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Urgent Call for Energy Security

I received an urgent message regarding the Department of Interior's notice and comment period for some domestic drilling. If you ever wanted your voice heard on this issue, now is the time. Remember just the removal of the restrictions last year cut oil prices in half within weeks. The knowledge of a strong supply keeps speculation within reason. Here is the message. If you care about making sure we're not dependent on foreign countries for our energy, we have a very timely call to action that will take you less than 1 minute. The Department of Interior, which decides when and where we drill for oil and gas, has been holding a "notice and comment" period. This is when they solicit input from the public as to whether we should drill or not. This is one way that the anti-energy interest groups have been able to successfully block any common sense development for decades. Well the Read more

“Silent No More” Rally in Dover Today

I went to the "Silent No More" rally in Dover today pretty much to satisfy my own curiosity about who was attending this stuff I'm hearing so much about on TV. You know, were they "grassroots" or "astroturf"? I'm going to do this in a few parts, starting with the signs. I tried to get pics of as many signs as possible. That wasn't my original intent, but about a half hour into the rally I saw someone from Dover's local corral of journalists checking out people's signs and letting them pass by...then one woman cruised through with a sign he found, I guess, "extra interesting," posed her in front of some big "Don't Tread On Me" flags, and took her pic. The perfect scenario. Anyway, that made me decide to try to take pics of as many signs as possible, without the "artistic flair", and leaving out the people behind the signs so I don't have to live with the guilt of them someday Read more

Send Out the Enforcers–Democrats Unleash the Organized Muscle

A town hall meeting turned nasty leaving one person with minor injuries in Tampa, FL. What you hardly notice in the story is that the SEIU organizers injured the opponent of the President's reform. The President called for his people to show up to the meetings to counter the opponents. In St. Louis and Tampa they did though in smaller numbers. In Tampa they tried to shut many of the opponents out of the meeting injuring one man who is contemplating filing charges. If you read the first third and bottom of the story, you would get the impression that it was that rowdy 9-12 project's fault. If you read carefully, you will see that it was the President's Organizing America and the SEIU took the early seats and tried to muscle the doors closed on the regular people. The meeting was organized by Reed plus the Service Employees International Union, other unions and Organizing for America, Read more

Democratic National Committee Attacks People’s Movement in AD featuring DE’s Eileen

The Democrats are losing ground according to the polls and evidenced by the disquiet at town halls from Oregon to New York to Texas to Delaware. They have decided not to address the issues the people have passionately brought up. They have decided to characterize people who differ with them as a staged mob. This is so outrageous that it is beyond the pail. Since when are people not suppose to express their agreement with a speaker by cheering? Are they not allowed to express their collective disagreement with a proposal with a collective response to a question by saying just say no? When did peaceful seated people giving support to one another become a mob? Funny Democrats did the same thing back in the Civil Rights Movement and they did the same thing in the 1990's to the peaceful rescue movement. If we let them get away with declaring legitimate reasoned petitioning of the Read more