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Sam Chick’s Campaign Kickoff

Please join us and show your support at my official campaign kick-off this Sunday. Your presence will help show that Delawareans are ready for real change in our government. The event is free and open to friends, family, and community members supporting my campaign for 31st District State Representative. Light hors d’oeuvres will be served, with drinks available for purchase. Pick Chick Campaign Kick-off Sunday, April 13th from 2 to 4 p.m. Frazier’s Restaurant, 9 E. Loockerman St, Dover, DE 19901 We want to start the campaign off with a bang, so please come out and bring your friends & family-- the more the merrier! Help get Sam elected! To volunteer for the campaign, visit my website at call 302-265-3605 or email Please send your most generous donation to: Friends for Chick, 40 Maple Lane, Dover, DE 19901 Or donate Read more

Random Thoughts Locally, Nationally, and Internationally

Some people dared exercise freedom of speech and advocated for a pro-business mayor of Newark. Hundreds of jobs were on the line and their side won. Now some people are decrying the notion that a group "bought" the election by spending a mere 45k. What really happened? Some people got motivated, worked the streets, bought advertisement, and made contact with like minded individuals on their own. The last time I checked, that is their right. I am glad to see people stand up and fight for their future as they see it. Labor and business joined with private citizens to fight the anti-job mafia in Newark. I say, good for them. Dover wants to tear down one of its parks and recreation buildings when space is at a premium. It can't afford to spend 80k to repair it, but watch out for proposals to spend millions to build another one. Talk has already started. Senator Rand Paul R-KY Read more

Don’t You Dare Shop On Thanksgiving–republished by request

Back in the day, Blue Laws used to protect families. We as a society recognized that families needed time together to bond, worship, or whatever they choose to do one day a week and certain holidays. Those have fallen by the wayside for better or worse with the last vestige of Sunday liquor sales being repealed by the Democrats so people need not plan to drink themselves to death by there being no break in the system nor do families of drunks need not have any breaks. Well, I believe in free markets so I can accept the change. It is a rougher, tougher world. I just wonder if the price we pay with children who only spend quality time with mom or dad a couple times a month is worth another shopping day. At least, we all had Christmas and Thanksgiving where everyone could stop and be part of the human family instead of an economic cog in the wheel. Now many stores are trying to entice Read more

Rail Splitters At New Location

Rail Splitter March 27 meeting announcement New location: Porky Oliver's Bloom Energy: All thorns and no flowers for DE energy consumers Special guest: John Nichols, Delaware's extraordinary energy activist Wednesday, March 27 5:30pm doors open, 6pm meeting begins New Location--Porky Oliver's 800 North Dupont Street Wilmington, DE As the United States is entering a revolution in lower cost and cleaner natural gas energy, DE has decided that higher cost, dirtier energy is better. Through crony capitalism and misguided science, Governor Jack Markell, Delmarva Power, and Bloom Energy have united in a potentially unconstitutional energy subsidy scheme that harms consumers and businesses. Two lawsuits with national implications are trying to stop this program. John Nichols, with his encyclopedic knowledge and a party to both law suits will explain the Bloom story Read more

Is Everything Preventable? The Answer is not Guns or Security, it is confronting the darkness in ourselves.

Connecticut is scrambling to prevent the next shooting. Democrat lawmakers are talking of introducing a new round of gun control. The state has some of the most restrictive laws in the country and almost none that one could imagine would apply to guy who killed a victim, his own mother, then stole her guns. People talk about school security. It is hard to have a security situation when someone is known by the system and moves in right before doors are locked, kills the two people who confronted him at the door and moves unimpeded. The only possible solutions are armed guards, a police call button in the office, and steel doors and rebar walls for the class room, along with two entry ways and a metal detector before the second entry. Frankly, as long as the schools are gun free zones, a determined armed assailant is nearly unstoppable if they come at student entry times. The only Read more

Rally Against Tax Hikes

HIGHER TAXES HAVE NEVER BEEN THE ANSWER Guest Post by Evan Queisch in support of the Founders' Values rally in Newark, DE Tuesday the 27th at 6:00pm. Despite the claims of 3 dozen radical left wing activists, who seem quite content to spend not only their own grandkids money but the money of entire future generations on seemingly endless nanny state welfare programs, I am confident that the majority of Delawareans, especially those in the Newark area, reject any calls for higher taxes on anyone. The group I represent, Founders Values is no stranger to organizing rallies when it comes to taxation. As evidence, we cite no less than 3 Tax Day TEA Party rallies which we helped to organize. These rallies have drawn hundreds (our first drew 1,200 people) to the Wilmington Riverfront even in some of the worst weather on weekdays. Our attendees span all age, race and political lines and we Read more

Friday is Papa John’s Appreciation Day

Need a break from turkey leftovers?   How about making your Friday Pizza Papa John’s?  Why?  The hardcore left is threatening a boycott of Papa John’s for the dastardly act of making cost projections.  Many companies are making similar projections about Obamacare, but the left picked Papa Johns to attack.  Conservatives are responding to protect free speech. If we do not hang together, we shall surely all hang separately.

Action File 40% Premium Hike

Attention job creators, Karen Weldin Stewart is proposing a 40+% increase to Delaware’s Worker’s Compensation Rate. The Delaware Department of Insurance has issued a Notice for a Public Hearing for November 2, 2012, 10 a.m. at the Department of Justice, 820 North French Street, 6th Floor, Wilmington, DE 19801. This could result in higher unemployment and business cash flow challenges. Anyone interested in making comments - written or oral - please read the following: The hearing will be conducted in accordance with the Delaware Administrative Procedures Act, 29 Del. C. Chapter 101. A party has the right to present evidence, be represented by Delaware counsel, and to appear personally or by other representative. The Delaware Department of Insurance is obligated to reach its decision based on the evidence received. Comments are being solicited from any person. Read more

S. 3414 Cybersecurity Act

UPDATE:  Cybersecurity Act hits a major road block falling 8 votes short of cloture.  Both Delaware Senators voted to give a blank check for big government. The roll call Sen. Carper Disappointed by Senate?s Failure to Advance Cybersecurity Legislation WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Subcommittee of Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services and International Security, released a statement after the Senate failed to advance the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. Sen. Carper is a co-author of the bill. His statement follows: “The Internet has become more central to the lives of all Americans. It’s where we communicate, work, shop, and bank. That’s why it is critical that we update our laws to create the tools we need to combat criminals and terrorists who seek to attack us through the Internet. I am deeply disappointed Read more

Audit the FED bill Passes with Overwhelming Bipartisan Support

The Audit the Fed Bill passed the House 327 – 98, with 6 not voting. Our Representative, John Carney, voted “NO” on the measure. Call him and voice your grievances! Carney must pay at the ballot boxes this fall for his vote against transparency. He is out of step with common sense and even the mainstream half of his party. 89 Democrats joined all but 1 Republican in support of the measure. On to the senate. Roll Call Results: Delaware Senate contacts: Tom Carper Wilmington Office: (302) 573-6291 Dover Office: (302) 674-3308 Washington, D.C. Office: (202) 224-2441 Chris Coons Wilmington Office: Phone: (302) 573-6345 Dover Office: Phone: (302) 736-5601 Dover Toll-Free: (877) 668-3368 Washington, D.C. Office: Phone: (202) 224-5042

The Thought Police in Action–The War on Chick-fil-A

Go buy a delicious Chicken sandwich with a freshly squeezed lemonade today. Give a black eye to the thought police. Back when this was a free country, people used to be able to share and support mainstream or even kooky ideas without people in government trying to prevent them from employing people and serving the public. Now in Chicago and Boston government officials are trying to block Chick-fil-A for no other reason than it supports Biblical values especially traditional marriage. In other words, it is a religious war they are waging. They are saying that views held by the President of their own party until a couple of months ago are now so evil that the government can violate the first amendment rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The majority of Americans in every vote held support the Chick-fil-A position so this is a war against our values not just theirs. If Read more

Danger in Redefinition of Abuse: Bill Could Harm Families

Senate Bill 234 is completely unnecessary. It seeks to redefine abuse in a way that says "(j) “Physical injury” to a child shall mean any impairment of physical condition or pain." I am with you until that last phrase or pain. Does that mean that lawful discipline under other chapters such as an old fashion spanking is fine as long as it tickles? Pain is a valuable part of life my friends. It teaches us lessons. Pain like pleasure is an essential part of human existence. If you get a ticket, it causes emotional pain, but could save your life. If someone gets handcuffed, the may have minor pain, but it protects them for hurting themselves or others. A child spanked for running out in the road associates the bad behavior with pain. That negative association changes behavior. Transient pain to prevent serious injury or death is good not evil. I am proud to say that I have smacked Read more

More School board endorsements Andy Cherry and Jordan Warfel

In addition to Cheryl Precourt of CR and Matt Lindell of Capital, I would like to bring to your attention Andy Cherry of Appoquinimink and Jordan Warfel of Woodbridge.  Andy has been involved helping our guys get elected and is committed to being a solid pro-liberty, pro-family, pro-taxpayer board member. Jordan Warfel is extraordinary in his commitment to the family.  He has been a leader in the life and family movement since he was a college student.  I was pleased to help open a few connections for him.  He has proven to be an amazing strategic thinker who has given a great boast to the conservative movement with the candidates he helped win as a campaign manager and the issues he supported or opposed at legislative hall.   He has been at the center of the pro-life and pro-family movement for years now.   Please support him. May 8th is your chance to keep turning this state Read more

Alert from DFPC, call today

Parents Choice Amendment to H.B. 303 FACTS to know: This bill (H.B.303) was first introduced as SB 135, another bill altogether, but because of our efforts it was tabled twice and now completely rewritten. The Parents Choice Amendment is just the first step and we need to be heard on this issue! To address the bigger parental rights violation in Delaware law, we need to elect different Representatives. HB 303 is a bill that deals with non-confidential services that can be billed to third party insurance. But it leaves parents in the dark completely and does not address the bigger problem. That would require a whole new bill. But the reality is the Democrat majority in the HOUSE and the SENATE is not willing to deal with this problem. If a parent does allow their child to receive “confidential” services, it will not be billed to their insurance. The state picks up the cost…it Read more

Darkness Descends On Maryland

Anti-traditional marriage forces finally pushed and bullied their way through the Maryland State House of Delegates. By the closest of margins, a couple of renegade Republicans and weak Democrats buckled and reversed their opposition under the excuse of some weak amendments. I believe the decline of America began in 1962 when we took GOD out of the classroom. Now the light of truth is so dim in some circles that even the most basic facts of culture, biology, and sociology are confusing to some. This darkness is now fully engaged in the Maryland General Assembly. We have a good number of Maryland readers. I give our Maryland friends a call to action. The battle is not over. It is time for people to engage. Call the state senate. Call the state house. It may come back to the house if the senate amends it. Get organized in your churches and community groups to hit the path for Read more

The Defense of Marriage is More than Politics

Several years ago, I was a key person in getting a Defense of Marriage law passed in Delaware.  We were on the cutting edge.  Only 6 other states had passed the law and there was no federal legislation.  I consider it one of my finest achievements along with my friends Rep. Buckworth, Sen. Bonini, and Senator Venables and Tom NiCastro.   Sadly, the passage of the law may have protected the definition of marriage, but it did nothing to strenghten it. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to strengthen marriage is one person, one community at a time.  This year I decided to launch a marriage initiative to give people the proper tools to have strong and healthy relationships.  I needed help.  Fortunately I found friends who were equally passionate and ready to launch.  Christianity Today Marriage Columinists Mike and Trish Fox are certified marriage coaches and have agreed Read more

Support Our Community

I just want to invite everyone who is close to the Dover area to a charitable chili cookoff for a very affordable lunch or dinner for Open Doors Ministry.  Warm up today and help the homeless and needy.  I am a part of the board of this organization so I know the money is well spent.  The lunch is open between noon to 4 today at Christian Life Center 614 S. Du Pont Hwy.  Dover DE.  The cost is a donation recommended donation is $7 a person and $15 for an entire family $5 for students.  Desserts donated by Sam's club and the venue by the members of Christian Life Center.  100% of every donation will help the needy. Read more

Occupy Dover Visits 9/12 Delaware Patriots Kent Chapter

Tuesday was an interesting night. Occupy Dover Representatives reached out to the 9/12 Delaware Patriots at their meeting. The intial reaction from some was skeptism, but the end result seemed to be success for the fledgling group. When I get more time, I will fill in more details. The general reaction was why do these fine upstanding people want to associate with Occupy. These guys are clean, neat, and law abiding. Some condemned the movement. Others, myself included said don't judge them guilty by association. Theresa Garcia vouched for the fact that the Dover group has been an example of the way the movement should be as opposed to Philly, Oakland, and Wall Street. She wished they wouldn't have taken the name Occupy. Dr. Jess McVay chided the critics and asked them to look at these young people for who they are and if you think they need education, open a dialog. Accept their Read more

Dover Takes Aim at Bullying

The issue of school and cyber bullying is finally getting the attention it deserves.  I am pleased to co-sponsor an informational forum featuring first hand information from Delaware's Attorney General Beau Biden.  Arm yourself with information to protect your children.  As adults, we would never tolerate a workplace were we are harassed, punched, and mistreated daily, why should our children expect less?  Learn what you can do and the effect of some new laws. Thursday, December 15th 6PM City of Dover Police Department Building Community Room 400 South Queen Street Dover, De 19904 Special Guest Speaker: Beau Biden, Delaware Attorney General Sponsored by: Brian E. Lewis, Capital School Board Member Bill Hare, Dover City Council, 2nd District David Anderson, Dover City Council, 4th District Alan Angel, Kent County Levy Court Rep. Brad Bennett, State Representative, Read more

A Crack in The Green Regime

I was pleased to be a part of the National League of Cities (NLC) delegation for Dover. It was better than advertised. I was able to get some valuable information which went along with some projects that I had been working on. It may have accelerated my progress by months by giving me real time access to experts who shared my perspective of next practices not “best” practices. Frankly, it was exactly what I was seeking.  Sure not all of them were useful, but the format allowed me to seek out specifically what I was seeking and the right experts. You will see the product of this over the next couple of weeks. The Green regime took a stunning defeat when I led the charge to vote down a resolution taking sides with the radical environmentalists on the Keystone Pipeline. What was unexpectedly fun was the interaction. I was elected an officer of the Christian Public Official Caucus. Read more

Ballot Access Update

Delaware's Presidential primary is less than 6 months away.   Mitt Romney's effort has been successful.  If you want to participate in gathering signatures,  please contact me at or   I am most focused on those who may not take matching funds because Delaware automatically qualifies those who do.  Herman Cain's campaign and Ron Paul's have asked me to help coordinate signatures for them.   Please print the petitions on legal size paper--it must be on legal size or it is not legal-- by following this link.  Then contact me so I can give you all of the information that you need.   I doubt Michele Bachmann will need signatures due to the matching funds rule, but some people are collecting them for her in case she does decline them.  I have not heard from the campaign, but I will gladly turn in any petitions that I receive and copy Read more

Is Delaware Family Court Broken?

I am asking the questions that no one is supposed to ask.  Is family law in Delaware reasonable?  Is the family court helping families or hurting them?  Are the polices we are enacting hurting the next generation? I believe there are 4 types of families.  They are  mainstream families, hurting families, weird families, and dangerous families.  The goal of public policy should be preservation of familial relationships.  You don't break up families because they are weird, inconvenient,  angry, or hurting.  You don't break up families because they are poor or broke.  The damage to children when families are broken is enormous, deep, and long lasting.  Without intervention of some type, family break up creates a wound that most of the time never heals correctly.  It is like a broken bone that is never set.  For this reason we need to insure our public policy serves our own best Read more