started a minor movement of dissent that has even shown up at a local high school, Kent Polytech. It is time to address this virus of anti-Americanism. I do not rise against the people who are exercising their rights as Americans to redress the government for their grievances. After all, it is well known that Black Americans are 30% more likely to be pulled over, 3 times more likely to be searched and 2 times more likely to be shot, according to President Obama. Recent incidents in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Louisiana illustrate the problem of an inexplicable escalation to deadly force by a minority of law enforcement. It is a legitimate concern. A Constitutional government is one restrained and respecting its people, not one that rules by fear of deadly force because you do not move quickly enough or obey its dictates fast enough. Deadly force should only be engaged Read more

Guest Opinion by Judson Bennett on recent Elting v. Shawe

Are American Freedoms being compromised by an omnipotent judicial system? Do arrogant judges set legal precedent that affect the American dream? Chief Chancellor Excuses Potential Fraud and Could Force a Sale of a Viable Multi-million Dollar Company? Delaware's rookie Chief Chancellor, Andre Bouchard, is casting a dark shadow over his 2-year run as the Chief Chancery Court Judge. This was evident in one of his most recent decisions where he ignored overwhelming evidence and a pattern of behavior that I wonder could border on the illegitimate? Instead, he chose to rule in favor of a single party (Elizabeth Elting) who happened to be represented by his buddy Kevin Shannon. This culminated in a decision that has the potential to ruin a company and destroy the jobs and careers of 4,000 hardworking employees worldwide, 2,300 of them in the United States, nearly 1,000 in the northeast, Read more

Where Will the Next President Stand on Nuclear Weapons?

An in-depth analysis in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (3 MAY 2016) by Rachel Whitlark compares the 2016 presidential candidates’positions on nuclear weapons.

It is recommend reading for those interested in nuclear strategy, defense policy and national security.

Here is the link:

Trump And The Mechanics Of His Campaign

New Folk Hero And Political Savior Everyone I know, whether they support "The Donald" or not, would agree that he is a persuasive successful businessman, and that his charismatic convincing manner of campaigning has won the support of a wide range of political ideologists. Trump offers a very important ingredient to the recently oppressed American citizenry. "HOPE" Hope, once given and accepted, gains the complete loyalty of a wide range of beliefs. Trump is not a master manipulator as many think, instead he totally believes that, because of his proven ability to lead the pack, he can perform and deliver what he has said he can, and the people believe him. There is much to be said about a person who will not be defeated, that people admire whether you agree with him or not. One of the many things that makes Trump successful, even when he appears to be losing is the fact that Read more

Mediocrity rules in D. C. with the budget vote.

I received an email stating the worst budget deal since the H. W. Bush not tax pledge betrayal passed in the middle of the night. I starting studying the budget deal and it really isn't bad. It really isn't good either. I doubt that I would vote for it, but it really does not deserve the hyperpassion it is eliciting in some circles. I think it is more about fundraising than substance. I am not a fan of the budget deal passed in the middle of the night in Washington D. C.. It really was too much of a capitulation. Yet, I am not upset about it either. It kept the deficit under control. We cut the deficit 75% in 4 years. It funds the national defense which was being starved. The increase in domestic spending was only 40 billion a year and half of that was saving Social Security disability from running out of money and forcing a 20% cut in benefits and preventing a 53% hike in Medicare Read more

Europe Rethinks the Schengen Agreement

REPRINT Europe Rethinks the Schengen Agreement "Europe Rethinks the Schengen Agreement is republished with permission of Stratfor." Analysis September 2, 2015 | 09:16 GMT Migrants board a train to Munich at Vienna's Westbahnhof railway station in the early hours of Sept. 1. (JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images) Forecast • Rising immigration and fragile economic recovery in Europe will reduce political support for the Schengen Agreement, which eliminates border controls among member states. • The Schengen Agreement will likely be reformed to make room for countries to tighten their border controls more frequently. • Friction between Schengen members and other countries will remain, as will tension within the bloc itself. Analysis When France, West Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg signed the Schengen Agreement in 1985, they envisioned a system Read more