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What the President Missed

We are all Americans. We pray for the victims of the nightclub shooting. Today we are not gay or straight. What do I mean? I mean that we do not tolerate our fellow Americans being targeted for whatever reason. I mean we one against Islamic terrorists who think murder and terror are tools for change. We are at war. It is not a gun control problem. I bet if it were a country bar, the shooter would not have killed as many. It is silly to use this to advance a social agenda. ISIS wants to wipe out homosexuals as their next target. We need to join together and defeat them both there and restore the intelligence sharing between federal and local law enforcement. This terrorist seemed to hate everyone. We need to love everyone. We need to resist social balkanization. Our nation is growing weaker partially because we no longer value our diversity. We use it as a weapon to gain Read more

Violence Perpetrated By is not Trumps Responsibility

The radical terrorist organization "" founded and funded by George Soros, and now led by terrorist bomber and far-left anarchist criminal Bill Ayers, is attempting to sway a presidential election using this extremely Left-wing hate group. Peaceful protests to make a point are one thing but violent attacks on a presidential candidate to stifle free speech and cause physical harm is quite another matter. With the Trump's presidential campaign taking on a life of its own, by becoming a national movement, extreme anger and hatred has erupted on the part of these left-wing hate groups. In a typical fashion the far-left now attempts to strap the responsibility for their actions to Donald Trump's back, in an attempt to force him to carry the burden for their criminal acts. The worst part of this is that the other GOP presidential candidates are also falsely blaming Trump for the Read more