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Lincoln Day

David Avella to Keynote GOP Lincoln Day Dinner DOVER -- Republican National Committee GOPAC Chairman David Avella will be the keynote speaker at the Annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Saturday, Feb. 17, at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino, beginning with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at 5:30 p.m., and dinner at 7 p.m. Chairman Avella is a seasoned communications specialist who has spent his career working to advance free enterprise, job creation and opportunity. Mr. Avella is a frequent guest on national television and radio, including Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. As GOPAC Chairman he has returned the organization to being the Republican Party’s premier center for educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders. Recipients of the Honorary Kent Countian; Unsung Hero; Outstanding Elected Official; and Frank DiMondi awards will be named. Read more

Support Graham Cassidy Petition

Please review and sign this petition for Graham-Cassidy. The Unaffordable Care Healthcare Deform has been devastating to family, friends and many across the nation. Job growth for full-time work has been harmed by the employer mandate. Premiums have increased while coverage has declined. Co-payments have become unaffordable, many times deductibles and copays are in the 5 figures. Premium increases are directly related to Obamacare including excise taxes on health insurance, taxes on medical devices, commercial underwriting restrictions, and new benefit mandates. Working class people are being priced out of the market. State governments are suffering because people in the working class are being dumped from private plans into Medicaid. Graham-Cassidy Read more

Will Republicans find a way to lose the 10th Senate seat

There is a movement by some to skip over conservative and proven candidate John Marino.  Rumor has it that some want to push a pro-common core, pro-tax increase  and anti-parental opt out candidate.  Considering that turnout is what wins special elections, that is hard to understand.

In a longer, regular election, Michelle Walls would be a saleable candidate because of her other many strengths.   It would be a harder sell to Republicans and Independents in a special election against a popular and well known Democrat.   We see no reason to revisit yesterday’s endorsement.

Paid Maternity leave doesn’t demand government mandate

I believe in the right to life, family values and free markets. All three need to come into play with regard to paid maternity leave. Children are literally dying because we are pressuring mothers to rush back to workforce before 6 months after birth of their children. Megyn Kelly had two women who lost babies in daycare after having to go back to work before they felt comfortable. Both lost their children the first day of daycare. 55 of every 1000 babies die in the first 6 months of life with 31 of those in the first month, according to the global study cited. If we want to get local, Delaware has the 6th highest infant mortality rate in the nation at over 7 per 1000. This makes it more compelling for Delaware to lead. 4 big ways to reduce that are no smoking, medical care, safe sleep and maternal presence. It is clear that we need paid maternal leave. The question is how do we do it? Read more

10 Companies taking responsibility for equal opportunity for women

It is 2016 but in some company, advancement for women in senior positions have not gotten past 1986. These companies have a plan to change. Women represent close to 40 percent of new hires at the companies, mostly at the entry level. And they are much harder to find at the top. Men comprise 73 percent of senior management, on average, at these companies, a list that includes AccorHotels, Barclays, Koc Holding, McKinsey & Company, PwC, Schneider Electric, Tupperware Brands, Twitter, Unilever and Vodafone. The firms, which collectively employ more than 1 million people in 190 countries, break out the percentages of women overall, in the boardroom and at the new hire, entry and senior levels. All are publicly sharing this data for the first time, with the exception of Twitter. Their leaders -- all men -- are publicly committing to do better and are sharing goals for increasing Read more

Markell Issues Tone Deaf Veto of Parental Opt Out Bill

Governor Markell issued a veto message with his veto of HB 50 in spite of the fact it passed with veto proof majorities. Part of which is below. “HB 50 would undermine the only objective tool we have to understand whether our children are learning and our schools are improving. It has the potential to marginalize our highest need students, threaten tens of millions of dollars of federal funding, and undermine our state’s economic competitiveness – all without adequately addressing the issues that motivated many to support the legislation. That is why educators and school leaders have joined the civil rights community and business leaders in opposing the legislation, and why I am returning the bill unsigned,” wrote the Governor in a statement delivered to the House of Representatives. “I have heard the concerns of some parents and teachers that our students are experiencing Read more

Dover’s, “All Unity Day”

Dover And It's Leaders Take Charge Of Their Own Destiny With Community Unity Instead Of Violence A day of unity was celebrated on Saturday, June 6th, on the green in front of Dover's Legislative Hall. Although the day continually threatened rain, people from every walk of life attended this event. The event's Master of Ceremonies was the Chairperson of Dover's Human Rights Commission, Renee Smith, who open with, "Today, we believe that all lives matter," and brought forth a continued postive message that brought applause from the audience. The event was sponsored by The Midlantic Dispatch, which believes in strong ties between a diverse America. All Unity Day appeared to be a day of humanity for Dover Residents. In the face of what has happened in other communities in large confrontations between city police Depts. and the African American population, Read more

Former Delaware Politics Author, Shaun Fink resigns from Indian River School Board

I expect to update this article after I converse with Pastor Fink. UPDATE: Shaun Fink said that he would pray about returning. He gives his best to our readers and reminds them that to "GOD be the glory". Shaun Fink has resigned from the Indian River School Board. He resigned in disgust with the acquiescence to "the homosexual agenda". Fink had just won reelection to a 5 year term in the May school board elections. Fink fought a strong battle to block pro gay curriculum from being adopted. He ultimately lost. Fink was harassed, vilified and painted as some bigoted zealot, but he never backed down. Instead he took his case to the public and received a lot of support. He contented that 2% of the population should not be allowed to control the conversation. Fink left DP because of time constraints. Now that he is no longer with the school board and The Caesar Rodney Institute, Read more

Exiled Russian Duma Member Tells All

An Interview With Ilya Ponomarev By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer On March 20, 2014, contrary to the will of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ilya Ponomarev cast the sole vote of opposition when the Russian State Duma voted 445 to 1 to annex the Ukrainian region of Crimea. He stated that it was his duty to do this as a matter of principle. Within a few months, he was summarily stripped of his legislative immunity from prosecution and exiled from Russia. Although still officially a Duma member, he is now is working to organize a more formal opposition to Putin from within the Russian Diaspora, outside of the country. Currently residing in the US, Ponomarev in a VOX interview, reveals the forces behind renewed Russian expansion, the roots and limits of Putin's power, possible future changes in store for Russia and answers the question of why President Putin is not afraid of Read more

Delaware Animal Control Reform Petition Available On-line

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer A Petition to Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Attorney General Matt Denn to "Immediately investigate violations by and clarify authority of the contracted dog control agency, known as Kent County SPCA, First State Animal Center & SPCA, Camden SPCA and Delaware Animal Care & Control" is available on-line at: . NOTE: This information was contributed by D. Meier in a comment regarding a previous article: “Talk Show Host Legally Challenges SPCA”. Read more

Saga of “Millie” Continues

by: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer The Dog Panel hearing in the Jake and Nancy Smith case, involving their pet, "Millie" is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, April 13 in the Sussex County Council Chambers, located on 2 The Circle in Georgetown, DE according to a 4/7/15 article in the Cape Gazette. "Millie", a white and brown Jack Russell Terrier mix, alleged to be a dangerous animal by a few of Smith's neighbors, is reportedly being held incommunicado at the First State Animal Shelter, located on 32 Shelter Circle, Camden, DE 19934. We are unable to confirm this due to a judicial gag order, issued in this case. The panel is charged with determining the dog's ultimate fate, up to and including possible euthanasia. Read more

** UPDATE ** Smith v. SPCA

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer A judicial gag order has been issued on all parties concerned in the case of litigation of John "Jake" and Nancy Smith (plaintiffs) against Delaware Animal Care and Control, filed in Delaware Superior Court over possible illegal impoundment of their dog, "Millie" under guise of authority. Attorney John Brady, representing the Smiths contends that the 1981 state statute that excluded Sheriffs and Sheriff's Deputies from certification as police offices by the Delaware Council on Police Training also did not include animal control officers as police officers. The litigation essentially argues that only sworn and certified police officers can legally execute arrest and search and seizure warrants under the present Delaware Code, Title 11, Chapter 19. Both Kent and Sussex Counties have contracted animal control services with the First State Animal Read more

Citizens Rally At Leg Hall In Support Of HB 50

HB50, It's All About The Right To Choose To Opt Out Of Testing Co-written By Don Ayotte and Wolf von Baumgart An Education Rally at Delaware’s Legislation Hall, drew an eager crowd of parents and children, wanting their voices heard in support of HB50. The short version of HB 50 states in the synopsis, “This bill creates the right for the parent or guardian of a child to opt out of the annual assessment, currently the “Smarter Balanced Assessment System.” This is a requirement of the new Common Core education system being implemented in Delaware Schools. The primary sponsor of the bill, Rep. John Kowalko (D-25) and Senate sponsor, Sen. David Lawson (R-15), along with House co-Sponsors, Reps. Baumbach (D-23), Keely (D-3),Matthews (D-10), Spiegelman,(R-11), K. Williams (D-19), Yearick (R-34) and Sen. Henry (D-2). Kowalko stated to the crowd outside of Legislative Hall Read more

Learning and teaching the Constitution By Larry Mayo

Guest Post Back in a campaign some years ago, a young man handed me a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution and a pamphlet with a well known (to some) story about his quest for re-election. In the story the constituent told Mr. Crocket that he either was incapable of understanding or hadn’t read that document that he swore an Oath to uphold and defend, so he could not cast a vote to re-elect him. The story may or may not be accurately told in the pamphlet, but it sparked something in me. It made me realize that this man, a farmer in the early 1800’s had a better understanding of that document than I did. I quickly realized that even though I had graduated from one of the highest rated schools in my state, with a B+ average, I hadn’t ever read that document in it’s entirety. So , I read it, in fact I read it several times. I realized that it was pretty easy to understand, since it Read more

Persons of Interest

One of my favorite TV shows is Persons of Interest on CBS. It is a series about a computer program that is constantly spying on us, so it really plays into the concern that many people have with the surveillance state. Of course the program was installed for a good reason, to track down terrorists and prevent them from carrying out attacks, but since the program tracks everyone it could also be used to prevent murder and crimes on a smaller scale, but that was outside the scope of the governments interest so the programs designer created a backdoor to give him access to the more personal crimes so he could do something about them. He gets a former military/government operative to help him do the heavy lifting and BAM you have a really intense and engaging story. Well, rather than science fiction, I think people will look back on this series as a thriller, but also as a historical fiction. Read more

Random Thoughts Locally, Nationally, and Internationally

Some people dared exercise freedom of speech and advocated for a pro-business mayor of Newark. Hundreds of jobs were on the line and their side won. Now some people are decrying the notion that a group "bought" the election by spending a mere 45k. What really happened? Some people got motivated, worked the streets, bought advertisement, and made contact with like minded individuals on their own. The last time I checked, that is their right. I am glad to see people stand up and fight for their future as they see it. Labor and business joined with private citizens to fight the anti-job mafia in Newark. I say, good for them. Dover wants to tear down one of its parks and recreation buildings when space is at a premium. It can't afford to spend 80k to repair it, but watch out for proposals to spend millions to build another one. Talk has already started. Senator Rand Paul R-KY Read more

Are Americans Being Played?

The economy is quite good, profits for big companies are up, stocks are around all time highs, big banks are running strong, and big government tax revenues are up. Should I say the economy is good for the big crowd, big business, big banks, big insurance, big energy, and big government. Yet growth is terrible, 1.2% (oh wait they changed how they calculate growth 1.7%), unemployment is still around 7.4% even with the nifty new way they count it. The U-6 is about double that. Working people are going backwards in income. Minority unemployment is absurd, but white poverty rates are rapidly heading to that of minorities--misery doesn't enjoy company. Why are there two economies? One for them and one for us? Why is the American system being gamed by those who are able to have the best lobbyists that money can buy? The tax system, procurement policies, regulations, and even laws Read more

Dump the Corrupt Two-Party System

What are the right reasons for activism, one might ask themselves. In this rapidly changing and diverse nation of myriad political philosophies, activism takes many forms. Although many political theories and opinions are prevalent in America, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have stood the test of time, for the republic to grow and prosper. America has weathered several wars, and a civil rights revolution, and has remained united and free. Americans haven't agreed with one another on many issues but the Republic still stands and will remain standing, if each new generation of Americans does their part to respect the constitutional rights of others. It is not necessary to agree with your neighbor, but one should be friendly and charitable and it is necessary to respect your neighbor's Constitutional rights. America has become a nation of bureaucracy and regulations, many Read more